Magazine Evaluation


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The Evaluation for my main magazine i made for AS Media

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Magazine Evaluation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use,My Magazines Masthead develop or challenge forms and conventions Kerrang! Free Posters of real media products? When planning my magazine, I planned it to look similar to Kerrang! magazines, as Kerrang!Kerrang! Masthead Is a rock magazine like mine, so a lot of the thing in my magazine Are similar to what you will find in A My Free Posters Kerrang magazine. For example, My magazine has free posters, like Kerrang!, also the masthead of my Magazine stretches right across the Top of my front cover, just like in Kerrang!
  2. 2. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?The institutionthat most likely The main reason for this is becausewould distribute Bauer Media Group publishes a fewmy magazine Magazines like mine. For example Kerrang!would Bauer which specialises in rock music,Media Group. like my magazine.
  3. 3. Who would be the audience of your My magazine is a rock media product? magazine, so the target audience is, people who like rock music (specifically metal, I wouldn’t give it a specific age post-hardcore, range metalcore etc.) as people of all ages can like rockType of Music/bands: musicMetalcore - And there isn’t any bad languagePost–Hardcore - or any graphicalMetal - Images which aren’t suitable for young people.
  4. 4. How did you attract/address your audience?Because my audience arepeople who like rock music, Iuse dark colours in most ofthe magazine to attract themas that is what most rockmagazines are like. As I used a quite well known band (Enter Shikari), that will attract people Who have heard of them and will make them Want to buy it and read the article.
  5. 5. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?Preliminary Cover When I made my preliminary cover and contents, I have no clue how to use Photoshop properly, so Preliminary Contents A lot of the editing was very unprofessional. Also the way it was set out was amateur. An Example is on the cover where it is hard to tell what The main sell-line is. My main magazine was a huge Improvement, it was much more organised, the editing Was much sharper and it looked a lot more professional.
  6. 6. What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Before I started making my magazine, I have absolutely No idea how to use Photoshop, and had to keep asking My friends, and Gary for help with almost everything, but by The end of making my magazine I can now say I can use Photoshop fairly well. Also before making my magazine I didn’t know how to edit pictures, and could barely use a Camera, but from doing the preliminary before the main Magazine, I found it pretty easy to use the camera.
  7. 7. How does your media product represent Particular social groups?The main social group my magazine represents are emos as my magazineHas many bands which are classes as emo bands and that emos listen to.My magazine also represents emos with the use of dark colours, whichAre also seen in magazines like Kerrang! And Metalhammer.