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Minutes6 sc

  1. 1. CPH-SC 2013-2014 Summary of Minutes of Year Planning (Part II) Held last May 4, 2013 I. Attendance Present: Kyle Patrick Eugenio Moira Larin Patricia Marie Lusica Yves Miel Zuñiga Abigail Ann Guiñez Chris Erwin Mercado Kesha Gem Morada Absent: Kyle Lendl Wong Charmaine Joy Cabaña Danee Coline Mangila Generose Christy Mateo Patricia Sy II. Mr. Kyle Patrick Y. Eugenio called for the year planning of CPH-SC 2013-2014 to order at 10:00 AM of May 4, 2013 in Room 201, Annex 2, CPH, Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila. III. Agenda Item 001: Review of Recent Events A. May 1 Planning Mr. Eugenio affirmed that the goals and rules of internal governance were set during the year planning held last May 1, 2013. B. Freshman Enrollment On May 6, 2013, the freshmen of Public Health will have their Psychology Exam. A block lunch and college tour will follow headed by Ms. Selina A. Fernandez. Also, Mr. Eugenio announced that last May 3, 2013, Freshmen Enrollment, the council was able to raise an amount of Php 10,300 from the PH Merchandise. C. KSUP Assembly All the officers from the council are invited to attend the KSUP Assembly on May 15-17, 2013 in Miag-ao, Iloilo City. Also, on the same venue, GASC will be held on May 18-19, 2013. The council tackled what protocol to employ on attending such events and everyone agreed upon that it should be both or none.
  2. 2. D. May 2 GNI Meeting A consultation meeting was attended by Dean Nina G. Gloriani (CPH Dean), Mr. Kyle Patrick Y. Eugenio (CPH-SC Chairperson) and Ms. Maryliz SB. Zubiri (USC Chairperson) together with the UP Manila Information Publication and Public Affairs Office Director Anthony Leachon. It was said that the cleanup was only a band-aid solution just as what the council discussed in the previous meetings. Mr. Leachon proposed three goals to attain success of GNI. (1) short term: use of social media and online campaign UP Manila is asked to make the hastag #CleanManilaforever to add impact to the issue and catch attention of the public. This will be done before election day. (2) medium term: expose problems in the media Mr. Leachon advised to tag famous news icons like Anthony Taberna and target to feature this problem through printed editorials or TV and radio. (3) long term: passing of a law This is the endpoint of all the aforementioned effort. This may be a form of bluseky thinking but this will be easily attained if the first two moves will be a success. E. Speak up, CPH! Responses The council decided to tackle and discuss every single entry from the first issue of Speak, up CPH! 1. Entries already included in the council projects a. Student Lounge This is already part of Ms. Larin’s projects. b. Buddy System/Buddy Stuff This is currently worked on by Mr. Zuñiga as part of his projects. c. Consistent Feedback Form Speak up, CPH! (from the projects of Ms. Cabaña) will be consistently used as a mean to get evaluation from the students. d. Orientation for Juniors This is already included in Ms. Morada’s projects.
  3. 3. e. Transparency This is already started with the use of social media under the name of CPH-SC. Ms. Mateo shall be the one to manage evaluation and feedbacking while Mr. Zuñiga shall take charge on the dissemination part. f. Career Talk Ms. Lusica already has her plans regarding this. (Please refer to her proposal: Trip to the PHuture) g. Food Fairs The council decided to schedule the month of June and November (in celebration of PH Week) for food fairs. Some stalls suggested were Nachos, Milk Tea, Shawarma, Pinoysilog and Siomai House. Ms. Larin raised the concern on the space to be used for stalls when the construction of the lounge starts. Mr. Eugenio suggested that half of the total area will be used for the stalls. Ms. Lusica also suggested that the contracts be reviewed. Mr. Eugenio said that the council may revise the contract. On the third week of May, a final list of stalls is targeted to be accomplished. h. UST, Ateneo. FEU This is already in progress under Ms. Lusica’s projects. i. Send-off to Faculty The council will take charge of this matter. 2. Entries considered feasible: a. Varsity Funding USC can be tapped to answer this matter but the council will also exert effort to make the CPH players motivated by providing them water during games and moral support.  b. Team-building/Parties In terms of team-building, the Acquiantance Party is one along the series of activities which aims to build rapport among students. It was decided that the Christmas Party (students only) shall be held after the Lantern Parade. Also, the Year Ender Party was tentatively scheduled on April 7, 2014 (Monday). This time, the council will try its best to work on the grooming and publicity of major events like these.
  4. 4. c. Library Lights Mr. Eugenio shared that he already talked with the college librarian regarding this concern. He said that the librarian is open to answering this problem if its really that necessary. d. Medical Mission This is part of the activities in CPH held annually. Currently, Ms. Lusica is trying to contact Mr. Sampang to avoid conflict of holding such activities. e. Removal of Van in Tipunan This is more of administrative effort but the council will try to call the attention of those in authority to answer this problem. 3. Other entries discussed: a. CPH Elevator Access It has been repeatedly reiterated that the elevator in Lara Hall is strictly for faculty and staff, patients and equipments. b. Research Opportunity Sponsored by SC Alternative: Ms. Lusica suggested partnership with USC while Ms. Larin called for wider dissemination. In the end, the council said that this won’t be likely held. Rather, the council may provide information on the present research competitions and related activities through information dissemination. c. Photox Machine The council agreed that this concern should be prioritized given that there are many nearby photox machine around Pedro Gil-Taft-Padre Faura area. IV. Agenda Item 002: Proposal and Calendar Placement A. Chairperson Mr Eugenio proposed the following: (1) Media and Publicity Committee Nature: This committee will be an additional body to the VolCorps which includes people who are engaged in photo editing and inforgraphics making. Remarks: Approved
  5. 5. It was decided to call it Creatives and Publicity instead of Media and Publicity. (2) Org PHairs Target Date: June 21, 2013 Nature: Instead of the traditional sign-up sheets given by the organizations, this event will help define the organizations better to the students. Remarks: Approved (3) PH 101 Target Date: November 15, 2013 (during PH Week) Nature: This program intends to provide a brief background on Public Health, why does it have such foundation and curriculum structure. Dr. Saniel will be the speaker for this program. Remarks: Approved (4) Pursuit Target Date: June 3, 2013 (launching) and July 7, 2013 (for publications) Nature: This focuses on research and academics area. It will make the library offers more open and more accessible through information dissemination. Mr. Mercado told the council that there is the an existing library and seminars committee which can help in this program. Remarks: Approved (5) Perfect Attendance Target Date: Year round Nature: This serves as motivation to encourage students attend different events offered by the college particularly the SC. This will also be an interbatch competition through a point system determined based on participation and attendance of students. Each batch is tasked to provide its own logo and color for the identity. Also, an attendance of %50 + 1 in flag raising activity during 2nd Mondays of the month Is covered in this program and is applicable to the 3d and 4th year batches only. None compliance means a deduction of 30 points to the batch but it is subject to class. Remarks: Approved
  6. 6. B. Vice Chairperson for Internal Affairs Ms. Larin proposed the following: (1) Advisers <3 Advisee Target Date: end of June 2013 Nature: This aims to provide simple profiles of the advisers for the advisees to know them better. May 2013 (collection of preliminary information – list of advisers and their advisees and consultation hours, advisers information and dedication to their advisees) June 2013 (collection of information from students which will be coursed through the batch representatives) Remarks: Approved (2) FASAD (Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day) Target Date: 1st week of March 2014 Nature: This is a surprise program for the faculty and staff in appreciation of their service for the whole year. There shall be two plans – Plan A: Program will be from 5 PM-7 PM. Plan B: Program will be held from 12 NN-1 PM. Service awardees will be given with plaque and certificate, sashes and bouquets as well. Remarks: Approved; follow up on contingency plan and service awards Schedule for planning – semestral break (3) LEO Target Date: start of school year Nature: This will be a revamp of APHO (Association of Public Health Organizations) which will centralize communication with all the PH organizations. This concerns semestral planning, calendar of events and monthly meetings with the organizations. This integration will foster a non-competition atmosphere among all organizations. The council will serve as the facilitators and Mr. Eugenio and Ms. Larin are the ones required to attend the said meetings but all the officers are welcome to engage in the meeting. Remarks: Approved House rules must be constructed with the junior heads of the organizations. This was scheduled tentatively on May 25, 2013.
  7. 7. C. Vice Chairperson for External Affairs Ms. Lusica proposed the following: (1) Trip to the PHuture Target Date: July 5, 2013 Nature: This is a career talk which will help raise awareness in PH students of the different PH-related career paths and job opportunities. This talk will cover different fields such as medicine, research and field, laboratory and academic and government. Each speaker will be given 15-20 minutes to speak and an open forum shall be held at the end. This is in partnership with Hygiene Society. Remarks: Approved (2) Checkmates Target Date: July 1, 2013 Nature: This will serve as an avenue for student, faculty and staff of UP Manila to have a health check (e.g. BP, BMI, temperature) with the PH students as the ones to do the health check. Promotion will be done online and announcements will be posted on bulletin boards in CPH. Remarks: Approved; trial will be done (3) PHor Hire Target Date: mid July 2013 Nature: This aims to promote PH-related work and volunteer opportunities. This will serve as a more organized system of information online (to be released every second week of the month). Remarks: Approved (4) Healthy Options Target Date: Year round Nature: This is a collaboration of medical missions with organizations in and outside CPH. This calls for proper coordination with the organizations and can be discussed during year planning with the organizations. Remarks: Approved
  8. 8. (5) APHOlympics Target Date: no final date yet Nature: This is a series of activities with students from Ateneo Health Sciences, UST and FEU MedTech. Activities can only be finalized once the officers from other schools have replied. Remarks: Approved; coordinated with the council of other schools but no council has been elected so unfinalized yet (6) Long Distance Buddies Target Date: no final date yet Nature: This is to create wider networks with our counterparts from UP Visayas Public Health. However, their new student council is not yet established there as election is held during start of the school year. This will olely encourage virtual buddies to compare with them our curriculum and build new friendship. Main concern raised was the reason people will join and the mean to sustain it. There must be concrete objectives to encourage people enough to keep this going. Remarks: Standing D. Secretary Mr. Zuñiga proposed the following: (1) Centralized Buddy StuPH Target Date: Year round Nature: A centralized dropbox will be used to collect and sort useful buddy stuffs to help students with their academic needs. Remarks: Approved (2) Simple Workshops Just PHor You Target Date: July or August 2013 Nature: This program provides an outlet to helping students and organizations adjust with college life and familiarize themselves with the college processes (e.g. request for room reservation and accreditation details). Remarks: Approved; template and content of pamphlets to follow (3) Be InPHormed!/Visible and Transparent Council Target Date: Year round
  9. 9. Nature: This is an additional avenue for students to get updated with college and university events. This will also serve as calendar of activities for the college and batches which will make the scheduling of activities more efficient. Remarks: Approved (4) Acquintance PHarty PHarty Target Date: June 28, 2013 Nature: This is the upgraded version of Buddy Day. Buddies will be given the chance to have some quality bonding time with their group though fun activities and games. The concern for this event is the venue where to hold this. Plan A: Lounge Area and Plan B: Auditorium. This activity will be incorporated in the General Assembly. Remarks: Approved; final set of activities and plan of programs to follow (5) Buddy Bidding Target Date: June 14, 2013 (tentatively culminating day of FIW) Nature: This will change the traditional scheme of buddy system. Freshies have the choice of their buddies. Remarks: For follow up E. 4th Year Batch Representative Ms. Guiñez proposed the following: (1) Time Capsule Target Date: Apil 2014 Nature: A time capsule that will be buried near the college so that a piece of BSPH2014 will stay in the institution even if the students leave the portals of CPH. Remarks: Approved (2) Lakas Tama Target Date: Year round Nature: This is a series of team building activities that aims to unite the batch even more by providing a channel for which every member of the batch can work with one another. Remarks: Approved
  10. 10. (3) PHamana Project Target Date: End of the school year Nature: This is a program where the batch will provide token for the use of the succeeding batches. If this is exercised, the succeeding batches to be able to continue the enrichment of the student- friendly facilities of the college, thus helping the next generations of PH students. Remarks: Approved (4) PHaturo Naman Ako Niyan Target Date: Year round Nature: This is about sharing one’s talents and skills to the batch, such as playing the guitar and piano, photoshop, drawing, photography, and the like. Remarks: Approved (5) Getting Ready for the PHuture Target Date: October 2013 Nature: This is not just a compilation of medicine but also PH graduate programs application requirements and deadlines that will aid in the fulfilment of the dreams of each and every member of the batch. Remarks: Approved (6) Yearbook Target Date: End of school year Nature: A yearbook that will be made to collate the wonderful memories, the ups and downs, and the awesomeness that is 2014. Remarks: Approved F. 3rd Year Batch Representative Ms. Morada proposed the following: (1) Uniforms and Nameplates Target Date: May 10, 2013 (start of fitting) Nature: Juniors will worry not much of their uniforms and nameplates this coming school year since it will be made for the whole batch based on orders. Remarks: Approved
  11. 11. (2) Freshmen Orientation Program Target Date: June 7, 2013 Nature: This is to welcome the new batch of freshmen public health students and help them adjust in the new environment. A program will be held wherein the college organizations will present and activities will be done. Remarks: Approved (3) Junior Orientation Target Date: End of summer classes Nature: An overview of plans for the whole year will be done during Junior Orientation. Batch 2015 will be divided into four groups, each having a specific task and a leader. Primarily, this aims to orient the juniors of life in Lara Hall. Remarks: Approved (4) NMAT PHacts Nature: This aims to provide the NMAT-takers reviewers and list of review centers they can enroll into. It will also involve reminders of requirements, dates and places to guide the juniors. Ms. Charca Manilay, Councilor for Academics and Research can be tapped for help. Also, personal experiences from higher years shall be collected. Remarks: Approved (5) Bonds and PHunds Nature: Bonding activities include having online fun games with prizes and watching free movies together. Funds are essential to the batch to raise money for the lantern parade through bake sale, selling of masks and an indie film presentation open to all. Remarks: Approved G. DrPH Representative Mr. Mercado proposed the following: (1) Orientation with Graduates Target Date: June 2013
  12. 12. Nature: There shall be an orientation of all graduates to acquaint them of the course. Remarks: Approved (2) Graduates Lounge Nature: This aims to provide a conducive place where graduate students can study or even spend their free time. Remarks: Approved (3) Suggestion Box Target Date: Year round Nature: This will serve as an avenue for the graduate students to suggest or give feedbacks which may help a lot the council or the college. Speak up, CPH! shall be the prime channel of the council to survey impression, comments and suggestions from the students both undergraduates and graduates. Remarks: Approved (4) Walking Tour Target Date: June 2013 Nature: This will help graduate students become acquainted of the place and avoid being lost and waste time looking for certain rooms. Remarks: Approved (5) Class Picture Nature: This is to enhance the camaraderie and bond of the graduate students. Remarks: Approved (6) Extended Buddy System Target Date: June 14, 2013 tentatively (if possible, simultaneous with Buddy Bidding) Nature: Buddy System will be extended to the graduate program. This can help the undergraduate learn from the graduate student regarding jobs and possible opportunities after graduation. The list of those who are willing to join is still in progress. Remarks: Approved
  13. 13. V. Before the meeting ended, Mr. Eugenio confirmed the final list of officers who will join in the 2nd GASC on May 18-19, 2013 in Miag-ao, Iloilo namely: Ms. Cabaña, Ms. Larin, Ms. Lusica, Mr. Wong and Mr. Eugenio himself. Some agendas were moved to discuss next meeting – events and concerns needing immediate attention and proposal of CPH Representative to the USC. VI. The schedule for next meeting is 3 PM on May 7, 2013. The meeting was adjourned by 4:40 PM. Prepared by: YVES MIEL H. ZUÑIGA CPH-SC Secretary Noted: KYLE PATRICK Y. EUGENIO CPH-SC Chairperson