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Lead generation from Social Media


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Generate Potential Client List from Social Networking Sites.

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Lead generation from Social Media

  1. 1. Lead Generation from Social Media for Startups
  2. 2. Why It is Important Adding a lot people and publishing news on daily basis don't make you popular You have 5000 followers but 0 buyers. Does it matter ? Less advertising budget. So, need good Return on Investment. Requested to add as contact, but rejected from a lot of connection, because – they don't know you, or they have nothing to do with your product/service. Randomly adding contacts on social media is tough, fear to be marked as spammer. Have a social media account, with lots of friends/followers. But, do they really need your product / service ?
  3. 3. Social Media for a Known Brand
  4. 4. Tips for Companies with Brand Start by listening. Understand your audience. Identify the opportunity. Etc.. etc...
  5. 5. Same tips for Startup Doesn't work !
  6. 6. Hard Learned Facts No one is talking about you, as they don't know about your brand. Even if you have the same product with better quality, people is intersted to opt for your competitor who is already having a brand value. Need your 1 st client .. every startup knows that hurdle. Hot Lead from Social Media – IMPOSSIBLE ! How to add connection without getting banned from Social Media site. Why people will buy my product when competitor is there. And many more .....
  7. 7. Social Media for a Startup
  8. 8. Then What ?
  9. 9. Key Factor in Social Media Marketing for Startups Right Contacts / Potential Buyers
  10. 10. Where to Start Your Business Needs a Social Media Presence
  11. 11. Make your Presence Appropiate Properly input and organize content on your profile. Use photo gallery – a powerful weapon to make people interested on you/your business. Make your profile better looking which relates to your business/product/niche Videos matters a lot presently. Try to use PPT to movie converter to make your own video presentation and upload. Add your imagination, research a little.
  12. 12. Need Potential Contacts Don't add randomly using Social Media interface. More you get rejected, more chance to getting banned from Social Network. Import your email contact list to add mass users. Harvest email list – not to send spams, but to add them in your social media contacts. Emails from social media can not be marked as spam. Use other methods ( ? )
  13. 13. Harvesing e-mail list Use search engine to harvest your email list
  14. 14. Go to your Social Media control panel and import the email list to invite all of them together. You can create email list targeting location, interest etc if using search parameter wisely. For email harvesting, create your own product, or use a customised product for better result. Break your email list in smaller segment, eg. 500 per list; so, you don't need to worry about getting banned from the site.
  15. 15. Use Social Media Search Use social media search engines to find your potential clients and add them. May be you will see a Social Media Lead generation CRM product sooner to make the process simplier ...
  16. 16. Benefits and Future Planning As your profile is already showcasing your product/clients/services on your posts and profile, you can get better conversion rate. As you are searching to find potential buyer of your product, you can get even your 1 st buyer from Social Media if strategy is right. As you are already having a good friend/follower list – remember, everyone is watching the update. So, every converted client through social media, will be a gateway for more conversion from your existing contact / friend list. As you are already in social networks, brand visibility can be easier – as a lot of your clients are from social sites only.
  17. 17. Add your own idea and share It will increase your social networking reach !!
  18. 18. Questions ??
  19. 19. Conversys Krishnendu Paul