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This Thing We Call “Engagement”


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Adam Fletcher's keynote address from the 2011 North Carolina Rural Partners Forum in Chapel Hill.

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This Thing We Call “Engagement”

  1. 1. This Thing We Call “Engagement”: Where does a community start? Adam Fletcher Author, Advocate, Speaker CommonAction Consulting
  2. 2. The Cycle of Engagement © 2011 Adam Fletcher
  3. 3. Strategies • Change Attitudes • Transform Culture • Develop Structures
  4. 4. Adult Views of Youth: Apathy
  5. 5. Adult Views of Youth: Pity
  6. 6. Adult Views of Youth: Sympathy
  7. 7. Adult Views of Youth: Apathy
  8. 8. Adult Views of Youth: Empathy
  9. 9. Adult Views of Youth: Solidarity
  10. 10. Ladder ofEngagement
  11. 11. Five Point Plan1. Every young person in every community all of the time2. Encourage and educate every adult3. Promote community-wide accountability4. Create safe and supportive opportunities5. Mainstream youth engagement immediately
  12. 12. The Freechild Project – New Roles for Young People in Society www.freechild.orgSoundOut – Promoting Student Voice in Schools www.soundout.orgCommonAction Consulting