Holiday Social Selling


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We review some powerful social promotion strategies you can use to drive holiday traffic and sales. Plus, we'll give you tips on how to optimize your promotions for mobile.

Join us to learn how to:
Create engaging, shareable social content
Optimize your social media campaigns for mobile
Boost your SEO with social-mobile promotions
Capture more social sales with a smooth checkout process and abandoned cart strategy

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Holiday Social Selling

  1. 1. Holiday Social Selling Increase your sales with powerful social promotion   © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  2. 2. Social & Mobile Drive Holiday Sales -  Social determines gifts desired -  Social answers “What do I buy?” -  Mobile = shopping any place and time “36% will use social media to help them make Christmas buying decisions while 2% of direct buying traffic will come from social media.” - Adobe Digital Index 2013 Online Shopping Forecast Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  3. 3. Who is shopping on mobile? More than 50% of store traffic is mobile Average order value on tablets: $329, smartphone: $250 Men: 45%, women: 35%; Men during office hours, women after “In 2016 mobile will account for $87 Billion of ecommerce.” -Morgan Stanley Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  4. 4. Buying via mobile -  31% purchase if product information is easy to get -  Less steps = more checkouts -  Who does the work now: You or your customers? © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  5. 5. Second screen trends Usage while watching TV or gaming: 85% once a month 40% daily Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation 19% shop for products seen in shows while watching TV 79% visit Facebook while watching TV
  6. 6. Power Holiday Sales with Pinterest -  Generates 28% of all social shopping referrals -  $170 average order size from Pinterest users -  81% of women trust reviews of products found on Pinterest -  80% of American users are women -  Moms are 61% more likely to visit Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  7. 7. How to interact with customers −  Contests and cause marketing −  Real life product usage and ideas −  Check engagement with content from your store −”” “70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated by users not brands.” — Digitas Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  8. 8. Is your content working in Pinterest? •  # of pins from your store •  # of repins of products from your store •  Top pins from your store © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd. Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  9. 9. Where we wish for and search for holiday gifts Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  10. 10. Shopping at the right time
  11. 11. Facebook only promotions -  Exclusive access; motive to share -  Drive engagement -  Digital gifts for last minute giving -  Events to drive new shoppers Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  12. 12. A little birdy will boost your sales
  13. 13. Holiday shopping with Twitter users -  55% discuss gift ideas, 64% purchase when discovered new product Make sure every product is easily shared on Twitter -  57% determine where they should buy & would purchase via mobile Make sure it is easy to purchase via mobile and get listed on local search -  2% tweet about the purchase just made In purchase confirmation enable people to tweet about it Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  14. 14. Use #hashtags or not to use #hashtags? •  Started on Twitter but crossed into most social media •  Use same # if running contest in multiple social media tools (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) •  Social Media users know it as short hand to search on Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  15. 15. Speaking your customers language   Holiday terms Gifts for Moms, Mother in law, etc. Search reaches all social media Make sure the words on your store are following the searching trends. Research using Google Trends and Ad Words Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  16. 16. Short Tail vs. Long Tail Keywords Short Tail Keywords •  A short tail keyword generally consists of one to two keywords •  Often have higher search volume but generally not as close of a match as a long tail keyword Seed List Examples 1.  Dog 2.  Dog Toys 3.  Dog sweaters Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation Long Tail Keywords •  A long tail keyword is generally defined by less search volume, but close to the searcher’s specific intent •  Generally more conversion and longer time on site Examples 1.  Handmade Bamboo Dog Collar 2.  Organic Dog Toys 3.  Cold Weather Dog sweaters
  17. 17. Title Tags & Meta Description for your store   Complete Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for your... o  Homepage o  Category Pages o  Product Pages o  Web Content Pages o  News Items Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation
  18. 18. Did they make it to purchase? Close the deal with abandon cart reminders  © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
  19. 19. Missing out on the holiday purchase? If 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned, how much in sales are you losing in your store? Abandon cart functionality can return up to 15% of the sales left in the shopping cart. 56% leave product in a cart because they are saving them to access later.
  20. 20. Customer Case Study: Bulk Apothecary •  16% of abandon carts made it to pay •  Recovered 25% of lost revenue for store •  11% of store revenue came from abandon cart
  21. 21. What makes an effect abandon cart email? •  •  •  •  Timely (20 minutes) and simple is most effective Mobile friendly and easy to purchase Show your humor and personality Don’t always lead with a discount or free shipping You recently visited our online store and we noticed that you didn't complete your order for the following items: 1 x Cocoon Polarized Pilot (L) Black & Grey $49.95 each To complete your order right now, just click on the link below: Complete Your Order We can only assume two things ... you got pulled away on an enjoyable dog walk or your dog ate your credit card. First the homework, and now the plastic! No worries, we saved your order so you can quickly jump back in and gather up products that your four-legged friend will love! Step up to free shipping! You are only $5 away from free shipping for the items in your cart. Consider these items to enjoy free shipping!
  22. 22. Social Promotions Checklist þ  Turn on mobile view and update with custom mobile templates desired þ  Review text on your store and update for holiday friendly SEO þ  Connect Social (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) Sharing widget on product pages and store þ  Register store domain with Pinterest and create theme boards not just products þ  Engage with How-To’s, infographics and contests þ  Create a connection to shop directly from Facebook (pop up store or offer) þ  Consider a Facebook only promotion/special discount þ  Establish a # hashtag around a product track social activity þ  Upon purchase make it easy to tweet about gift just purchased
  23. 23. Start selling with Social Media! Bigcommerce has all the tools you need to sell built right in. Implement the Social Selling checklist Free trial of Bigcommerce to use all the tools Use #BCHolidayTips to continue the conversation