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Minutes8 sc

  1. 1. CPH-SC 2013-2014 Summary of Minutes of the Special Council Meeting Held last May 24, 2013 I. Attendance Present: Kyle Patrick Eugenio Moira Larin Patricia Marie Lusica Charmaine Joy Cabaña Yves Miel Zuñiga Kyle Lendl Wong Generose Christy Mateo Kesha Gem Morada Absent: Chris Erwin Mercado Abigail Ann Guiñez Danee Coline Mangila Patricia Sy II. Mr. Kyle Patrick Y. Eugenio called for the special council meeting of CPH-SC 2013- 2014 to order at 1:56 PM of May 24, 2013 in Annex 2 Lobby, Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila. III. Agenda Item 001: General Assembly of Student Councils 2013 Mr. Eugenio gave a short background on how the GASC in UPV, Miag-ao, Iloilo City held last May 18-19, 2013 went through. He said that the some of the objectives of the gathering were not met at all due to lengthy discussions (2 PM-4:30 AM). IV. Agenda Item 002: LCSC Organizations All university and college student councils of UP Diliman, UP Manila and UP Los Banos will convene to work on the revision of UP Code particularly the scheme on tuition fee payment. Supposedly, the intercampus meeting was held last May 24, 2013 in UP Diliman to reassess and revise the following sections: a. Section 330 No Payment No Admission Policy; this policy has been strictly implemented in the UP System but there are exceptions. However, those who fall under such category are given only five sessions to attend before the tuition fee is fully paid.
  2. 2. Once a student exceeds the five sessions, he or she will not be recognized as registered student. b. Section 430 A student in debt in Student Loan Board (SLB) must pay the full amount one month before his/her finals. c. Section 431 Baring delinquent students; anyone who has unsettled account to SLB will cause the student to withhold his/her grades or worse, nonregistration for the next semester. Undeniably, these sections are said to be repressive to the students’ right to education especially in a state university. Thus, the LCSC seeks to propose the following (in response to the aforementioned sections): a. “Permanently extend” tuition fee payment (until the end of semester). b. SLB interest should be 0% interest instead of 6%. c. A student may apply for SLB with or without balance/unsettled account. Furthermore, the LCSC recommends the following:  Shoulder the whole tuition fee (100%) with SLB instead of 70-80% (percentage is evaluation-based).  Payments can be made anytime; an online application to help students get track of their payments.  Bank-book type schemes  All fees can be loaned.  Opening of installment schemes to widen the students’ options for payment  Consideration of unemployed (or has no permanent job) parent/guardian who is required to submit an Income Tax Return or ITR  Non-specificity of surety V. Agenda Item 003: Good Neighbor Initiative Updates From the previous meetings with Dr. Leachon, a series of actions was agreed upon. A proposal will be presented to Mayor-elect Joseph Estrada this July, 2013 to show how serious UP Manila when it comes to cleanliness and health of the public. On
  3. 3. May 28, a dry run of the presentation to the Chancellor will be done to consolidate and strengthen this university-wide campaign. According to Dr. Leachon, Vice- Mayor-elect Isko Moreno must be involved as well in coordination with other universities affected by the same problem UP Manila faces. In this manner, UP Manila can form alliances with other universities with only one mind or control center behind this movement. Moreover, UP Manila visions to target this issue, if taken to the next level, to Senator-elect Sonny Angara as education is part of his platforms and to hold him accountable to his promises. VI. Agenda Item 004: Project Proposal of the Treasurer Mr. Wong proposed the following: (1) Napkin and Tissue Dispenser Target Date: Nature: Napkin and tissue dispensers will be installed in the restrooms of the college particularly in the ground floor of Lara and CPH Annex 2. Remarks: For confirmation Recommendation/s: Confirm next week (Monday) regarding the sponsorship scheme with sponsors (e.g. Unilever). (2) PH Sari-sari Store Target Date: September-October, 2013 Nature: The council would sell school (from bookstores such as NBS) and lab supplies (from Bambang) so that when students suddenly need some things, they could conveniently purchase these things without going too far. Remarks: For canvassing; Lab kit/supplies will be limited to Chem 14.1 students; Recommendation/s: For books, new and secondhand ones can be offered. Canvass for price of books in Recto. (3) Student Loans Target Date: Year round Nature: Students in need of emergency money can borrow from the council’s funds. A student would only be allowed to borrow money if it is to be used for school related
  4. 4. expenses such as books, lab kits, dissecting kits, field trips and others. Remarks: Changed to scholarship drive Recommendation/s: Tap alumni. (4) Mosquito-Repel Plants Target Date: Nature: Anti-mosquito plants such as citronella (indoor plants) will be placed in the ground floor of Lara, Annex2 and student lounge. Price for each plant ranges from Php 1,000-1,500. Remarks: For further studies; Deadline: July, 2013 (5) Recyclables Collection Target Date: Year round Nature: Recyclables such as plastic bottles and paper can be collected and exchanged for money in junkshops. Remarks: For follow-up; not that prioritized much as cost gained from recyclables are not that big. Recommendation/s: Provide contacts and pricelist. (6) Outbreak PH Target Date: Nature: This event will be patterned after Outbreak Manila, which is a Fun Run with a twist. Remarks: Set on the table; for follow up on June 6, 2013 Recommendation/s: Less expenses, more income. It can be changed into a horror house instead of fun run. (7) Movie Screening Target Date: November, 2013 Nature: A block screening will be held in Robinsons Ermita (particularly Catching Fire). Remarks: Approved Recommendation/s: Make an early selling. VII. Agenda Item 005: Project Updates Chairperson:  Further mechanics of some programs/projects will be posted this week.
  5. 5. Vice-Chairperson for External Affairs:  Caricatures will be given to the outgoing/retiring dean and other faculty and staff. Vice-Chairperson for Internal Affairs:  PHor Hire is to be launched on the day of the meeting.  Trip to the PHuture is already set. Secretary:  Traditional Buddy Bidding will be reverted but this time, the identity of the incoming freshmen will be hidden. But first, the original buddy list shall be arranged first as there are students who transferred schools or shifted course.  CPH Acquaintance Party details will be posted next week. Auditor:  Week-long tasks are already posted in the CPH group for the Freshmen Integration Week.  Further details will be posted. 3rd Year Batch Representative:  Freshmen and Junior Orientation will be on June 7, 2013 (half day for each batch). VII. Agenda Item 006: Review of VolCorp Guidelines and Application Forms A. VolCorp Guidelines Mr. Eugenio read to the council the VolCorp Guidelines prepared by Ms. Cabaña. The following revisions/decisions were made: 1. Article III Section 1. The Volunteer Corps of CPHSC shall be referred to as TUGON: CPHSC Volunteer Corps. 2. Article III Section 2. The brand of “Tinatawag Ngayon, Isang Kolektibong Pagtugon” shall be adopted.
  6. 6. 3. Article VI Section 1E. Instead of two (2) days as duration for the VolCorp to explain in paper for lack of communication, it was agreed upon to change it into one week. 4. Article VI Section 3E. Same revision as in Section 1E. 5. Article VIII Section 3A. All positions shall be appointed and not elected. 6. An addition of provision under Article IX Section 2: G. Unofficial use of CPHSC B. Application Guidelines The following revisions were made for the application guidelines of VolCorp: 1. Supporting documents will not be included at all. 2. A criterion in Section III: Evaluation was changed from academic potential to time management. 3. Section IV was abridged to answering two (2) questions particularly numbers 1 and 4 only. 4. Section V was limited to answering at least two (2) questions. 5. June 20 is scheduled for interviewing the applicants. No adjustments in the proposed timetable were made. VIII. Agenda Item 007: Finalization of CPH-SC Branding All the present council members decided and agreed to bear the word “PRIME” as the official branding of the CPHSC 2013-2014 to symbolize a unique school year of service offered by the council and its distinctiveness from the past councils. IX. Agenda Item 008: Other Council Matters Other matters on Food Fairs and Orientation were also discussed. X. Mr. Eugenio announced that the Rules of Internal Governance shall be ratified by all the council members and shall take effect by next meeting. Furthermore, he tasked all the officers to read through the Goals of the CPH-SC 2013-2014.
  7. 7. XI. The schedule for the next meeting was scheduled on June 6, 2013. The meeting was adjourned by 6:15 PM. Prepared by: YVES MIEL H. ZUÑIGA CPH-SC Secretary Noted: KYLE PATRICK Y. EUGENIO CPH-SC Chairperson