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Your Questions About Fireworks By Katy Perry Chords


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Your Questions About Fireworks By Katy Perry Chords

  1. 1. Your Questions About Fireworks By Katy Perry ChordsJames asks…What are some easy guitar songs to play?My dad has recently started teaching me the acoustic guitar what are some popular, easysongs that I can play the chords and sing along to?? Fast ones or slow moving ones?? (I cannow play Firework by Katy Perry, so anything like that?? ) Thankyou much appreciated x x xpreferably with only a few chords in?? :L x x xBig Arn answers:There are lots! It’s hard to give you ideas though because I don’t really know exactly what kindof music you like.Pixie Lott – Gravity: Gaga – Paparazzi: Lewis – Happy: you don’t like any of these try looking for chords of songs that you like on:’s a really good website and has chords for almost every single song. It’s also really useful asyou can mouse over the chords if you don’t know them and it’ll show you how to play them.Though the chords aren’t always 100% accurate they’re usually right. :]I hope this helped. 1/7
  2. 2. Joseph asks…What are some easy pop songs to play on the guitar?I am pretty much a beginner so I was wondering if there were any easy mainstream songs toplay and sing along to?Thanks (:Big Arn answers:Katy perry Firework is easy. Its G Am Em C. And DDDDDDDD then switch to a new chord.Capo on 1st swift You Belong With me is D A Em G DUDUDUD Capo on 4th 2/7
  3. 3. Or Just go here.Http:// asks…What are the piano notes to firework by Katy perry?Because class piano has gone all weird……(I also mean the actual notes like cdefgab becausecan’t read sheet music)Big Arn answers:Here you are the video tutorial one the notes 3/7
  4. 4. Steven asks…can i get sum help to find guitar strumming for picture to burn bytaylor swift and fireworks by katy perry?Big Arn answers:My go to site is You can do a search for Taylor Swift and Katy Perrybut here are the direct links: (Copy and Paste) LESSON: LESSON: this will show you the chords to use. However, strumming is a different story. Listen to thesongs to find out when the chords change (singing along also helps to know when to change)But find a rhythm and stick with it. Plus, you don’t want to have a carbon copy of someones 4/7
  5. 5. song- make it your own. Sometimes changing the rhythm and strumming pattern can make thesong come alive even more. See Chris Daughtry’s version of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface as anexample.Maria asks…what are some simple yet popular guitar songs to play?i am just learning how to play but i want to practice some songs so any suggestions would begreat?! Im looking for songs that i could just pick up and start playing and more than just oneperson would recognize thanks (:Big Arn answers:Hopefully you like something here:Creedence Clearwater Revival – Down on the Corner, Bad Moon Rising (super easy)Jane’s Addiction – Jane SaysREM – Losing My Religion 5/7
  6. 6. Coldplay – In My PlaceAlanis Morissette – Head Over FeetBeatles – In My LifeJohn Lennon – Imagine (pretty easy chords)Jeff Buckley – Hallellujah (I play it w/a cappo though)The Four Tops – Sugar Pie Honey BunchRadiohead – Fake Plastic TreesThe Pixies – Where is My Mind (play the riff and there’s bar chords, but you’ll get them withpractice)Pink Floyd – Wish You Were HereKaty Perry – Firework (you can find an acoustic lesson on youtube)KT Tunstall – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (very easy once you get a hang of the fingerpositioning for Em and B7 chord I believe) – fun and recognizableIf some of these are too hard, as you’re just now learning, just keep them in mind and work onthem little by little. Keep at it. You can find these on or search youtube.Jenny asks…What are the keyboard notes for this Katy Perry Song?!?! 10points!?Firework! i usually play by ear, but this time i cant seem to find the right notes haha , doesanyone know them or know a site that has the notes? not SHEET MUSIC haha i suck at readingthat lol. any help? 6/7
  7. 7. Big Arn answers: In the beginning in the right hand it’s a chord with the A flat under middle C, Middle C, and E played for 8 beats (eighth notes) with an A flat whole note in the left hand Then move down to G flat in left hand and G flat, B flat, and D flat in eighth notes Then F in left hand and in right, F, A flat, and C Then in left, the D above what you were playing before and in the right hand A flat, D, and E flat then repeat that’s the beginning You need to learn to read sheet music! Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About Fireworks By Katy Perry Chords 7/7Powered by TCPDF (