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Nss Overview 040109

  2. 2. Underlying Principles of City Schools Reform 2 A Greater Urgency Increased to Share Best- Shifting Decision- Accountability for Making to the School Schools & Central Practices Across Level the City Schools & Office Central Office Scorecard & Fair Student Similar Network Support Funding Accountability Structure Tools BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  4. 4. Moving From: City School City City School School Fragmented HR Budget Finance City Support & City School Ac. Communication School PD Attend. Achieve. Sc. Sch. Office with Limited Ele. Sch. Title I Collaboration City Office Etc… City School School City City School School Moving To: Network Team Leader City City City Schools Schools Schools City City City City Schools Schools Schools Schools Achievement Network Student Supports City City City Team Schools Schools Schools Network of 15 Schools Business & Ops Network Support: Streamlined & Efficient, Problem-Solving Communication & Collaboration BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 4
  5. 5. Network Team Functional Specialties 5 All Team Members will serve as “generalists” but each will have a specific areas of expertise. Student Network Team Achievement Business/Ops Support/SPED Leader Member Member Member • Special ed. support • Network Team coordination • Curriculum impl. & Budget management • SPED resource sharing • support • Bridge implementation • Budget support • Direct service provision • Early childhood support • Enrichment, CTE • Procurement support support Athletics & Interscholastic • ESOL & Native • • Central liaison – • Vaughn G. support American education facilities, implementation & • SST & student intervention • Enrichment supports transportation, food, IT, reporting support • G&T/Ingenuity • College readiness & HR, legal • Accommodations & • Summer school graduation support • Contract service support interventions support Drug abuse & violence programming • • Title I financial support • Tracking comp. service prevention support • Family & Community • Teacher recruitment • Special ed. parent • Homeless services Engagement policy impl. Afterschool programming and retention response & engagement • • Title I programming support • Support for • Familiarity with related support • Attendance support accountability tools services staff & doc. Partnership support • Professional Devel’p • • IT training and • Encounter tracker • Fostering safe & supportive • Library & media services application support • Compliance issues learning environments • Data use in Dropout prevention • IEP best practices • programming • Assistive tech. support BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  6. 6. Central Staff Functional Specialties 6 Academic Office Teaching & Learning Accountability Office • Curriculum compliance with State & nat’l standards • Development & publishing of • Network administration & oversight • Content area expertise & enrichment accountability tools • Extended learning admin.: summer admin. • Statewide testing administration school, afterschool, CAROI, etc. • Early learning and data reporting • Alternative governance strategy • Facilitating collaboration of best • Citywide data analysis administration practice school sites • Interscholastic athletics • Qualitative review of schools • Title I admin. • CTE/WBL/JROTC admin. • Program evaluation • Bridge administration • ESOL admin. • Benchmark analysis • Reading First admin. Part., Comm., & C.E. Operating Office • Media relations • Channel 77 • Maintenance & operations • District publications • Facility designs & construction • Internal communications • Schools & facility planning • Family engag. admin. • Health & safety • Community engag. admin. • Transportation services • Strategic communications • Food & nutrition services • Partnership admin. • Internal and external mail • Partner recruitment BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  7. 7. Central Staff Functional Specialties 7 Special Education Office Finance Student Support Office • Student placement • Operations & non-public placement supervision • Budget management • Suspension services • Grant funds compliance • Payroll management • Pupil services admin. • Specialized programs admin. • Third party billing • Attendance admin. • Related services admin. • Accounting functions • Procurement management • Counseling services & regulatory • SPED monitoring & compliance interpretation admin. including regulatory interpretation and guidance • Youth development admin. Information Technology • Student records • Oversight & management of due process, policies, and procedures • Mental health/nurses • Technology management regarding parent/surrogate • Technical support in conjunction information • Homeless support service with Ops • IT network security • Home & Hospital • Court communications • Call center oversight • School systems & application • Safe Schools admin. • SPED data monitoring & compliance management (pending placement in • Alt. Options Program admin. • Teacher support systems accountability office) management • School police oversight BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  8. 8. The Network Support Structure Rationale 8 Collaboration among schools & A Single Network A Single Network networks. City City City City City City Identifying & Schools Schools Schools Schools Schools Schools problem-solving City City City issues within Schools 15 Schools City Schools Schools 15 Schools Schools network schools & City City City City throughout the City. City City Schools Schools Schools Schools Schools Schools Sharing resources among Vertical & the networks – sharing best- Horizontal practices Integration throughout the City. Developing leaders in Network Network networks & across Team Leader Team Leader schools to leverage excellence Citywide. Achieve- Network Student Achieve- Network Student ment Supports ment Team Supports Team Targeting central Business & functions needing Business & Ops Ops leadership &/or policy reform. BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  9. 9. Networks Improve Accountability 9 Network of Network Schools Team Network of Network of Schools Network Network Central Schools Network of Team Team Office Schools Network Team 360 Evaluation: Framework Focused on Achievement at All Levels School leadership teams Central Office directors Network Teams serve as review specific Network conduit between schools review Team Members’ Team Members’ & Central Office to performance yearly and performance yearly & provide perspective on Networks’ ability to provide critical central staffs’ ability to improve school assessment of Network focus work on school achievement based on effectiveness. achievement. new accountability tools. BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  10. 10. Between Schools & Networks 10 Network of 15 Schools Network Team Formal Collaboration: • Check-ins and more intensive support meetings as necessary. • Networks help schools interpret relevant school Informal Collaboration: data and design strategies to support strengths and avoid burdens. • Network Teams design and support capacity • Phone calls on an as-needed basis between building for principals and leadership teams schools and Network Team Members. • Network Members help to implement • Team members support schools in goal recommended curriculum & culture programs in setting, accountability tool training, and data Network schools. driven instructional activities • Schools contact Network Members for concerns or • Networks coordinate collaboration between assistance accelerating achievement. Network schools. • Network Members oversee resolution of issues schools report directly or through Ops Command • Teams review Command Center calls weekly for Network schools. BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  11. 11. Between Networks & Central 11 Network Central Director Office Net. Support Line Performance Office Network Teams Content & Compliance Operations Formal Collaboration: • Weekly review of Network Support Line calls for service from schools. Network Teams will monitor Informal Collaboration: the resolution of issues schools report to command center. • Network Members serve as generalists to • Network Director communicates with Central staff resolve issues that Network Schools have with to ensure that Network Teams are able to serve central operations. Network Schools effectively and efficiently. • Network Teams ensure that schools provide • Central staff provides schedule of needs to Network necessary data to central staff to ensure timely Teams to disseminate to schools. • Network Support Line provides timely reports to & effective completion of central Network Teams for respective Network Schools. responsibilities. • Central reports performance data to & from Schools through Network Teams. BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  12. 12. Between Networks 12 Network Executive Director Network Team 1 Network Team 2 Formal Collaboration: Formal weekly meeting between Network Exec Director Informal Collaboration: and Network Teams to assess: o Citywide trends & needs, o Relative performance of Network Teams, • Network Executive Director suggests potential o Similar issues across Networks, collaboration amongst different Network o Comparison & collaboration on needs & Teams’ Members. strengths across Networks, • Sharing of resources between Network Teams. o Suggested actions. • Implementation of best-practices across the Network Exec Director communicates with Network City. Team Leaders frequently to set performance goals • Development of leadership pipeline in schools and monitor progress towards these goals. and across Network Teams for professional Network Exec Director facilitates schools’ and Network advancement. Teams’ needs from Central. BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  13. 13. Network Support Model Structure 13 A Single Network One Network Director will oversee 14 Network Teams, each with 4 Team Members. Each Network will support 15 schools, grouped by such factors as City City Schools City Scorecard peer grouping, Network Team capacity & Schools Schools City skill-set, demographic factors, historical City Schools 15 Schools Schools achievement, grade level, & geography. City City Schools City Schools Schools Network Support Structure Functional Role Leader of a team of generalists focused on problem solving, with a Network focus on achievement target and goal setting, capacity building, and Leader capacity building on inquiry based use of data Network Team Leader Achievement Coaching and Support (focus on new accountability Achievement metrics, tools (formative data, data management, inquiry process) Coach Achievement Network Student Supports Team Business Services and Support (Empowerment creates many Business opportunities for principals to make resource allocation decisions Services/ Business & and support in this venue is critical) Support Ops Student Services Support (Accountability metrics create significant Student incentives to serve all students and resource allocation and support Support Lead is critical to achieve that goal) BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  14. 14. Emerging Network Team Case Study – Academic Support 14 Network Leader Business & Ops City School in Network Team A Network A Student Support Services/SPED Achievement Academic Support Scenario Recommended Action School A contacts Achievement Team Member (“ATM”) and requests support. ATM • School A is interested in additional collaborates with other ATMs and GT specialist in Teaching & Learning office and reports materials for GT students. back to School A & follows through the implementation process. • School A needs additional School A contacts any TM and requests support. Network TMs collaborate on (a) suggested clarification on data element from solution, (b) best way to respond, and (c) workflow monitoring of follow-up. the Scorecard. School A writes referral and sends to Network Team A. NT reviews data about school to • Student throws a chair at teacher in determine whether isolated incident or common issue. If the latter, NT suggests climate or School A. afterschool programming that School A could benefit from employing. School A contacts Network Team A and makes one TM aware of the problem. Network • Teacher in School A needs LCD Team assesses whether projector is available in another network school or another projector for a unit. network, facilitates resource borrow, follows-up to ensure that projector is returned after unit. BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  15. 15. Emerging Network Team Case Study – Operational Support 15 Network Leader Business & Ops Network City School in Network Support Team A Network A Line Student Support Services/SPED Achievement Operations Support Scenario Recommended Action Teacher or principal contacts Network Team Member OR Command Center. If Command Center, Network Team learns of request by instant email. At NetChex meeting, Network • School A teacher has payroll issue. Team A reviews Command Center requests and ensures that requests are managed efficiently & effectively. Business & Ops Team Member interfaces with Human Resources at Central and problem-solves. Reports solution to other Team Members. School A reports problem through a Network Team Member OR calls Network Support • School A has data entry problem in Line (enabling tracking of workflow). Email generated to ITD and Network A Team Bridge program. School B (outside Leader. Business & Ops Team Member A reports issue at weekly Network check-in of School A’s network) has similar meeting. Team Member B reports similar issue sent to him by Network School B. Network issue. Leaders work with ITD to develop more efficient policy and functionality to improve online web program. Team monitors and reports solution at next check-in BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
  16. 16. Emerging Network Team Case Study – SPED Support 16 Central Office of Special Ed. Network Leader Business & Ops IEP Inclusive Practice Implementation City Group Group Network School: Team A Assessment Network A Transition Group Group Student Support Achievement Services/SPED Operations Support Scenario Recommended Action School A contacts Student Support Network Team Member to make issue known to Network Team A. Team Member contacts Inclusive Practice Group, which specializes in • Interruption in related services for these issues. Team Member and Group Members determine whether site visit is necessary student attending School A. & plan course of action. SS Team Member visits school to report on result and monitors all follow-thru related to the request. • Teacher at School A would like School A contacts SS Network Team Member. Team member meets with IEP intervention suggestions for her Implementation Group at central. Members develop strategy for school/teacher based on SPED students in her Language Arts school data. Group and SS Team Member make site visit to help implement interventions. class. SS Team Member monitors the intervention and assesses its usefulness. School A contacts SS Network Team Member. Team member meets with IEP • Parent at School A does not believe Implementation Group, and Transition Group to review student’s file and IEP coding. that his/her child is being served Members develop plan of action, and SS Team Member oversees implementation and effectively by the School A’s monitors plans usefulness. SS Network A Team Member reports strategy at next weekly inclusion services. check-in BALTIMORE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS