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Your Questions About Alicia Keys Songs


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Your Questions About Alicia Keys Songs

  1. 1. Your Questions About Alicia Keys SongsLizzie asks…What is the name of the Alicia Keys song which has the same tunein the beginning? is a video of Japanese beatboxers. They beatbox the same tune as a song by Alicia Keysand I’m wondering what the Alicia Keys song is called. Or any other song for that matter(though I’m pretty sure it’s Alicia Keys..maybe featuring a rapper as well).Thanks everyone.Big Arn answers:I dn’t know aby alicai but i know it a Ashanti i song only you !! 1/5
  2. 2. William asks…What song should I sing for senior cabaret?I am a belter with a alto-mezzo soprano range. I played the Sour Kangaroo from Seussical theMusical. I do good with Alicia Keys songs although her notes get too high sometimes. If youneed any more info let me know.Big Arn answers:I am assuming you really DO mean CABARET and not just TALENT SHOW, because there is ahuge difference in the music. Here are some great CABARET songs.A LITTLE MORE MASCARA.. La Cage Aus follesAMERICAN IDIOT.. American IdiotANYTHING GOES… The Boys in the BandBILLY, DON’T BE A HERO.. Priscilla Queen of the DesertBORN TO BOOGIE… Billy ElliotCOME BOYS LET’S BE GAY BOYS.. Student PrinceCRY’N IN THE DARK.. High FidelityDANCING QUEEN.. Priscilla, Queen of the DesertELECTRICITY… Billy ElliotEXPRESS YOURSELF… Billy ElliotFANTASIES COME TRUE.. Avenue QFEELING GOOD.. The Roar of the GreasepaintFEELINGS YOU’VE GOT TO HIDE.. SideshowFILLING OUT THE FORM.. Title of Show 2/5
  3. 3. FREAK… TabooFUNKY BROADWAY.. The Boys in the BandGLITTER AND BE GAY… CandideGOING DOWN.. HairGOLDEN RAINBOW.. Golden RainbowHALLOWE’EN.. RentHARD TIMES.. The Cradle will RockHOW COULD I EVER KNOW.. The Secret GardenI AM WHAT I AM… La Cage aux FollesI LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE.. Priscilla, Queen of the DesertI SEE THROUGH YOU.. TabooI WILL SURVIVE.. Priscilla, Queen of the DesertIF YOU WERRE GAY.. Avenue QI’LL COVER YUO.. RentI’M NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR TODAY.. Avenue QIT TAKES ALL SORTS… HonkI’VE BEEN… Next to NormalJUST TRUE… YankKEEP IT GAY… The ProducersLIGHT MY CANDLE.. RentLE JAZZ HOT… Victor VictoriaLIKE EVERYONE ELSE.. SideshowLIFE SUPPORT.. RentMASCULINITY.. La Cage Aux FollesMIDNIGHT RADIO… Hedwig and the angry InchMONKEY AND PLAYBILL.. Title of ShowNOT A GAY GOES BY.. Merrily we roll AlongOH MY CAPTAIN.. Lady Pirates of Capt… BreeON THE STREET.. RentONE… A Chorus LineONE SONG GLORY… RentOUT TONIGHT… RentPROMENADE.. La Cage Aus FollesRAINBOW HIGH… EvitaSECONDARY CHARACTERISTICS… Title of ShowSHAKE YOUR GROVE THING.. Priscilla, Queen of the DesertSHOW PEOPLE.. CurtainsSOLIDARITY FOREVER.. Billy ElliotSTRANGER IN THE WORLD… TabooSWEET TRANSVESTITE.. Rocky Horror Picture ShowTAKE A LETTER TO MARIA.. Prisilla, Queen of the DesertTAKE ME OR LEAVE ME.. RentTHE ANGRY INCH.. Hedwick and the angry inchTHE BEST OF TIMES.. La Cage aux FollesTHE DEVIL YOU KNOW.. SideshowTHE INTERNET IS FOR PORN.. Avenue Q 3/5
  4. 4. TRANSFORMATION.. HonkWE ARE WOMEN… CandideWHAT YOU OWN… RentWHO CAN I TURN TO.. The Roar of the GreasepaingYOU SHOULD BE LOVED.. SidewhowYOU’RE IN DENIAL.. Musical the MusicalDaniel asks…How do you play a song you’ve been listening to on the piano?I play the piano and I really wanna be able to play some Alicia Keys songs on it but how do Ifigure out how to do it?Big Arn answers:You can get sheet music, or else have the cd/mp3 right next to you as you start to figure itout–figure out where it starts on the keyboard and go from there! Some people are moretalented at this than others… I tend to have troubles figuring out the left hand :p 4/5
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