Your Questions About Part Of Me Katy Perry Chords


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Your Questions About Part Of Me Katy Perry Chords

  1. 1. Your Questions About Part Of Me Katy Perry ChordsLaura asks…What is the strumming pattern Katy Perry is playing in this video? know the chords but i just can’t figure out the strumming pattern, any ideas on what thestrumming pattern could be would be great.Big Arn answers:Amazing song <3See if this helps (scroll down a little bit to find the song) sorry, forgot the most important part(: 1/8
  2. 2. Donald asks…What do you think to my cover of Toxic – Britney Spears? tried to make it my own, and I found some chords to go with it. What do you think?I was going to perform it at my school talent show. Should I?Criticism is welcome!Big Arn answers:I got chills!!!! Yes you should )) You are absolutely beautiful and most definitely have raw talentwithout a doubt don’t give up on this talent, even if you study and stay in school and do otherstuff on the side, always keep perfecting this talent!! You can play guitar which not many singerscan!I would for SURE invest in a really good mike, please! The camera is not as important as longas we can hear you properly, and get lessons, please!! They will teach you stuff like how toopen your mouth wide so you sound stronger and a little louder. And put up more vids and sendme the link, do some acapella to other artists as well like leona lewis, adelle, and for sure katyperry, those are some of the artists that I think are very talented and might suit your voice. You 2/8
  3. 3. never know until you try! Whatever you do, do it cause you love it! Life is too short not to beunhappy! I will subscribe to your channel, please add more stuff soon ! I’m a fan ! <3 also Ialways tell ppl to go to school for business management and entrepeneurship so you can beyour own manager and agents dont steal money from your earning, should you choose topursue this as a part time or full time career, but thats just my opinion lol 8)Maria asks…what are the notes and chords for firework by katy perry?I dont want sheet music i just want someone to write down the notes and chordss…thanksssSORRY FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT I WANT PIANO NOTES AND CHORDS…..WHOOOOPS:)Big Arn answers:The verse notes and chords (chords are written in parentheses first)are –(Ab Major) C-Eb-Eb-C-C(Gb Major) Bb-Bb-Bb-Ab-Ab 3/8
  4. 4. (F minor) Ab-Bb-Bb-Ab-Ab(Eb Major) Ab-Ab-Ab-Bb-C-CYou repeat that 4 times for the verse after that the chords change in each bar (like the verse),and they are Ab Major; Bb minor; F minor; Db Major – and it repeats all the way until the nextverse.Hope that gives you some idea.Here’s a new mash-up of Firework and Alica Keys’ Empire State of Mind Part 2 – asks…Can anyone help me with guitar chords, strum patterns, etc for thefollowing chords?!?Baby (justin Bieber)Mine (taylor Swift)We R Who We R (ke$ha)Back to december (taylor Swift)Never Say Never (justin Bieber)Firework (katy Perry)Picture to burn (taylor swift)our song (taylor swift)*please keep in mind that i am a beginner and the the simplest chords/strum patterns possible*and if there are different chords/strum patterns for different parts of the song, let me know thatas well 4/8
  5. 5. THANK YOU ALL!!!Big Arn answers:You can find them on Google.John asks…New weird pop music trends?I don’t listen to it much but today my little brother was watching much music.. i saw a keshavideo about shooting unicorns with rainbows, a katy perry video about having sex with aliens…WHY? 5/8
  6. 6. Big Arn answers:I think they do weird things to distract people from the fact that the song structures, chordprogressions, melodic trends, and overall sound (you know, the actual music parts) are prettymuch all recycled. If you listen closely and pay attention, you can tell that there is nothing newgoing on, merely new ways of presenting the music. Modern pop music is like taco bell; most ofit (not all, but most) is the same old stuff, they just rearrange it and present it differently to give itthe illusion of being new.Susan asks…Help with playing barre chords (on guitar)?I’ve been playing guitar for maybe 1/2 a year now. And I love it a lot, but the one thing I’mhaving trouble with is barre chords. The only one that I seem to have nailed is C#minor. It’s theonly one that I can play correctly, and having it sounding decent. I can play F# (kind of, I canonly fret the first three strings because my hands are small). And I’ve been trying to learn B# &Bm but it just seems impossible for me! Whenever I want to play B# it just sounds horrible! AndI’ve been trying to play “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry (the one where it has E, C#minor, Bm,Asus2) basically the original version the way Katy plays it (I think it’s the original, becauseto me it sounds right from when I watch people on youtube play it). And I start out fine, but Ican’t seem to get to the barre chord C#minor fast enough.. I always have to pause for like asecond and get to the chord than continue. Is their any way i can switch to barre chord faster? Eisn’t a barre chord obviously.. but whenever I switch to a barre chord it always takes me a while 6/8
  7. 7. to get my placing down. How can I get better at switching chords faster?Also I do practice a lot maybe 3 hours a day.. and when is someone intermediate? Whenthey’re learning barre chords? Would you consider me a beginner still or somewhatintermediate? Thanks in advance.Big Arn answers:Hello there,Barre chords! Every beginners nightmare. They are hard to learn. Once you learn, they open upthe fretboard to so many more chords. I cannont imagine playing without them. Techniique isthe key to playing a barre chord. Learn the basic technique. Here is a decent video on how toplay them.Http:// isn’t a barre chord obviously? Are you wrong! Of course there are several E barre chords.Switching takes practice. No way to speed up the learning process. You just have to keepputting in the hours. You do have to get the technique right. Use an improper technique and youwill never master them.3 hours a day? Good for you. That is admirable. You must enjoy playing to put in the time.Intermediate? Heck I don’t know. Whenever you stop feeling like a beginner you haveprogressed to an intermediate stage. I don’t really give much thought to the labels. We eachare individuals. We progress at our own pace. Some things come faster and some slower. Itreally is an individualized learning process. I suppose when I started learning, I wondered howlong it would take to master the guitar. I no longer think about that. I know you can always learnmore. Been playing since 1957 and I am still learning and exploring new ideas. That is part ofthe beauty of playing. It never gets old. You never learn all there is to learn. No matter what,there is always something else to explore.Later 7/8
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