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SoundOut flyer


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This is a description of the of CommonAction Consulting. Learn more at

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SoundOut flyer

  1. 1. Imagine a school...  Where students are full partners  Where students and adults work together  Where student voice is seen as keyProfessional DevelopmentSoundOut provides unique, engaging, and powerfulsessions for your school, district, or program! OurFrameworks for Meaningful Student Involvement, usedinternationally as the gold standard for student voice, areused to educate teachers, leaders, and others about:  Student engagement methods and outcomes  School improvement planning for K-12 buildings and districts  Using student voice to improve learning  Student-led service learning  Changing school culture with student/adult partnershipsToolsSoundOut Curriculum—27 lesson plans focused on engaging students as partners inimproving schools. Engage diverse students from grades 7-12 in highly interactive,critical thinking, communication, and project-based learning—A free, massive online database of examples, articles, research, andmore supporting student voice in schools.Meaningful Student Involvement Series—Short booklets including the Guide toStudents as Partners, a Research Guide, a Resource Guide, and a collection calledStories of Meaningful Student Involvement.For More Information Adam Fletcher, Founding Director SoundOut (360) 489-9680 SoundOut is a program of CommonAction Consulting. Learn more at