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Pauline Evangelism Session 4: Background to Paul and his Letters


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This is the fourth session's Power Point slide show from the 'Using Pauline Studies for Evangelism' course taught at the Light Project, Chester.

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Pauline Evangelism Session 4: Background to Paul and his Letters

  1. 1. Background to Paul and His Letters: Imperium Romanum Session 4 The Light Project
  2. 2. Senatus Populusque Romanus‘The Senate and the People of Rome’
  3. 3. Roman vexillarius(standard-bearer)
  4. 4. Repel cavalry shield and spear formation
  5. 5. Roman cavalry
  6. 6. Roman Empire 600-400 BC
  7. 7. Roman Empire 300-100 BC
  8. 8. Roman Empire 0 BC-200 AD
  9. 9. Roman Empire 300-500 AD
  10. 10. The Jews under Foreign Rule Babylonians (587-539 BCE)
  11. 11. Persians (539-332 BCE)
  12. 12. Greeks (332-63 BCE)
  13. 13. Romans (63 BCE-313 CE)
  14. 14. Judaea Under Roman Rule Caesar/ Senate Procurator/Governor (External) High Priest Pharisees (Internal) Sanhedrin (70 Elders) Population
  15. 15. What good does historical information do us as readers and Christians?A. Life as believers.• Apologetics—does this information contribute to the defence of the faith; the historicity of the NT?• Faith—does this information help the individual believer in terms of his/her faith?
  16. 16. b. Interpretative information. Questions:• Does one need historical background information in order to interpret the NT correctly?• Should preachers include this sort of historical information in sermons? Why or why not?• Should we appeal to culture to explain difficult passages in the NT? (The role of women in the church,1 Cor 14.34-35; slavery, Eph. 6.5-6)