New Redtone Mobile 013 Plan rt2u


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New redtone mobile 013 rt2u compensation plan. Contact 013-2131720 for detail.

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New Redtone Mobile 013 Plan rt2u

  1. 1. Welcome To The Greatest Business Opportunity Of The Century !
  2. 2. Our Vision Achieving richness in life for a caring society.
  3. 3. Redtone Background <ul><li>REDtone International Berhad was first incorporated in 2002. Founding company REDtone Telecommunication Sdn Bhd ( previously known as VMS technology Sdn Bhd) was first established in February 1996 </li></ul><ul><li>Listed on the Malaysian Exchange of Securities Dealing & Automated Quotatios ( MESDAQ) Malaysia in January 2004. Pioneer MSC Status Company </li></ul><ul><li>Hold Licenses for Network Facilities Provider ( NFP ) Network Service Provider ( NSP ) Application Service Provider ( ASP ) Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ( WiMAX ) Satellite Powered by a staff force of 300 personnel </li></ul>
  4. 4. Awards & Achievements
  5. 5. Partnership REDtone Mobile 013 > MVNO – Partnering Celcom ( Malaysia ) Bhd > Provides unique communication solution > Superior Quality and Widest Coverage > Provides Incredible new Business opportunities Turn Your Daily mobile Usage Into Monthly income ! > Lower Call Rates Compare To Prepaid
  6. 6. Hugh Mobile Market Potential Industry Statistic* Total Mobile Subscribers : 23 million (2007) 27 million (2008) 30 million (2009) Total Usage in 2009 RM 20,000,000,000.00
  7. 7. What Is Redtone Mobile ?
  8. 8. Great Solution Why Postpaid ? > Lower Rates – Variety of Plans > Itemized Billing Disadvantage: Possibility of over-use due to lack of Call charge monitoring Why Prepaid ? > Better Control of mobile usage > Flexible Payment Method > Easy Monitoring Of Call Charges Disadvantage: Higher call rates compare postpaid REDtone Mobil NEW HYBRID plan that combines the best of both system. > Control your mobile usage. > Enjoy LOWER rates compare with prepaid charges. > Enjoy the LOWEST monthly usage commitment. > Free online itemized bill. 20% ( Registered Line ) 80% ( Top-Up System )
  9. 9. Fantastic Solution RedtoneMobile 013 – RT38D - Secured Postpaid ( Top-Up Postpaid ) - Advanced Top-Up RM40 Monthly Commitment Plan Advantages : Enjoy Lower rates compare to prepaid Charges - RM 0.23 per minute - RM 0.12 < 30 sec - RM 0.30 per minute - RM 0.15 < 30 sec RT013 to Celcom TO Other Networks - RM0.20 / sms - RM0.10 / sms International calls As per REdtone IDD card rates
  10. 10. New Business Opportunity Turn Your Daily Mobile Usage Into Monthly Income ! Low Capital … 5-6 Figure Income ! Long Term Residual Income ! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE, BUT EVERYTHING TO GAIN !
  11. 11. Great Mobile Market Potential Just imagine, If you convinced 1% of this 30 Millions Users to SWITCH over to REDtone Mobile 013 ! 1% = millions of $$ income opportunities YES! You could EARN MILLIONS !
  12. 12. What Is Energy Saver Chip ?
  13. 13. Does your ear Feel Hot When you Talk ? ? ?
  14. 14. EMF Radiation Do you know cell-phone emits radiation? DO NOT LET radiation harm your family!
  15. 15. Newspaper Write-up
  16. 16. Health and Wealth Introducing Energy Saver Chip
  17. 17. Energy Saver Chip The Energy Saver Chip is a highly advance breakthrough in technology which can successfully reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation by up to 90%. 

One of the key ingredients used is Bio Ceremies from Japan which is able to emit Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy. In addition, the Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy provide many other health beneficial properties as mentioned in the information regarding Negative Ions, FIR and Scalar Energy
  18. 18. Application of the Energy Saver Chip To feel the wonderful effects of the negative ions, simply peel off the Energy Saver Chip with Scalar Energy and apply to the surface of the electronic items. For a list of electronic items which generates high level positive ions and radiation, refer to the list below and the precise points to apply the Energy Saver Chip: Handphone - Apply a Energy Saver Chip to the battery to extend the lifespan as well as to reduce the radiation output. Laptop - Apply a Energy Saver Chip to the battery as well as another one at the laptop screen to reduce radiation and glare. Television - Apply 2 Energy Saver Chips to any part of the board behind the screen. Fridge - Apply 2 Energy Saver Chips to the side of the fridge as well as another 1 inside the fridge to encourage a fresher air flow. Lamp - Apply a Energy Saver Chip on any part of the lamp near the bulb. AirCond - Apply 2 Energy Saver Chips near the side of the air-con to improve fresh air flow. Mp4 Player and small gadgets - Apply a Energy Saver Chip at the part near the battery to extend battery life and reduce radiation output. Microwave Oven/Grill - Apply 2 Energy Saver Chips to the back of the oven to minimize radiation and electricity usage.
  19. 19. Energy Saver Chip
  20. 20. Brings you Health and Wealth ! Contact 013-2131720 Bigeast Consulting