Your Questions About About Katy Perry’s Family


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Your Questions About About Katy Perry’s Family

  1. 1. Your Questions About About Katy Perry’s FamilyJohn asks…How many elements can you legally use from another song?How many elements can you legally use form another song without permission? I know there isa certain amount of notes you can legally use or so… As seen with Family Guy’s Can’t TouchMe the notes were edited ever so slightly. Another example is Katy Perry’s California Girls andKe$ha’s Tik Tok.Big Arn answers:I have no idea but personally think its cheap to use someone elses creativity and call it yourown…cant you be original. I dont want to here twinkle twinkle little star melody in a rap song…yetthey did it anyway…so stupid. I hope you can get some originality as i dont support people whocopycat beats and songs.Good luck 1/8
  2. 2. James asks…What must these celebrities parents think of them?I mean, some of the artists these days are crazy. Like Jeffree Star, or other artists like him.Don’t get me wrong, i don’t have a problem with them. I listen to a lot of music like it. But iwonder, do their parents support them singing music with such sexual meanings and basicallyputting themselves out to be whores…? Hm, idk. What do you think?Big Arn answers:Different parents have different views.Some parents have been to known to disown their children or refuse to talk to them etc.Others are very supportive of their children’s success.Katy Perry’s (First hit single – I Kissed a Girl) has a huge support from her whole family andeven though her songs/dances/outfits are very promiscuous, her parents know her well enoughto know it’s her career and she’s very successful!Http://;_ylt=AgVcuoK3tiBjrFzLe89WL_Dsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100604093421AANpmLH 2/8
  3. 3. Mandy asks…Free things are not safe for your computer like Pandora?Which makes me sad because now I have no music to listen to,except for YouTube. So wouldBigFishGames also be unsafe since the games are free for an hour?Big Arn answers:Okay, you’re both right and wrong. Some free things, like illegally downloading music andmovies are not safe for your computer (and network). But there are some alternatives to music.Pandora is 99.99% safe (you can never be 100% sure), but some alternatives to Pandora andYouTube are:–> Last.FM : This is located at http://www.last.fmThis site is just like Pandora, but after you favorite a song, you can listen to a play list of songsyou have favorited. And there’s no hourly limit nor a set number of skips. And no voice ads likeon Pandora.–> Grooveshark : This is located at http://listen.grooveshark.comThis is the site I use most often for this. Essentially, Grooveshark makes contracts with musicproviders to have their songs on the sites. In return, Grooveshark gives the companies adspace (usually just bars on the right, it’s not annoying at all. They’re very family friendly, likeadvertisements for Progressive insurance or College advertisements). They also have a radio 3/8
  4. 4. feature that works like Pandora. The best thing? You can listen to pretty much any songwhenever you like — it’s legal because they are streaming the music live. You can even pauseand rewind. Check it out. And sometimes, they have special “ad songs” (this has onlyhappened once to me) in which they say that a music company is trying out a new song, andthey want you to either say it’s good or bad. The song that I got was actually pretty good. I’vehad some friends say that they got Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” before it was released. Onanother note, you can also look up soundtracks, comedy routines, and foreign bands.Have fun!Michael asks…Where and when were Katherine Hudson’s (Katy Perry’s) Parentsborn?Does anyone know where or when they were born? I’m guessing California, but I’m not sure.Any part of this answer would help, I’m trying to start a family tree on her.That article didn’t help. I already know the names, I need an approximate date and a place.And I have traced my own ancestry, back to the 1500s in some brances. I wanted to just dokaty‘s to see if we have any common ancestors and what her family‘s history was. 4/8
  5. 5. Big Arn answers:Katie Perry:Katy Perry Parents Keith And Mary Hudson “I Kissed A Girl’ Shameful AndDisgusting” website is: asks…Is it normal for teens to be into older women?Yeah.. ok. I’m 17 and I’m more attracted to women in their late 20?s to 30?s than girls my age.Is that normal? Don’t laugh. 5/8
  6. 6. Big Arn answers:Yes, completely normal, it’s mainly common for 17 year old girls that like older guys from18-25, if that’s normal, then so is your situation.Older women also love younger guys, because really you have no clue about maturerelationships like the ones they’ve experienced, so they can manipulate you easily, but as longas YOU’RE happy, who gives a fuck about age.The only problem you’ll have is when you want to play a game on a game console and shewants to spend time with you being all romantic and doing something together.Darma, you’ve missed the point by rambling about something off-course. I don’t think thequestioner is bored, I think he just prefers elder women to women his age.What normal is to someone is different to someone else, we’ve always known this;- John likes the colour Green- But his twin brother Tom likes the colour Blue.- John likes to Swim.- But his twin brother Tom likes to Fish, because he isn’t any good at swimming.The gay population has always been 1 out of 10 people, just because more people are comingout because they feel comfortable, does not mean it’s growing. I know a Muslim man with asmall family, a lovely wife, who he does love as a friend, two children yet goes out every sooften to sleep with men, yet he does not label himself as gay, and why should he have to? It’sHIS life, it’s HIS choice.Bisexualism does not count as it does not exist; it’s just a tran-sexuality stage from straight tobeing gay. Ask any gay person would they reverse from being gay to bisexual to straight, theywill get you where to stick it. Especially a guy, because it just doesn’t happen that way.Also, ask any “Bisexual” female, who has a boyfriend, would she go with another woman whileshe is with her boyfriend, the answer would be a no. Bisexual is being both at the same time,not just one or the other, all the “Bisexual” girls I know are currently with men and have alwaysbeen with men, it’s only become popular to children born in the 90?s because of Katy Perry’shit single “I’ve kissed a girl”.Like you said, people are bored and will say and do anything for a bit of attention. Although, alot of girls don’t go any further than kissing and groping, that’s not being bisexual if you cannothave sexual intercourse with the same sex. 6/8
  7. 7. Charles asks…I cant remember what it feels like to be happy?I have tried just about everything for my depression. Medication, therapy you name I have triedit. For me it comes down to not being able to feel rewarded for doing something that issupposed to be gratifying like a hobby etc. Its just so draining not being able to feel pleasure.You have nothing to look forward to. everything is tedious and boring. Any suggestions ongetting out of this cycle?Big Arn answers:If you want to feel challenge Sir.. Then go back to the source of why are you depressed.. Facethat again.. And if you don’t already feel anxious about the source.. As in you really canconfirmed with all honesty in your heart that you have move on.. Then i think all your therapy,medication, etc. Have worked but yet you still feel low.. Then i think this time, you have forgottenthe feeling of happiness after a long time of depression.. So all we need to do is, to do a lot ofextra effort to bring back your one long lost smile..Example like: 7/8
  8. 8. – visiting your family and close friends and going outing in the beach or a barbecue party together.. – – - have a coffe with your ex-gf (those will good terms w/ u… ) – if you’re a musician Sir, you can rock your guitar again and learn some new songs like ‘Just the way you are’ by bruno mars( i know this was so last year but I LOVE IT! Hehe.. Excuse me.. Hehe.. ) or Katy Perry’s Fireworks.. – - if you have a kind-hearted man, you can help the unfortunates: do some feeding programs to kids in orphanages.. Or give some scholarship.. Phew.. I know it’s over-reacting.. But.. I’ve been depressed for almost 4 yrs now and for those years i cried, weep, trying to comfort my feelings .. But it’s just now that i’m trying a self-meditation.. Trying to clear the fog.. And i just discover a secret.. That inorder to break the chain of being lonely, i should stop self-pitying and instead, i should look more on those who really needs help.. But as i look at them, i feel ashamed because even though they don’t have enough food,no proper shelter, no education, some can enroll themselves to school but without completing the 3-meals-a-day, but still, they can look at life with hope and smile.. But here i am.. Having a good living, i even have an internet, lucky for me.. Hmmmm.. Okay this is taking me so long but.. Sir.. Please do find your happiness again especially the part of .. Having a coffe with your ex-gf .. Ehehe. God bless to us..!! Powered by Yahoo! Answers Read more... Your Questions About About Katy Perry’s Family 8/8Powered by TCPDF (