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Learn how BigBelly Solar can make your healthcare facility cleaner & greener.

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BigBelly Solar for Healthcare

  1. 1. The Smart Grid for Waste and Recycling TM Cleaner & Greener Healthcare Facilities Enhancing Patient & Visitor Experiences with the BigBelly Solar Solution September Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 1
  2. 2. Agenda • The important role of public space waste & recycling in healthcare facilities • What is the BigBelly solution? • What are the benefits? • Getting started/next Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 2
  3. 3. The Importance of Public Space Waste & Recycling in Healthcare Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 3
  4. 4. The Facts of the Industry • A Johns Hopkins University study says hospitals are the second largest waste producers after the food industry. • Hospitals in the US generate upwards towards 7,000 tons of waste per day. − 80% or more is non-regulated waste and no different from that generated by a hotel, up to 60 percent of which is either recyclable or compostable. − Beverage containers (glass, plastic, aluminum containers) make a combined rate of about 6-10 percent of healthcare Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 4
  5. 5. The Facts of the Industry • Materials consumption in health care facilities costs health care consumers $10 billion annually in waste disposal costs. − The opportunity for cost reduction through smart source reduction and waste management may be as high 40- 70%, representing $4 to $7 billion for the health care industry. • Hospitals consume two-and-a-half times more energy than other commercial buildings, spending more than $8.7 billion per Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 5
  6. 6. Beyond the Numbers • Healthcare facilities are in the business of making people healthier − Limiting your environmental impact has a direct effect on the health of your community • Attracting high quality staff and patients is about more than just the quality of care − Clean grounds and buildings and a commitment to sustainability are key influencers in the perception of your facility • It’s not just about the bottom line − These issues are of great importance to the C-suite leaders of your Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 6
  7. 7. The BigBelly Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 7
  8. 8. Solution Overview BigBelly Solar provides a public space waste & recycling collection solution that provides operational efficiency while creating cleaner facilities and improving recycling participation rates. The system is comprised of three main ingredients: • Web-Based Management Console − Real-time data reduced unnecessary collections − Provides analytics to optimize staffing and station locations − Alerts collection staff which containers need emptied • Configurable Waste & Recycling Stations − BigBelly Compactor for maximum capacity − SmartBelly for lower-capacity waste streams & locations • BigBelly Services − Hassle-free installation and maintenance of equipment − Consultative services to train staff, review results and optimize operations for maximum benefits throughout the term of the Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 8
  9. 9. A Taste of the CLEAN Management Console Know exactly which locations need Watch collection frequency plummet as to be collected before you start! you improve your performance! Optimize capacity Emails task by seeing which lists directly locations have the to staff while most (and least) they are in the volume of waste field or before and/or recycling! their shift! Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 9
  10. 10. A Taste of the CLEAN Management Console Capture diversion rate data – down to the individual location! See EXACTLY when each Real-time data location is from wherever serviced – and you are with how long it is convenient taking staff to mobile apps! complete their rounds! Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 10
  11. 11. Configurable Waste & Recycling Stations • Mix-and-match compacting and non- compacting components to match your capacity and waste stream needs • Enclosed container and unique user interface reduce ambient litter and drive recycling compliance • Wrap & messaging panels provide a unique platform for brand awareness and sustainability messaging • Eye-level solar creates every-day reinforcement of “green” Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 11
  12. 12. BigBelly Services • Installation, routine maintenance, repairs and even batteries are all included − Hassle- and worry-free deployment • Client services committed to your success − Placement recommendations − Quarterly reviews − Operational optimization tips − Sustainability and savings-focused reports to share with your entire Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 12
  13. 13. Solution Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 13
  14. 14. Cleaner Properties • Public spaces may only contribute a fraction of your total waste volume, but any breakdown in the collection and management of those areas leads to litter • Litter and overflows create a negative image for you & patient/staff/visitor complaints • Animals may also contribute to the problem, both creating ambient trash and potential health & safety issues • The BigBelly system is proven to cut down litter & reduce animal issues via optimized on-site capacity & enclosed Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 14
  15. 15. The Benefits of Public Space Recycling • Offering public space recycling gives visitors and staff the option to “be green” throughout your facility - meet expectations with convenient options • Reinforces your sustainability messaging • Reduce your tipping fees by diverting recyclables from the waste stream with best-in- class diversion rates • Leverage reduced trash collection frequency to adequately staff recycling Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 15
  16. 16. Highly Visible Commitment to Sustainability • Most sustainability initiatives are “behind the scenes” • Our solution puts your commitment to sustainability and recycling out in the open • Eye-level solar is a unique way to engage the community • Wraps and messaging panels allow you marry your branding and messages with your Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 16
  17. 17. Create Operational Efficiency • On-site compaction increases capacity, while our unique monitoring and reporting system lets you shift your resources to other activities • Only collect trash and recycling when you actually need to… vs. when you think you need to • Have confidence staff is visiting every location with location-by-location reporting • Communicate collection priorities to staff crews via web portal, email or mobile Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 17
  18. 18. Which Would You Rather Have As the Face of Your Facility? Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 18
  19. 19. Next Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 19
  20. 20. Understanding Your Situation & Identifying Opportunities • Are there problem areas in your facilities where staffing cannot keep up with the demand? • Do you have high-visibility areas where you want to showcase sustainability initiatives? • Are there specific locations where recycling diversion could make a big impact? • Do you want to get the most out of your staff or reduce overhead costs? Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 20
  21. 21. Pay-As-You-Save with the BigBelly Solution • Get to Scale Right Away • Monthly/annual payments • Pay for the solution out of the same operational budget where you will be realizing fuel and labor savings • Deploy in a significant manner to create change, build awareness and make your commitment to sustainability consistent throughout your properties • Avoid the Hassles of Ownership • Avoid capital acquisition approval process • No long-term commitments • All-inclusive service avoids any additional Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 21
  22. 22. Schedule a Live Demonstration of the CLEAN Management Copyright © 2012 BigBelly Solar 22