Boxxx september-2012


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Boxxx september-2012

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  2. 2. Sponsorsb B o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m
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  4. 4. 6. CITYBOISTREETZ10. BIG E FILMS14. LEKILEI KALA17. DRJAYS.COM18.CHINO HD19.TUM TEEZY22. 2 CHAINZ25. MARTAVION26. ACE DAHOOLIGAN o x x x m a g @ g m a28. HOT MIXTAPES29.FEATURED MIXTAPEFor Submission and Advertisement email @
  5. 5. Find him online: CityBoistreets cityboistreetz
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  7. 7. B o x x x m a g is an independent site that net- works through social media and entertainment. Founded in Port Arthur TX in the year of 2011,owner Big E (Eric Jones), and team members Jonny V (Lee Johnson) and Ace Boogie (Anthony Evans) are the brains behind the sites social media board. Young Entrepreneur and future I Con, Eric Jones knew that he would become a super success story in the Entertainment Industry ever since he was 13 years old. Eric was born on April 25th, 1989 and began to show he was musically talented by the time he turned 3.He would pa- rade around the house and make drum beats with toys and other items that would soon answer questions about where is future would land. In the 5thgrade, Eric, began to freestyle off karaoke machines and seem to have a talent for creatively making songs on the spot. He began working on “Cool Edit Pro” which is music software, along with a cheap microphone, clothes hanger and a stocking cap as a popper stopper to control his vocals when he recorded. By the time Eric reached middle school, he began to get recognition by his peers and began to stick out and clearly be seen as a young man with aspirations of successfully making a name for himself in the Music Indus- try. He linked up with long time friend Johnny V in the 6th grade, successfully releasing 12 mixtapes at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, that eventually started his career and motivated him to invest more time and money in his music and release his first debut album entitle “ Just Being Me” his 9th grade year.10/11
  8. 8. @ g m a i l . c o m With the latest news and best quality we can offer from our photography and video production, we plan to bring a new meaning to „Good Entertainment”!His success from his first release pushed him even further where a second album was released enti-tled “ Double Impact” it was a duet with him and Snuggie-D which he managed to distribute throughSam Goody and several other mainstream stores independently.Nothing has come easy for this guy. It has taken alot of hard work and dedication, as well as blood,sweat, and tears to become the power house that Eric has become today. Off of his street hustle alone,from grinding mixtapes, selling dvd‟s, producing music, and photography, enabled him to expand andinvest in other businesses to be a successful force in corporate America.Sense then, Eric has been grinding full time on his music and has also become one of the best busi-nesses in Port Arthur when it comes to Video Production. His company, Big E Films, offers a one-stopshop, where there is a variety of packages ranging from professional photography, graphic design,mainstream video and music production. His company provides an affordable rate so that all your ide-as will become a Reality. For more information on Big E Films, contact,
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  10. 10. Close Up Born and raised in Port ArthurT , exas, 26 year old Lekilei Kala began modeling when she was 9 years old, attending Glen Powers Modeling Agency in Glendale, CA. Working in various industries Lesley just could not get away from her true calling the camera. Dedicated to pursuing a very demanding career, Lesley decided to move to Houston, TX. Where it is there she plans to achieve success. For booking please email
  11. 11. b b o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m 16/17b b o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m
  12. 12. B o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o mB o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m
  13. 13. B o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m Im 33yr old born and raised in Beaumont ,TX . I started off doing music in 1995 with a group called Crimehouse A.T.C. Then in 2005 we change the name to Nucclehead ENT. Thats what label i with now. I started shooting vides in 2006. my first video was a group called Clic Tite gangsta shit video...Later start doing videos for my label Nucclehead ENT. In 2011 I got real serious in form my on trademark Chino HD Vision Films. Twitter & Facebook its @chinohdvision my YouTube chino409 B o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m18/19
  14. 14. HOT NEW ARTIST ON THA BLOCKTom (TUM TEEZY) Simpson was born June28th 1986THE BIRTH OF SWAGG!!! He came from a singlemother home him and his 3 brothers lived and sur-vived a life of poverty as Tum Teezy get older heclams da RAP GAME recording his first cd at theage of 17 called “strictly grooving ”with ICEHOUSEPRODUCTIONS . He quickly gained lime light. Atthe age of 19 he landed a deal with “Royalty LifeRecords” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 7 monthslater they dropped him .Tum Teezy returned homein bliss. By the age of 23, he was back on the scenewith his independent label HSP along with co-founder Kenna K DUCE Edmenson hitting thestreets with a smashing mixtape called” ASWAGGED OUT MIXTAPE” the streets went nutsa new TUM SWAGGA TEEZY WAS BORN.Shortly later his cousin dies 3 months after his grand-mother dies. Dealing with his losses tum Teezy putsout his next mixtape ” A BEASTY ASS MIX-TAPE”. It immediately, boosted his popularity.Soon after that, he released another mixtape”SWAGG SCHOOL” vol. 1 proclaiming his presents ALBUM COMING SOONas da SWAGG MASTER. In 2011 he landed a dealwith an underground label “Corporate Takeover”and dropped memorable mixtape called” LOST NDA MUZIC” he quick became a local area super-star, while pushing through all the work, Tum Teezyleaves the label for understandable reasons and isnow about to drop his newest mixtape independentlycalled” STILL SWAGGIN” Tum Teezy has a stylethat no one has. His stage presents Is amazing he hasthe look and he is SWAGG and a star on tharise !!!!!!!
  15. 15. 20/21
  16. 16. "Ive been working hard the whole2 Chainz (aka Tauheed Epps), who began rap- time," says the 35-year-old Def Jam art-ping as half of the duo Playaz Circle in 1997, ist, who previously went by the seem-has been in constant motion since early 2011, ingly misogynistic Tity Boi, a child-when he adopted his new stage name. After cre- hood nickname that he kept profession-ating buzz on the mixtape circuit, he has been ally. "I used to start a lot of my versesfeatured on songs by more than a dozen artists, by yelling 2 Chaaaainz, and peopleincluding Rick Ross and Kanye West. He spent would call it out. It has always beensummer touring with Drake and Nicki one of my akas along with Hair WeaveMinaj and kicks off his first headlining tour Killer and its just more family-friendly.Thursday in Norfolk, Va. (The old name) came from being an on- ly child and a spoiled brat. My family still calls me that." That new identity has been key to the change in 2 Chainzs fortunes, says Chuck Creekmur, co-founder of all-
  17. 17. So far, T.R.U. Story gotten mixed re- views, but has spawned the hits No Lie featuring Drake and Birthday Song with West. Hes shooting a video"Hes always had talent, but its not like for single Im Different and has an un-you can put something with that name derground club hit, I Luv Dem Strip- pers, with Wal-Mart or Target," Creekmur says.Also, since leaving Ludacris Disturbing Hes been working closely with West onTha Peace label, "hes no longer viewed the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer, but says he hasnt signed withas a crew member, but as his own the label. "Kanye and I are just pickingman." each others brains and bouncingThe 6-foot-5 ex-Alabama State Univer- around ideas about how to make thesity basketball player started Playaz Cir- game better and keep the music fun," he says.cle in College Park, Ga., with highschool friend Dolla Boy (Earl Conyers). Hes looking to expand his reach byThey signed with Ludacris, who knew building a stronger Internet presence. "We need to do more to connect direct-them from his pre-stardom days as a ly with fans online."DJ, and first single Duffle Bag Hell also connect on tour, where inti-Boy would turn out to be their biggest mate theater and club venues will allowhit. He and Dolla (now Dillion Saks), for fan participation. "Were going towho appears on T.R.U. Story, still own rock out and throw a party on stage."an Atlanta studio together.
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  19. 19. HOT RNB ARTIST “MARTAVION” B o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m
  20. 20. Ace Dahooligan also had developed his own group called BFH.ENT (Black Fitted Hooligans), where he plans to unravel a group that ex- ploits aggressive and knowledgea- ble content through music and visionary entertainment. His First visual was shot and edited by Bigefims over Waka Flockas "Hard in da Paint" leaving the neighbor in interest on a new style to be looked upon.26/27 With aggressive verses such as displayed below (Prime Example)....Ace Dahooligan-”Claimin Dey Know”No HAND OUTS,IM SO INDEPEDENT,IZ KINDA LIKE TAXES,NIGGA IM HAPPY DONT NEED A DEPENDENT,FOREVER IM GRINDING,YOU NIGGAS IS WHINING,I GOT PERFECT TIMING,,YOU HATING ON MINE,AND TRYNA GET RICH,YOU LOSING YA MINE,..NIGGA,NIGGA,SO GET UP OFF DATFUCK SHIT,BEFORE MY PRIME SHIIT, I WAS NOTHING TO FUCK WIT,UH AND I GOT DA TYPE OF GEAR DATYOU COULDNT FATHR,SO PLEASE DONT GET ROLLED OVER LIKE CLUB SWAGGER. MY LAST MIXTAPE IDROP WAS MAYBE OVERATED,BUT MY PHONE,GOT MO CONTACTS,DEN DA YELLOW PAGES...BUT I FEEL LIKE IAINT DID ENOUGH,LIKE I AINT ILL ENOUGH,HELL NAH I AINT GIVING UP !!!.....NIGGA NIGGA....--Ace Dahooligan
  21. 21. Ace resumed his musical pur-sue with his second mixtape"No Love For A Hooligan". Beinga local rapper, he wanted toperfect every craft just as amain stream artist would. “I’mnot tryna be like other rappers,music is art to me. So immadraw some attention". Ace Da-hooligan has soon to releasehis latestmixtape "No Love For A Hooli-gan 2"Hosted By Trap-A-Holics.
  22. 22. H ot N e w M i x t a p es28/29
  23. 23. Whats New! L i l w ay n e d e d i c at i o n i v 1 – Lil Wayne – So Dedicated (ft Birdman)2 – Lil Wayne – Same Damn Time3 – Lil Wayne – Cashed Out4 – Lil Wayne – No Worries (ft Detail)5 – Lil Wayne – Mercy (ft Nicki Minaj)6 – Lil Wayne – Burn7 – Lil Wayne – Amen (ft Boo)8 – Lil Wayne – Get Smoked (ft Lil Mouse)9 – Lil Wayne – My Homies Remix (ft YoungJeezy10 – Lil Wayne – Green Ranger (ft J Cole)11 – Lil Wayne – I Don’t Like12 – Lil Wayne – No Lie13 – Lil Wayne – Magic (ft Flo)14 – Lil Wayne – Wish You Would15 – Lil Wayne – A Dedication B o x x x m a g @ g m a i l . c o m
  24. 24. 30/31