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Research in film magazine


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Film Magazine

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Research in film magazine

  1. 1. Research in Film Magazine By Hussein Akins
  2. 2. Where can you get information about film? Where do you think most people go to get information? How diverse are these sources? Information about films can be found in various sources. Physical sources enlist as;  Magazines e.g. Little White Lies, British Film Magazine, Neon Magazine  Newspapers e.g. The Guardian, The Metro  Internet; where you can find and read other peoples opinions on such sites like and There are professional sites that specialise in given heavily detailed information about said film(s). For example, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes
  3. 3. If there are lots of sources of information who buys film magazines? As the years have passed on lovers of the hardback magazines have clearly lost interest with the issue of the purchasing of printed magazine being a hot topic. Resulting to magazine companies narrowing their target audience in order to sustain momentum. This can be seen with Little White Lies whom are specially targeted at middle-class individuals who have a sweet tooth for the artistic side to films. Irrespective to the fact that multiple film magazine still sell hardback copies such as The Empire, Rotten Tomatoes. They have now also allowed their readers to purchase an online subscription. Which can be seen as the big companies getting ready to pursue their company online and scraping their print selection.
  4. 4. History of film magazines 1. Film magazines first started off as cinematography and bio scope magazine. Which was seen as being more of a trade paper rather than a magazine. This paper informed and discussed issues and developments within the film industry from around the 1900s. 2. Another trade paper called „The Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly‟ started in 1907 and focused on business developments in the world of cinema, whilst providing short reviews of current features. 3. Variety originally printed trade papers in 1905 but when the magazine business got popular they decided to make magazines, now the publication exists in many forms including a website. Variety used unique words in their articles which have been copied by many journalists in their reviews of films.
  5. 5. Continuing 4. Picture goer was one of the earliest consumer magazine about film, running from 1913 to 1960. This magazine posted articles about “How to get a job in Hollywood” and other things which the public would find interesting and exciting. 5. Empire is the leading film magazine in the UK today, although it has only been around from 1989 to the present day it has had huge success, giving the audience insight into film stars lives, various film facts and reviews of upcoming and recently released films. 6. Hotdog was a short lived publication running from 2000 to 2006. It offered similar content to Total film, which put a quirkier edge on mainstream movies. They also introduced a concept called movie maths: “Se7en + Marilyn Manson x The Wizard of Oz = Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.”
  6. 6. How many different film magazines are published in the UK? There are around 400 film magazine companies in the UK. This is accounting for 2,300 consumers. How popular are film magazines? Which are most successful? Although film magazine are still being purchased there is still the issue that film magazines are in decline. Resulting to companies selling copies through online known as subscription. Empire, Rotten Tomatoes. How Important are online publications? Online publication is now important due to the market vastly growing and now with big magazine names jumping on the bandwagon in inevitably shows how important online publication is as more people are purchasing an online subscription everyday.