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Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry Dating 2012


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Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry Dating 2012

  1. 1. Your Questions About Who Is Katy Perry Dating 2012Richard asks…How do I change which sims 3 disc my game launches with?I have downlaoded multiple expansions to my sims 3 game and it plays off of the sims 3 petsdisc. The problem is I don’t have that disc anymore. It is not an option for me to download theonline no disc version because it wasn’t my game so I can’t register and use the code and allthat. I know it is possible to change which disc boots the game because I did it with the sims 2.Please and Thank you for your help. By the way I’m on PCBig Arn answers:You can’t change which disk launches the game; all Sims games run off of the game disk withthe newest release date. Since Sims 3 Pets was released last Autumn, you would need topurchase or install an Expansion or Stuff Pack that was released after Pets. Make sure youhave access to this disk because your game would then run from it.Here is a list of EPs and SPs that you could use:- Showtime EP-Supernatural EP-Seasons EP (release date: November 13, 2012)-Master Suite SP-Katy Perry Sweet Treats SP-Diesel SP-70s, 80s, & 90s SP (Release date: January 2013) 1/9
  2. 2. Hope I helped and Happy Simming (:Sandy asks…How much would justin biebers meet and greet tickets cost or viptickets cost in his upcoming believe tour?Big Arn answers:You cannot purchase meet and greets. There are some artists where you can purchase meetand greets like Cody Simpson, Selena Gomez and Greyson Chance but artists like JustinBieber, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry you win the meet and greets by entering a contest on a localradio station or through a fan website. You can win Justin Bieber meet and greets by becominga member on, it costs $8.99 to become a member and to enter a JustinBieber contest but it is worth it. If you think that is a fake website orsomething it is not, Justin Bieber owns that website and half of his fans are a member on there.You can see how much Beliebers meet Justin by entering . 96.5 KISS FM radio station is always having contests 2/9
  3. 3. when a certain celebrity comes to your town.Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe Tour’ starts in summer of 2012 and I’m sure hes going to give hisfans lots of time to get the tickets and all. I would be thinking the ‘Believe Tour’ dates will beout a month or three months before his tour starts. Justin’s ‘My World Tour’ VIP packagecame with this -My World – The Ultimate Justin Bieber VIP Experience packages are $349.50 each and include:- One Premium, Top Tier Reserved Seat Ticket (location given at time of purchase)- Entry into the Justin Bieber Preshow VIP Sound Check- Entry into the Official Justin Bieber VIP Preshow Party (this includes catered hospitality)- One Autographed Justin Bieber Photobook or Program- One Exclusive Justin Bieber VIP Gift Bag- One Limited Edition VIP Laminate & Matching Lanyard- One Commemorative Souvenir Concert Ticket- VIP Preferred Parking (where available)- VIP Priority Check-In (where available)- Separate VIP Entrance at Venue (where available)Love Me VIP Packages are $139.50 each and include:- One Premium Reserved Seat Ticket (location given at time of purchase)- One Exclusive Justin Bieber VIP Gift Bag- One Limited Edition VIP Laminate & Matching Lanyard- One Commemorative Souvenir Concert TicketSince Justin Bieber is much popular now in 2011-2012 than he was in 2009-2010. It willprobably end up being more expensive than how it was on Justin Bieber’s ‘My World Tour’. Ialways thought that Justin Bieber VIP tickets were more cheap than the actual concert tickets.You could purchase Justin Bieber VIP passes or concert tickets on,, or the arena Justin Bieber will be performing at. Ialways got my concert tickets at the arena that certain artist would be performing at becausethey give you a great deal and they are kind enough to show you where you will sit. I hope youget to meet/see Justin someday 3/9
  4. 4. John asks…How much longer will hip hop/teen pop/alternative be the popularmusic blueprint?Big Arn answers:The record companies will probably promote it until it’s totally unprofitable, so as long assomeone buys it, it probably wont fade away unfortunately.Hip hop – I can see this sticking around in some form or another for a long time. I think it’sbecome (like rock) an established genre with too many fans to fade away, but I hope it evolvesinto something more poppy and dancey (the way it was before, say 1992 when the darkergangsta influence took over).Teenpop – seems to come and go every 10 years or so. Especially since alot of the fans areyounger and tend to outgrow it, I think that’s why it dates quickly (i.e. New Kids on the Block,Nsync). I’m sure Miley and the Jonas Brothers will be a joke by like 2012. People will getembarrased and say “Man I cant’ believe I listened to that when I was in sixth grade!”Alternative – Again really influential overall, but I HATE these sludgy third rate Pearl Jamknockoffs. I don’t see how anyone could like Nickelback, the Fray and all of them. I think peopleare clinging to grunge influenced music, because that’s the last time there was a real change inrock…and people are afraid to let it die. It’s like we’re still peripherally attached to 1991-95 (andnot in a good way). Whenever it does die, I think music will actually evolve and get better. 4/9
  5. 5. P.S. Even though I”m ripping on alot of these bands, I do like some current music. But the goodstuff doesn’t seem to last or be as popular (for instance, I love Katy Perry and even she seemsto be slipping with “Thinking of You”.. Metro Station are awesome too, and Taylor Swift’s“Love Song”). Every time music starts changing, it seems to revert back which is annoying.Joseph asks…When is katy perry going to tour in 2012?and when will glee live tickets go on sale and like the tour dates for katy perry and glee thanksBig Arn answers:Katy perry is going on tour early 2013, late 2012. She is having a new album which will be out inearly july. Glee tickets will probably go on sale in april. 5/9
  6. 6. Betty asks…Is Katy Perry visiting Australia for #KP3D premiere?Will Katy visit Australia for her movie premiere? If so, where is the premiere?Big Arn answers:Hi,Katy Perry is indeed visiting Australia to promote her film – KATY PERRY: PART OF ME THEMOVIE, see the official press release below.KATY PERRY TO VISIT AUSTRALIA TO PREMIERE HER NEW 3D FEATURE FILM, KATYPERRY: PART OF MESydney, June 15, 2012 – Katy Perry fans have joined together on Twitter to request Katy returnto Australia to promote her new 3D feature film KATY PERRY: PART OF ME, which releases inAustralian cinemas on Monday July 2. So many have done so that #KatyPerry3DAustraliabegan trending within Australia in less than 10 minutes!Hearing the overwhelming demand from her fans, Katy is pleased to announce that she willreturn to Sydney at the end of the month to promote her new film and walk the pink carpet at the 6/9
  7. 7. film’s Australian premiere to be held in Sydney at Event Cinemas, George Street on SaturdayJune 30.A motion picture event movie, KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D is a backstage pass, front rowseat and intimate look at the fun, glamorous, heartbreaking, inspiring, crazy, magical,passionate, and honest mad diary of Katy both on and off the stage.Follow Katy at to be kept up to date and view exclusivebehind-the-scenes content from KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D.Fans can also use the hashtag #KP3D to connect with other fans and join the conversation onTwitter.KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D in cinemas July 2.For more #KP3D information, Sydney premiere details, promotions and ticket giveaways Paramount Pictures on Facebook: Paramount Pictures on Twitter:!/ParamountAUSteven asks…updating dating my ipod please give me a list of music i shoulddownload?it could be rap latin r&b w.e as long as its really good music new or old dont matter thank you =) 7/9
  8. 8. Big Arn answers:Here Are Some New Tunes I Hope You Like =]Chris Brown – DuecesMims – MoveTrey Songz – Already TakenJesse McCartney – UpBusta Rhymes – Tear Da Roof OffTrey Songz – I Want YouTravie McCoy – BillionaireTravie McCoy – Thats Not CoolThe Wanted – All Time LowKaty Perry – Teenage DreamJay Sean – 2012Drake – Find Your LoveAggro Santos – Saint Or SinnerYolanda Be Cool – We No Speak AmericanoIyaz – So BigJason Derulo – What IfJason Derulo – She Flys Me AwayKaty B – Katy On A MissionUsher – Dj Got Us Falling In LoveDonaeo – Im FlyScorcher – Its My TimeLabrinth – Let The Sun ShineLoick Essien – Love DrunkAeroplane – SuperstarThe Script – For The First TimeMcFly – Party GirlExample – Last One StandingAlesha Dixon – Drummer BoyKanye West – PowerKano – UpsideJay-Z – A Star Is BornTinchy Stryder – In My System 8/9
  9. 9. Roll Deep – Green Light The Saturdays – Missing You Katy Perry – Circle The Drain The Saturdays – Higher Lady Gaga – Teeth Alexandra Burke – Start Without You The Hoosiers – Choices The Saturdays – Died In Your Eyes Plan B – Love Goes Down Professor Green – City Of Gold The Hoosiers – Love By the Ocean Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers The Saturdays – Karma Plan B – The Rescue Kylie Minogue – Closer The Saturdays – One Shot B.O.B – Dont Let Me Fall Professor Green – Oh My God Katy Perry – Pearl The Hoosiers – Glorious B.O.B – I’ll Be In The Sky Plan B – Prayin Professor Green – Monster Kylie Minogue – Cupid Boy B.O.B – Fame Katy Perry – Who Am I Living For? Professor Green – Closing The Door Katy Perry – Firework Professor Green – Goodnight Kylie Minogue – Cant Beat The Feeling Plan B – Free Here Are A Few Websyts You Can Get Music From Aswell Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... 9/9Powered by TCPDF (