Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry’s Sister


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Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry’s Sister

  1. 1. Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry’s SisterMandy asks…What is the guys name who pushed his dad in katy perry’sfirework music video?i was wondering who the boy is in katy perry’s music video, firework, is? If you watch thevideo he is holding his sister and then he goes and defends his mom. It is in the beginning.Thanks!Big Arn answers:I don’t know what his name is but i have a question for YOU. Why do you want to know hisname? 1/6
  2. 2. Betty asks…What songs at your reception packed the dance floor?Also, which ones cleared it?Big Arn answers:At my sister wedding reception (a year ago today!) Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” got everyoneon the dance floor 3 times!It was a lesbian wedding … So it kind of fit the celebration! It definitely got everyone onto thedance floor, singing along, supporting the newly married bridesThe slower songs cleared the floor a bit at the beginning. People hadn’t entirely warmed up todancing, and my sister and sister-in-law were still making rounds at the tables to say hellos, sothey weren’t available to dance every slow song as a couple. So not many other couples weredancing to the slower songs at first. But later in the night the fast and slow songs both haddancers on the floor. 2/6
  3. 3. Sandy asks…What is Katy perry’s address,phone number?Hi!!!I am making a care package for my little sister who is In the hospital right now. Like me, sheADORES Katy Perry so if you could give me some of her info that would be great. That’s all Ineed really because I got her autograph from Ebay!Big Arn answers:Sorry love but nobody is going to know that kind of private info you are asking for if they do itwill be fake in not the real mccoy, 3/6
  4. 4. Daniel asks…Who’s the boy on Katy Perry’s new music video, firework?I just wanna ask who is the boy who comforts his sister while their parents are fighting.. He’skinda cute..haha >.<Big Arn answers:All the people featured in Katy Perry’s music video ‘Firework’ aren’t real actors, just normalpeople.Ken asks…Did you know that Katy Perry is a lesbian? 4/6
  5. 5. Katy Perry’s a lesbian because The song ” I Kissed a Girl”. And My sister also said the song istrue because she love’s girl’s not guy’s. So if you say” No ” ur acctauly wrong!! SO ANSWERMY QUESTION YES OR NO!! Thanks for the answersBig Arn answers:I could really care less if she was a lesbian or not to be quite honest.Susan asks…Party theme for a twelve year old girl? Gender neutral?My sister is turning twelve January 17th and we want to throw her a party. She wants it to begender neutral and we plan for it to be at our house.But we can’t come up with a theme that will work. I suggested a Willy Wonka/Candylandtheme. (Like Katy Perry’s birthday party!) We might just end up using that but she wanted otheropinions. 5/6
  6. 6. Thank you so, so much. Big Arn answers: Charlie and the chocolate factory is very good. I had a charlie chocolate party once It was fun. I also like the idea of an Alice in Wonderland party. As Im a Lewis Carroll obsessive. But perhaps that may be girly for some. How about a childrens fantasy theme, basicly: the kids come dressed up as their favourite childrens book character…. And the food is based on favious things… Like the sweets in charlie and the chocolate factory: I think there’s Roal Dahl themed cakes in Tescos, or there where anyway! Alice in Wonderland cakes etc. And the decorations based on kids books, like Peter Rabbit etc. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry’s Sister 6/6Powered by TCPDF (