How To Write Mosc Images


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How To Write Mosc Images

  1. 1. A simple way’s on How to write your first Mosc You will need: 1) PHOENIX /Smartmouse / 3.58, 3.68 or 6.00MHz (Hardware) 2) Nagraedit 3 or 4.1 will Do (software) 3) Caton 1.8 (Software) 4) Xncs 1.8 & Romstudio as alternative (Software) 5) A open Rom card 6) A good Image (supplied) 1” Open Nagraedit and make sure that its configured to Phoenix mode 3.68MHz, then press the envelope with the blue arrow to read card After reading card it should look similar to this bellow: Important>>>>>>>>> Save image for future references
  2. 2. 2”) Open Nagraedit press open file and get image supplied for your area: In Data Editor, edit your Boxkey, IRD (back to front) and all 3 cam ids (you cam make one up) Once done”! save image (Name what you like) Then press the envelope with the red arrow to write image to card Wait until nagraedit says Card read successfully Efficiency: 100.0%, Packets: 141, Retries: 0, Time: 16.46s Closing of COM1 was successful
  3. 3. 3”) Press the envelope with blue arrow to read card again”! and go to Eeprom editor Bugcatchers under line C0A0 change the 08 to 48 for rom10 and write to card again (Pressing envelope with red arrow) Rom11 you change 30 to 34 Once card has written successfully, take it out and wait 1 to 3 minutes for it to update keys
  4. 4. 4”) To re-open card Make sure your card is in the programmer and on phoenix mode 3.68mhz 1) Open Caton Program and make sure com port is correct 2) Press the icon (Coloquio) 3) Press the yellow flash icon to reset card 4) Go to optiones and click on trabajar por tu cuenta and click on calcular y anadir crl 5) Copy and past the de-activation code bellow to the box where the yellow flash is and press The button with this > symbol Code:21000AA0D8BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB (BBs are your Boxkey) And it should give you the answer 9000 meaning that the card has been de-activated “Waning” Do not put card inside your cable box when bugcatchers are at 08 or your card will update it’s revision and subsequently lock Remember”!!!!! How to de-activate card by using Caton 1.8 21000AA0D8BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB == is your BoxKey When Caton answer shows 9000 it means de-activated (08) and wide open for CC update Info regarding these images once written to card this image stays at rom10 A3E, or Bo9 if rom11 the patch is designed to stop card getting EMM Revision update but allows all other EMMs including Public keys one This IMAGE Has been working for quite a awhile in the cable and satellite scene quot;quot;Bestquot;quot; thing about this Image (If written right) is that you have access to card at all times without sending commands or getting Bdo passwords to view it's image This image is to be written with Nagraedit Regards Carwash