Your Questions About Alicia Keys Girl On Fire


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Your Questions About Alicia Keys Girl On Fire

  1. 1. Your Questions About Alicia Keys Girl On FireMary asks…What was that dubstep song that was played after Alicia Key’sperformance on the 2012 MTV EMA’s?I just watched the European music awards and Alicia Keys performed her song girl on fire,and after, the DJ played a dubstep song that I really want to find the name of!Any help is appreciated! Easy pointsBig Arn answers:SKRILLEX – Bangarang feat. SirahYoutube Link: 1/6
  2. 2. Sandy asks…What is a good song for a hip hop dance duet?My friend and I having been dancing together for about three years now and we’re kind ofrunning out of ideas for songs. I want to do a duet to a hip hop song. We are both seventeenyears old and it is a boy/girl duet.Big Arn answers:Hip Hop/BreakdanceBeastie Boys–Remote Control, Super disco Breakin, Sabotage, Intergalatic, Brass MonkeyEminem– Daddy’s gone crazy, Lose Yourself, Will the real slim shady, Won’t back down, I’mnot afraid, Cinderella Man, Love the way you lie, Almost FamousC&C Music Factory, I got the power, Pump up the volume, Gonna make you sweat, rock & rollTLC– No Scrubs, WaterfallsWill Smith—Summertime, Wild Wild west, Men in black, parents just don’t understandAfrika Bambaataa– Planet Rock, Breaker’s revengeBritney Spears—Womanizer, Gasoline, 3Outkast –Ms. Jackson, Polaroid, bombs over BaghdadTechnotronic– This beat is technotronic, Move thisKraftwerk-Tour De France, robotsFlo Rida – Low, elevatorRob Base & DJ E-Z Rock—Joy & Pain, It Takes twoFreestyle—Don’t Stop the rock, It’s AuToMaTic 2/6
  3. 3. Hashim—We’re rocking the planetIt’s tricky—Run DmcNow you see it now you don’t—PitbullBleeding love—Leona LewisPatron Tequila—Paradiso GirlsGravel Pit—Wu tang ClanWild thing—Tone LocMusic—MadonnaMortal Kombat ThemeSpace Jam themeHit ‘Em High (Monstars theme from space jam)If I’m gonna eat somebody it might as well be you—Tone Loc (Fern Gully)There is a light—Nick Cave (Batman Forever)The riddler—Method Man (Batman Forever)Dirty—Christina AguileraHip hop hooray—Naughty by NatureSquare dance rap—Sir Mix a lotMan Parrish—Hip Hop, be Bop (Don’t stop)It began in Africa—Chemical BrothersShake your pom pom—Missy ElliotSupersonic—JJ FadGroove is the heart—Dee LiteButterfly (Japenese Techno)—DJ MystikOPP-Naughty By natureAxel F (Beverly Hills Cop)Freak-a-zoid—Midnight StarPush it—Salt N PepaWhen I grow up—Pussycat DollsWork it out–Lil Jon featuring PitbullLast call—midi mafiaET-Katy PerryEmpire state of mind—JayZ and Alicia KeysReptile-Nine Inch NailsHollarback Girl—Gwen StefaniNewcleus—Jam on itDebbie Deb—When I hear music (original 12”)Cybotron—ClearI am woman-Jordin SparksInternational Love-Pitbull Fea. Chris BrownSongs by Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy SilmBreakin soundtrack—Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us by Ollie & JerryFreakshow on the Dance Floor by Bar-KaysBody Work by Hot Streak99 ½ by Carol Lynn Townes 3/6
  4. 4. Showdown by Ollie & JerryHeart of the Beat by 3VStreet People by Fire Fox – Music by Ollie & JerryCut It by Re-FlexAin’t Nobody by Chaka KhanReckless by Ice TBreakin 2 soundtrack—Electric Boogaloo- Ollie & JerryRadiotron – FirefoxDin Daa Daa – George KranzWhen I.C.U. – Ollie & JerryGotta Have the Money – Steve DonnBelieve in the Beat – Carol Lynn TownesSet it out – MidwayI Don’t Wanna Come Down – Mark ScottStylin’ Profilin’ – FirefoxOye Mamacita – Rags & RichesTechnoAngel falls–AylaSunriseStormBeloved, endless skies and other songs VNV NationMoonlight Shadow—DJ MystikPink Cloud—BlumchenSandstorm—DarudeCastles in the Sky—Paul Van DePiachu Mutha Fucka—Aphex TwinHamster danceSun is shining (I’m a rainbow too)—ATB (Bob Marley remix)The Sun (goes down)—CJ StoneSilent Morning—NoelPopcorn—Hot ButterCastles in the sky—Ian Van DahlSet you free-Planet SoulBlue Sun—DJ X-SonicPurple—Gus GusTime Zone—World of GodNightingale—DJ Mind-XFreeRainFeel the drugsSuperwoman—Lil’ Mo (Ft Fabolous)MilkBlack snow 4/6
  5. 5. SpaceFirewalkIlluminatiVideo game/ theme song remixes—TetrisSuper Mario BrothersMetroidContraStar FoxSmurfsNinja GaidenPink PantherChariots of FireSupermanGhostbustersPhantom of the OperaScooby DooLisa asks…Can anyone give me any bands or artists that use piano as themain instrument?Ok well I know Coldplay, Alicia Keys, and Evanescence uses piano, but I really fell in love withThe Hush Sound’s music. So I was hoping…are there any bands out there that sing with mainlypiano? Other instruments are definitely welcomed, but I would like piano as the strong point.Thanks! 5/6
  6. 6. Big Arn answers: Everyone has pretty much suggested what I was going to, but they haven’t suggested Air Traffic – Shooting Star Thirteen Senses – Into The Fire Scouting For Girls – She’s So Lovely The Feeling – Fill my little world Edit: Marina And The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... 6/6Powered by TCPDF (