Your Questions About Listen To Music On Facebook


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Your Questions About Listen To Music On Facebook

  1. 1. Your Questions About Listen To Music On FacebookJohn asks…How do I listen to music on Facebook?So on my Facebook, my friends have little music notes by their name on the Friends Onlinechat list. How do I get to the Facebook app that lets me listen to music like that, with a“Listen with..” option next to my name, too? I’ve tried going to my Apps list and clicking on theMusic app, but it just shows “Last logged in: More than six months ago” and an edit thing.Big Arn answers:You can listen to songs by clicking next to links to songs you see in News Feed, on the musicdashboard, on your timeline, or on your friends’ timelines.Depending on your friends’ privacy settings, you might also see a story in ticker that says yourfriend is listening to a song. Hover over the in that story, and click the Play button to startlistening to that song.Since external music service providers host music, you’ll need to install a music app before youcan listen to music using links on Facebook. If you haven’t installed a music app yet, you’ll seean app install screen when you click or . After you install the app, the music service providermight ask you to complete steps (ex: downloading a program to your computer) in order tosubscribe to their service. 1/9
  2. 2. Betty asks…Using real player to download music from facebook?I just got real player, and while listening to music on facebook, I noticed a realplayer“download clip” link come up, so I clicked it, and it instantly downloaded the whole song to mycomputer. I was surprised at this. Would it be considered pirating to continue to use thisfeature, even if for nothing more than personal use? Is it even detectable? I was surprised thatthis downloaded music to my computer without so much as a disclaimer.Big Arn answers:I’m not sure, but i don’t think it would be pirating because you’re using it for personal use. Andit probably could be tracked, but i highly doubt someone would just randomly track you down. Itwould only be racable if someone wanted to find you, or if they were looking for it. I don’t thinkit’s someting someone would accidentally stumble on, then report you for. 2/9
  3. 3. Robert asks…Why do teenagers like rock music so much?When I walk by him in his room, he is always either listening to rock music, using facebook, ormasturbating. What is getting into teenagers?Big Arn answers:Rock Music: Rock embodies the angst that all teens feel. Not all teens like rock, and some aremore angsty than others, but adolescence is a frustrating time. Teens are under pressure fromschool, home and friends all the time. Listening to metal or alt or ska or whatever music yourson likes is a harmless way for him to blow off steam.Facebook: Teens are social. They crave their friends’ approval in everything they do and hatebeing “out of the loop.” Your son is just staying connected.And I understand that everyone has different opinions on masturbation, but there’s a biologicalreason he’s doing that, too: Back in the early days, when everyone was farmers, all theeducation anyone needed was how to sow and harvest crops, and anyone could learn that byage 12. So, as soon as teens reached sexual maturity, they went and got married and startedtheir own farms. But now, with industry and commerce, higher education is needed to make aliving, and most people don’t get married till they are done with school. That creates a long, 3/9
  4. 4. often frustrating period between sexual maturity and marriage/steady relationship age for teens.Hope that helps.George asks…How do I listen to YouTube while being on my iPod touch?Basically, I want to listen to music on YouTube while playing on my iPod touch, either onfacebook or internet or something like that… Is there any way?Big Arn answers:I dont think you can maybe in IOS6? 4/9
  5. 5. William asks…Why is Myspace music player bugging when I facebook connect tosign in on it?The page keeps refreshing when I facebook connect on it and I can’t listen to music.Big Arn answers:Sounds like the music Player is having problems Try again later if the problem still persistsContact Myspace at the help Center and report the problem tothem and they will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours 5/9
  6. 6. Lizzie asks…Does listening to music take up data on an iPhone?Does listening to music that you’ve downloaded onto you iPhone (like from iTunes) take updata on your iPhone? Thanks so much in advance!Big Arn answers:No. That’s information stored locally on the iPhone itself. The only time you’re using your DataAllotment is if you are using anything that needs to access the internet (streaming music likePandora, streaming video, web browsing, email, facebook, etc) and you are not connected to aWiFi source such as your home router.Any music you’re listening to that you had iTunes put there is locally stored and as such doesnot use any networking connection to listen to. 6/9
  7. 7. Sandy asks…Why can I only hear video call on Facebook through my headsetand not my speakers?I know my computer speakers work fine because i listen to music and videos often, but when Iam on a conference chat or Facebook video chat I can only hear others when i use my headsetand plug it in. I know I should be able to simple use my computer as normal but I must havesome setting wrong that is only enabling me to hear from my headset only. Any help would beappreciated.Big Arn answers:Hmm well the Facebook video calling thing has never worked properly for me. Maybe you’dhave better luck with the Rounds video chat app( )– it has fewer bugs. 7/9
  8. 8. Ruth asks…How can I get rid of lag spikes on windows vista on my pc?I get lag spikes on my windows vista PC randomly. I play video games on my PC, but it doesn’tjust happen when i’m playing video games. When i’m just listening to music or on FaceBookor on Skype I get about 1-2 second lag spikes. My PC is a Dell Studio 540. Please give mesome feedback!Thanks drdave. what different specs do u need to know?Big Arn answers:You need more details than just a pc make and model. We need to know details on your homenetwork and how you connect to your modem, details on what your allotted bandwidth issupposed to be. I might also add Stella is as full of crap as a Christmas goose. She can’tpossibly answer this question with it’s scant details. Secondly, Vista is no worse than Windows7. I have systems in the shop with BOTH operating systems and there is NO difference what soever in how they run.Edit: Are you using a wireless home network connection? If so, how far from the router are you?What speed is your internet package? A wireless home connection is the poorest method youcan use if you want the best connection. Gaming, streaming video, even browsing the net canbe a pain if you’re to far from your access point or router. Secondly, this problem compoundsitself if you have a low speed internet connection. For instance, if you only have 3mbps service,it will be far worse on wireless than if you have a 15mbps package.Another common mistake is running to many applications that require internet service such astorrenting, file sharing, messenger services, etc eating up all your bandwidth. How many users 8/9
  9. 9. are sharing the internet service? The more users, the worse your lag will be. Lastly, how much malware is infesting your PC? Spyware and adware monitoring what you search for on the internet eats your bandwidth. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About Listen To Music On Facebook 9/9Powered by TCPDF (