Your Questions About Katy Perry Photos 2012


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Your Questions About Katy Perry Photos 2012

  1. 1. Your Questions About Katy Perry Photos 2012Susan asks…What should i buy for my mum, dad, and sister for christmas?I like in england, my mum is 51 dad is 59 and sister is 21.Im looking to spend about 40 or 50 pound on eachPlease help i’ll give you pointsBig Arn answers:For your mum:- perfume, such as coco chanel mademoiselle (around £40 in debenhams) and it smells reallynice or some cheaper perfume from debenhams, the perfume shop or wilkinson’s are cheap atthe minute too. Boots have little bottles of perfume in sets too, which are great because you canmore than one smell- hot water bottle/cute cover (great for winter)- some nice slippers- dressing gown/pyjarmas- jewellery, such as a nice necklace (maybe a locket with a picture of you both) or a love-heart- earrings- thorntons chocolates/her favourite chocolates or sweets/shortbread- scarf/hat/gloves (great for winter) 1 / 11
  2. 2. - a throw for her bed- a trinket box for something special, like a ring, or a jewellery box to keep her nice things in- a dvd box set/or a few single dvd’s (maybe an old classic or just a dvd that fits in with herpersonality)- home-made cookies/cakes/biscuits/brownies/flapjack or fudge (whatever she likes) wrapped incute tissue paper. Very personal idea- cushions (dunelm/ikea). Cute idea- 2012 calendar- a canvas of a really nice picture, of flowers/you two/a view that she likes/or a place. Somethingreally nice to put up in her bedroom- new purse and some little passport photo’s to put in there, of people she cares about- make her a christmas cake- bath stuff such as lotions/creams etc. From somewhere such as the bodyshop/boots/superdrug/marks and spencers- bath bombs from LUSH or soap from there too. Really unique and colourful with confetti in etc- a little diary if your mum uses something like this- candles and candle holders. Marks and spencers are good for thesefor your dad:- a novelty mug with something personalised on. Maybe a saying/quote/his name/or a nicemessage- slippers, if he wears them- a hat? Maybe that’s something he wears- thorntons chocolates/shortbread/his favourite sweets or chocolate- 2012 calendar- a bottle of his favourite alcohol such as whisky or something. Maybe a nice wine even- a dvd box set (maybe an action or a comedy) or seperate recent dvd’s that have came out- a photo frame keyringfor your sister:(a lot of the same things as your mum will be good for your sister too). Women appreciatesimilar things- hot water bottle and cute cover- perfume or little bottles of perfume. Rihanna perfume is £25 in wilkinson’s at the minute, andkaty perry is around that price too- a me to you bear/ty bear/ty beanie 2 / 11
  3. 3. Ken asks…Cute Teen halloween costumes?Me and my friend need ideas, im thinking maybe a cute food costume like katy perry wears.We wanna have them b hilomemade so plz no website link.. Thanks!Big Arn answers:I would choose an easy one of hers to make and it is a good idea to use her costumes asinspiration. I would think of a food item that you guys like and follow her steps. It seems like shewears short dresses or leotards and adds food like items to them say like this costume.Http://–500×380.jpg&w=500&h=380&ei=u0xRUOiPH8et0AG_yYCABw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=537&vpy=2&dur=808&hovh=196&hovw=258&tx=137&ty=84&sig=101486636221058211425&page=2&tbnh=121&tbnw=159&start=14&ndsp=21&ved=1t:429,r:4,s:14,i:133&biw=1017&bih=430I would get a white dress and buy a styrofoam half balls and then paint them with a colorfulpaints. Do not spray paint as spray paint eats away at styrofoam or buy a spray paint that canbe applied to styrofoam. Hot glue the half balls to the white dress.Or this costume 3 / 11
  4. 4.,r:5,s:14,i:136&biw=1017&bih=430Buy a pink tank top, demin shorts and striped red and white socks. Spray paint the clothes withglitter spray and buy those large lollipops and hot glue them to your shirt. Or even make a fakeone so they won’t be as heavy.Http:// guys can put together something cute without it being Katy’s costume though. Say like ifyou want to be a slice of pizza. Get a tan dress and make toppings at out different colored feltlike peperoni’s with red felt, anchovies with gray felt, and pizza sauce with red felt. Cut the redfelt like a wave and put around the collar of the dress like its sauce. Make cheese out of amaterial like this but in white and dye it yellow and possibly not the same material but like ashredded cheese and hot glue the toppings to the dress.Http:// asks…Could Obama win Florida too?There have been absolutely Hugh turn out at Obama rallies in Florida as well >—————————————————————————————————- 4 / 11
  5. 5. 20,000-Plus Turn Out for Obama Rally with Katy Perry in Milwaukee[Nov 3, 2012] We’re a huge family, a huge family.” She also urged people to vote. “If you’reover 18, … 20,000-Plus Turn Out for Obama Rally with Katy Perry in Milwaukee;… – CachedPHOTOS: ‘This is tyranny’: tens of thousands decry HHS …Quite a large rally in Denver, … now living in Fort Lauderdale, FL, I had to check that out! …Wade airs anti-Obama ad in Florida …… – Cached11,000 Turn Out For Obama + Crist in Seminole (Tampa Bay) Rally!11,000 Turn Out For Obama + Crist in Seminole … The rally was powerful. … Crist appearing withObama in Florida is a big… – CachedFourteen thousand people turned out at the Obama rally in New Hanpshire – the largest turn outever in that states .Big Arn answers:If I had to bet money on it, I’d bet that he’ll lose Florida, but it’s definitely possible. I’m veryconfident that he’ll win the election because of the electoral vote, although the popular vote willbe very close. Romney has closed in on Ohio because they’ve changed so much since thebeginning of the year when Obama looked like he had it in the bag. Romney’s gotten a littleahead in recent weeks on lots of the polls in Florida when almost all the rest of the year, Obamawas in a clear lead. 5 / 11
  6. 6. Betty asks…How can I get to this person’s level?My (quite amateur work): artist’s work: Arn answers:Wow you are an amazing artist.I guess maybe research tips on the internet/library or even the book shop, research differentpencil techniques. Hope this is of help. 6 / 11
  7. 7. Steven asks…Would I look good with blue hair?Since its strange to see a tanned Mexican with unusual colored hair I wanted to get someopinions before I dyed my hair so can ya please help me. I wanted to dye my hair blue but notthe dark blue but more as a turquoise like Katy Perry. Do ya think I can rock it? Or should I justfind some other color?This is me: want it like this: Arn answers:Sure 7 / 11
  8. 8. Jenny asks…How to fix my face shape?Ok I need to fix my face shape and I need your serious help. Ok I need to change my wholeface everything below the eyes except my nose and lips .I need your help in pointing out to me how to fix my face shape.My goal is to have a long thin face without chubby cheecks or wide face I want my face like thisJlo,Vanessa hudgens,Katy perry or megan galePics , I want the kong slim slender sexy adult face, I have a baby Miley cryris face shape shehas wide checks short baby face and the opposite of what I want can you help me fix it pleaseserious answers only , tips ,tricks, illusions , hair styles, surgeries , what surgeries do I need, orlose weight? get I’m seriously tired of looking like a baby , with a short chubby facePics!What I haveProfile 8 / 11
  9. 9. I wantProfile 9 / 11
  10. 10. someone please help me and tell me the differences between the two faces thank you!Big Arn answers:You cant change your face shape…. Sorry :SIt’s not even to do with face fat either… I also have very wide wide wide cheeks. However, itDOES get better with age… I am in my 20s now and my face is alot more longer/slender so ifyou’re still young, don’t worry so much. Things will balance out. 10 / 11
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