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CommonAction Consulting 2012-13 Catalog


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This is the current catalog of services and products offered by CommonAction Consulting. We are a botique firm focused on Community Engagement, Personal Engagement, Youth Engagement, and Student Engagement.

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CommonAction Consulting 2012-13 Catalog

  1. 1. CommonAction Engaging People to Change the World! 2012-2013 CatalogWorkshops & For more information callPublications for… (360) 489-9680 or emailIndividuals, Organizations, info@commonaction.orgChange Agents, Children &Youth, Educators, Youth Join us atWorkers, Parents, Students, Organizers, andmany others.
  2. 2. Table of ContentsTable of Contents ___________________________________ 2About CommonAction________________________________ 3 Our Expertise _____________________________________ 3 Our Activities _____________________________________ 6 Our People _______________________________________ 7Training & Professional Development __________________ 10 Workshop Logistics _______________________________ 10 Personal Engagement Workshops ____________________ 11 Community Engagement Workshops _________________ 12 Youth Engagement Workshops ______________________ 14 Student Engagement Workshops ____________________ 17 Skill Building Workshops ___________________________ 19Publications _______________________________________ 21 Personal Development Publications __________________ 21 Community Publications ___________________________ 22 School Publications _______________________________ 24 Certification Programs _____________________________ 26Quotes about Adam Fletcher and CommonAction _____ Error!Bookmark not defined.Past Clients And Collaborators ________________________ 29Costs And Scheduling _______________________________ 32 CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 2
  3. 3. About CommonActionCommonAction Consulting envisions all people everywhereliving engaged lives, including children, youth, and adults.We believe engagement is the sustained connection a personhas to the world within or outside herself or himself.CommonAction staff foster engagement through substantivepersonal development, sustainable social change, meaningfulpolicy reform, and powerful transformation activities.Founded in 2005 by internationally recognized communityengagement thought leader Adam Fletcher, CommonActionConsulting is a socially oriented private firm. Beginning in 2001with our flagship program, The Freechild Project, we focused onyouth engagement in community settings. Our school outreachprogram, SoundOut, launched in 2002 to focus on studentengagement. Heartspace, our new initiative launching in spring2012, focuses on personal engagement. Throughout the yearswe have worked inRecommendations“Adam Fletchers work is especially relevant in getting youngpeople to participate in the realms of politics and criticaleducation.” —Henry Giroux, Global Television Network Chair in CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 3
  4. 4. English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University; Author 40+books about education and youth“CommonAction creates opportunities for people to becomemeaningfully involved in the decisions that affect them. Theirwork has made them the “go to” organization on these issuesnationally.” —Greg Williamson, Washington state educationagency“Adam is one of the most knowledgeable people in the worldregarding student voice and youth rights. I have attended histhorough and excellent presentations and confer regularly oncurrent work in the field. I highly recommend him as a presenterand a writer in our field.” —Dana Mitra, Associate Professor,Penn State University; Author, Student Voice in School Reform.“Adam is one of the most gifted, principled visionaries whoempowers people of all ages and backgrounds to pursueauthentic youth engagement in all sectors of society.” —WendyLesko, Executive Director, Youth Activism Project; Author,Youth: The 26% Solution.OUR EXPERTISECommonAction is a boutique firm that does not seek to “do itall.” Instead, we focus on several specific areas of expertise.Personal EngagementFinding meaning and value in our personal lives is essentialbefore we can connect with the world outside ourselves. Weprovide training, coaching, and consultation for individuals andorganizations who are ready and willing to make meaning of theworld around them by looking inside themselves. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 4
  5. 5. Community EngagementCommonAction is passionate about connecting people to theplaces they live, work, and play every day, and the people withwhom they share those places. We assist an array of differenttypes of organizations as they foster sustainable, effective, andpowerful community engagement.Youth EngagementNonprofit organizations, community groups, and governmentagencies work with The Freechild Project to take action focusedon Youth Voice, Service Learning, Authentic Youth Engagement,and more. We also lead Engagement Learning Communities. EngagementOur SoundOut activities work with K-12 schools, districts, stateeducation agencies, and educational organizations. MeaningfulStudent Involvement, Student Voice, Child-Friendly Schools, andAdvanced Student Leadership are among our expertise. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 5
  6. 6. OUR ACTIVITIESWorkshops CoachingOperating in local settings, CommonAction Presidentnational conferences, and Adam Fletcher works with aretreats, our educational and small number of individualsskill-building training events annually to provide coachingare for all ages and focused on life and livelihood.professional development. Program DesignMotivational and K-12 schools, youth-servingExpert Speeches nonprofits, governmentAdam Fletcher provides agencies and otherpowerful talks for audiences of organizations hire us toall sizes and ages about conceptualize, design, andengagement, transformation, implement programs.action, and more. Freelance WritingOrganizational Our staff has written moreConsulting than 100 publications for anOur specialties in consulting education, nonprofit, andinclude program design, government clients. We alsoevaluation, and organizational manage social mediachange work focused on campaigns, communityhuman engagement. relations activities, and more. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 6
  7. 7. OUR PEOPLEAdam FletcherThe President of CommonAction, Adam isalso the founding director of both TheFreechild Project and SoundOut. Aninternationally recognized advocate foryouth and community engagement, hiscareer working in human engagementstarted when he was 14 years old. Sincethen he has created more than 50engagement projects in the United Statesand Canada, including the award-winning Freechild Project andSoundOut. Adam has written more than 20 publications, andworks with approximately 10,000 children, youth, and adultsannually. He is a proud dad who lives with his daughter andtheir cat. Learn more about him at adamfletcher.netPaula KadanoffPaula is an educator and activist with morethan 15 years experience. After becomingactive in school reform as a high schoolstudent, she continued to build on thatwork in many different ways. Paula iscurrently going into her sixth year teachinghigh school health at the Celia Cruz BronxHigh School of Music in New York City. She is a coordinator ofstudent leadership activities and the student council advisor.She also co-created and manages a program at CONTRA-TIEMPO dance company in Los Angeles. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 7
  8. 8. Teddy WrightTeddy is an exciting facilitator and youthdevelopment specialist skilled in programdevelopment, implementation andevaluation, and a child advocate andcommunity-builder. Supporting youngpeople in communities, camps and schoolsfrom Boston to Miami, Teddy has lived inSeattle for several years now. His focusareas include ending men’s violence and catalyzing children totrust their own greatness.Scott LeDucScott is a master teacher with more than adecade in the classroom. As a career andtechnical educator, he focuses on art andtechnology instruction, and serves asadjunct faculty at several universities. Scottsspecialties include a variety of technologies,Multiple Intelligences, great presentationtechniques, brain research-based teaching, and othertechniques to help people connect with people. Living a life of“relevant reverie,” Scott believes in Gandhis message, “My lifeis my message.” Learn more about him at CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 8
  9. 9. Mike BeebeMike has over 20 years of experiencemanaging youth and adult leadershipprograms. Mike is passionate aboutcollaborating with young people to createpositive social change. His experienceincludes managing an AmeriCorps program, ayouth anti-violence program, a youth hotlinefor youth, and serving on the board ofdirectors for a national organization advocating for the rights ofGLBT families. Learn more about Mike at mikebeebe.bizEmma MargrafEmma is an expert in communitypromotion for nonprofits. She has a deeppassion for helping organizationseffectively connect and engage withpeople in every circumstance. She hasworked in non-profits and in politics formore than a decade. She is a lifelongvolunteer who has done countlessvolunteer projects and volunteer jobs in multiple cities. She isnow a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children inThurston County and a foster parent to a sixteen-year-old girl. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 9
  10. 10. Training & Professional DevelopmentCommonAction has been facilitating high quality learningexperiences since 2005. Working in more than 35 states and 4countries, our president Adam Fletcher is renowned for hisinteractive, humorous expertise. CommonAction staff havemore than 100 years combined experience working with diverseparticipants in a variety of settings. Following is informationabout what we provide.Workshop LogisticsWe offer each workshop in formats ranging from 60 minutes to6 days, and can create longer retreat and conference formats onrequest. They can be customized as training events, conferencesessions, or professional development programs. They areinterchangeable for different environments and participants,and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.Based in current research, practical experience, and pragmaticapplication, all of our offerings can be customized to meetparticipant needs. Each workshop is a hands-on, interactivelearning event that engages participants as co-learners. Ourworkshops cover Personal Engagement, CommunityEngagement, Youth Engagement, School Engagement, andgeneral skill-building workshops. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 10
  11. 11. PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOPSThese workshops may appeal to a variety of audiences, and canbe customized to meet different community needs. They aregood for both independent participants and groups.Get Engaged! How to Heartspace throughout yourLove the Life You Live life.Right Now. Participantsmove inward by learning Intro to Personalpractical tools and actions. Engagement. In thisExamine life, identify workshop participants explorepriorities, and discover new what personal engagement is,ways to see who you really how it happens, and how itare and what you really want can be used to improve theto do. world around us. Especially for people who want toWelcome to Heartspace. change the world, startingThis workshop is a calm, open with for participants toexplore what they’re engaged Living the Principle ofin and why it matters in their Engagement. Exploringlife. Using hands-on activities, universal interdependence,you’ll learn how to enhance participants in this workshop CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 11
  12. 12. move from awareness to who you are and what youaction through 5 simple stages know.that can change the world. Changing OurThe Spiritual Side of Social Communities OnChange. This non-religious Purpose. Learn how socialworkshop teaches how great change requires personal andsocial change leaders were community engagement.spiritually grounded. After Using practical tools identifyexploring the spiritual side of what you are currentlyengagement through hands- engaged in, and then exploreon activities walk away when, where, how, and whyinvigorated and grounded in interdependence matters. Leave knowing how to change your life and your community.COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOPSThese workshops are designed to meet the needs of local andnational nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, andother community-serving institutions. They can be customizedto meet the need of attendees ages 8 to 80, youth workers,nonprofit leaders, government workers, and others. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 12
  13. 13. Intro to Community Engaging GovernmentEngagement. Provides an as Allies, Not Enemies.overview of what community Explores specificengagement is, where and circumstances of reachinghow it happens, and why we across the aisles at work toneed to be concerned about build alliances, establishit. Gives a concrete overview collaborations, and deepenof theory and practice, and relationships in order tofocuses on real outcomes. promote social change. Concrete examples and realLeading Communities experience are used toWith Love. Focuses on the highlight research-driven toolsmotivations of movements that can be used in anywithin themselves and how setting.those affect social change.Use practical tools to uncover Moving From Apathy toyour beliefs and real case Solidarity. Participants in thisstudies to move your action to workshop explore differentthe next level! perceptions service providers, funders, educators, andConnecting to others have of the peopleConstituents. Participants they serve. They then explorelearn hands-on tools for different ways to transformengagement. They study those perceptions, and whatdifferent approaches to to do when transformationmaking a difference, and does not happen.identify new opportunities fordeeper impact. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 13
  14. 14. YOUTH ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOPSOur youth engagement workshops are convenient for youth-serving adults and young people. They teach important theorywhile staying grounded in practical considerations. Learn moreat Youth Focuses on relationshipsLeadership Training. between young people andFocused on engaging adults. Moving adults fromtraditionally dis-engaged seeing children and youth asyouth leaders. Youth and the passive recipients of adultadults who are ready to decision-making, thischange the world learn the workshop teaches practical,skills, issues, and pathways concrete pathways to formcommunities, organizations, partnerships between youngand individuals can take people and adults at home, intowards youth leadership, and schools, within communities,different ways youth and throughout our society.leadership can change thelives of youth, adults, and the Intro to Youth Participants in this workshop learn that youth voice is anyEquity, Not Equality: REAL expression of any youngYouth/Adult Partnerships. person about any topic CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 14
  15. 15. anywhere all the time. Youth skills, important issues, andand adults in this workshop key considerations tolearn how to harness the successfully working withpower of youth voice to young people. Barriers arecreate effective, sustainable directly addressed, andchange in the lives of young resources are shared topeople and throughout our ensure participantcommunities. effectiveness in their own settings.Moving Beyond Voice.This workshop is an advanced Learning through Service.session for practitioners to This workshop shows howstudy the Cycle of activism, organizing,Engagement and how it can community service, and socialbe used throughout their change are powerful ways tolives, programs, organizations, engage young people inand communities. Participants learning practical classroomexamine assumptions, goals. This workshop engagescritically assess activities, and teachers, youth workers, andplan for future action. youth in learning about service, reflection, meetingHow to Work with Youth. community needs, andTraining for youth workers, building powerful agents forteachers, and other adults social change throughwho support young people. learning and teaching.This workshop maximizesdecades of research and New Roles for Youngexperience working with People Throughoutchildren and youth to support Society. Participants exploreadults becoming allies with the cultural shifts happeningchildren and youth. Adult as young people accessparticipants learn practical technology and personalized CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 15
  16. 16. consumerism. The world they approaches to engaginglive in is changing, and young people in social change.because of that the Participants identifyinstitutions that serve them opportunities and challengesmust change, too. Explore for that action.those expectations andidentifies powerful, effective Youth-Led Action. Thisways to engage young people. workshop explores different ways to engage young peopleEngaging Young People in creative, sustainable, andin Social Change. Draws effective social change.on more than 100 years Includes concrete planning,history of American youth recruitment, and evaluationactivism. This workshop is a activities.broad overview of effective,meaningful, and sustainable CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 16
  17. 17. STUDENT ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOPSThese workshops are designed for education-focused settings,including K-12 schools, districts, and government agencies. Theymay also benefit educational nonprofits, foundations, andothers. They can be customized to meet attendee’s needs,including K-12 students, educators, administrators, counselors,and others. Learn more at to Meaningful students as partnersStudent Involvement. throughout education. ActionExplores Adam Fletcher’s planning, learning rubrics,internationally recognized evaluation activities, andFrameworks for Meaningful student-adult partnershipsStudent Involvement. This will be explored in classroomworkshop teaches teaching, schoolparticipants how to create improvement, and throughoutpowerful, purposeful the education system.approaches to engagingstudents as partners in Intro to Student Voice.schools. Participants learn that student voice is any expression ofAdvanced Meaningful learners focused on learningStudent Involvement. A or schools. This trainingconcrete series of exercises develops both students andfocused on integrating educators understanding CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 17
  18. 18. what student voice can do in schools and transform studentschool, including classrooms engagement for all learners.and school improvementactivities. Successful Student Involvement in Decision-More than Student Making. Highlights the rolesVoice. This workshop helps of student voice in schools.educators and students Participants examine theirunderstand that schools can organizations culture andbecome locations for structure, identifying apassionate, effective action by multitude of ways toall learners in all subject successfully involve students.areas. Focused on practical This workshop focuses ontools to influence teaching implementing, evaluating, andand learning, this workshop sustaining studentprovides the skills educators involvement.need to transform teaching inthe 21st century. Learning about Learning. Designed to teach studentsAdvanced Student about learning, the schoolLeadership Training. This system, and schoolworkshop emphasizes applied improvement. Topics coveredleadership throughout include Evaluating Yourschools. Students and Education, Intro to Schooleducators to work together to Reform, Building Communityengage students beyond in Schools, Learning throughplanning dances. Participants Service to Schools, andexplore how to engage Student-led Organizing totraditional and nontraditional Improve Schools.student leaders solvingserious problems in their Students as Partners in School Improvement. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 18
  19. 19. Engages participants in workshop focuses onlearning about engaging developing new perspectivesstudents as education of their abilities. It providesresearchers, planners, concrete examples, anddecision-makers, evaluators, establishes clearteachers, and advocates. opportunities in eachPractical opportunities are educator’s setting for action.explored, and participantscreate plans including Changing Classroomimplementation and Climate. Focused onevaluation. engaging all students as leaders, this workshopEngaging Nontraditional teaches educators how toStudent Leaders. Designed establish group expectations,for educators who want to self-monitoring, and clearreach the quiet, inconvenient, avenues to ensure studentor disregarded student investment and ownership inleaders in their schools. This climate-building activities.SKILL BUILDING WORKSHOPSThese workshops provide basic skill-building opportunities forparticipants to identify and explore what they know and need toknow, and then challenges them to go to the next level. Intro to Engagement  How to Work with Becoming an Effective Government Workers Facilitator  How to Work with How to Work with Children Nonprofits How to Work with Youth  How to Work with Schools How to Work with Parents  Ready for Social Change  Breaking Stereotypes CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 19
  20. 20.  Examining Media Bias  Probing for Problems Be Who You Are  Planning For Roadblocks Words as Weapons and  Wrapping Up Action Tools  Letting Go & Taking Charge Short Listening Activities  Ideal Partners Feedback Techniques  Creating Roles for Jargon Flags Community Members Power, Trust, and Respect  Teambuilding Ground Rules  Introduction to Service Group Strengths and Learning Weaknesses  Introduction to Community The Silent Circle Involvement Group Appreciations  Introduction to Social It’s in the Bag Change Problem Solving 101All our workshops can be customized for audiences ages 8 to 80,and we can accommodate group sizes from four to fourhundred. Contact our office for more information. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 20
  21. 21. PublicationsCommonAction staff have written more than 100 publicationsfor a education, nonprofit, and government clients. Textbooks,curriculum, introductory guides, and program manuals form thecore of our tools. We also write articles for magazines andwebsites, activity guides, a popular blog, and maintain activeTwitter feeds.PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PUBLICATIONSHeartspace and the Principleof Engagement. This bookprovides a powerful, interactiveexploration of the invisibleconnections within and betweenus. Adam Fletcher examines thebasis for all engagement andexplores personal, community, anduniversal engagement in depth.Useful exercises and meaningfulstories captivate readers through,providing poignant opportunities tochange the world by changing yourlife. (280 pgs, 2012)The Principle of Engagement Guidebook. A companionto Heartspace and the Principle of Engagement, this Guidebookguides participants through a meaningful process designed todeepen appreciation of Heartspace, and strengthen the usage ofthe Principle of Engagement throughout our lives. (35 pgs, 2012) CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 21
  22. 22. COMMUNITY PUBLICATIONSThe International Guide Freechild Project Youthto Adultism. Bias towards Voice Toolbox. Comprisedadults happens throughout all of a series of one- and two-societies. This guide shows sheet publications, these toolshow adultism appears, what identify practices, practicalhappens, and who it affects. It considerations and criticalthen details how to overcome concepts that are focused onadultism for young people engaging Youth Voice,and adults. (100 pgs, 2012) particularly among historically disengaged young people.Much Hope: Adam Written by Adam Fletcher. (60Fletcher Examines Youth pgs, 2011)Engagement. In thiscollection of essays, Freechild Project Youthmovement leader Adam Engagement WorkshopFletcher explores his 20+ year Guide. 24 hands-on,career working with young interactive workshopspeople and adults to change designed to teach youth andthe world. (200 pgs, 2012) adults about how to CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 22
  23. 23. successfully engage young Freechild Project Guidepeople. Includes workshops to Social Change Led Byon communication, planning, and With Young People.and other topics. Written by A summary of the socialAdam Fletcher. (74 pgs, 2012) change issues and actions addressed by and with youngFreechild Project Youth people around the world.Action Toolkit. A simple Written by Adam Fletcher andstrategy for complex action, Joseph Vavrus. (15 pgs, 2007)this series of tools wasdesigned for young people to Freechild Project Guidetake action and make the to Cooperative Gamesworld a better place. Includes for Social Change. Anresearch, planning, delivery, introductory guide for thoseand evaluation tools. Written interested in making socialby Adam Fletcher. (50 pgs, change engaging and relevant2012) to all participants. Written by Adam Fletcher and Kari Kunst.Youth Engagement (24 pgs, 2005)Handbook. An introductoryguide that lays out what, why, Firestarter Youthwho, when, where, and how Empowerment Program. .youth voice happens in Sections on motivation, skilldiverse communities around building, issue awareness, andthe world. Includes a Youth action planning help youth toEngagement Assessment and learn about empowerment.a resource section. Written by Includes a facilitator’s guide.Adam Fletcher. (110 pgs, Written by Adam Fletcher. (602012) pgs, 2002) CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 23
  24. 24. SCHOOL PUBLICATIONSMaking Meaning: Adam framework, this Guide is allFletcher Examines about engaging studentsStudent Voice. Examining throughout education.his decade of school reform Anyone interested in studentfocused on student voice, voice, student empowerment,internationally-recognized student engagement, orexpert Adam Fletcher building community inprovides a series of essays schools. Written by Adamfocused on possibilities for Fletcher. (28 pgs, 2005)educational transformation inthe 21st century. (200 pgs, Stories of Meaningful2012) Student Involvement. A collection of examples ofMeaningful Student meaningful studentInvolvement: Guide to involvement in action inStudents as Partners in schools. Anecdotes illustrateSchool Change. various approaches toHighlighting a practical engaging student voice in CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 24
  25. 25. school by exploring the numerous sections thisapplications in dozens of publication explores thediverse schools. Written by background, benefits, andAdam Fletcher. (40 pgs, 2004) applications of student voice in a variety of settings acrossMeaningful Student the US. Written by AdamInvolvement Research Fletcher. (24 pgs, 2003)Guide. Gives advocates a“leg up” in their research. Meaningful StudentHighlights 14 research studies Involvement Evaluationand includes a useful listing of Toolkit. A set of qualitativeresearch available. Written by and quantitative tools thatAdam Fletcher. (36 pgs, 2004) can be used as pre- and post- activity evaluation tools onMeaningful Student student voice for K-12Involvement Resource learning environments.Guide. Provides descriptions Designed to be used byand annotations for dozens of students and adults. Writtentools supporting student voice by Adam Fletcher. (50 pgs,throughout education. 2011)Written by Adam Fletcher. (35pgs, 2003) Student Voice and Bullying. A white paperMeaningful Student focused on bullying, thisInvolvement Guide to paper was originally publishedInclusive School Change. by ASCD on their Whole ChildA brief introduction to blog. Provides insight andcreating opportunities for possibilities for engagingstudent-inclusive school students as partners in solvingchange in all grade levels. In bullying. (10 pgs, 2012) CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 25
  26. 26. CERTIFICATION PROGRAMSCommonAction is offering a growing collection of certificationprograms designed to give individuals and organizations aroundthe world the opportunity to provide high-quality, engagement-focused activities in their communities. Certifications are goodfor one-year, include access to the most up-to-date materials,and come with Internet-based technical assistance. SoundOut Student Voice CurriculumImagine a school...Where students are equal partners in schoolreform efforts; where students and adults work together toimprove learning, teaching, and leadership throughouteducation; where student voice is seen as a key to successfultransformation. THIS is the SoundOut Student VoiceCurriculum! SoundOut provides a unique, engaging, andpowerful curriculum JUST FOR YOUR class.Comprised of eight modules, each with three 50-minute lessonplans, the curriculum is focused on engaging students as CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 26
  27. 27. partners in improving schools. Each lesson plan is designed toengage diverse high school students with highly interactivecritical thinking, communication, and project-based learningactivities. The modules include Learning about Learning;Learning about Education; Learning about School Change;Students as Researchers; Students as Planners; Students asTeachers; Students as Evaluators; Students as Decision-Makers;and Students as Advocates.Each module teaches students about the process of learning,the education system, and school reform, centering the role ofstudent voice in all of those activities. In addition to the lessonplans, the curriculum comes with handouts, a facilitator’s guide,and access to an online resource collection that supplementsthe lessons.This curriculum was designed for students in grades 8-12. It canbe used in a variety of settings, including Leadership classes,Service-learning requirements, School improvement teams,Student governments, Advisory periods, Social science courses,and Self-directed learning programs. Written by Adam Fletcher,founder and director of SoundOut, the curriculum is research-driven, student-tested, and school improvement-focused.Written by Adam Fletcher. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 27
  28. 28. Youth Engagement Workshop Facilitator CertificationWorking with youth engagement practitioners across the USand Canada, The Freechild Project trainers have identified aseries of routine trainings that local agencies can facilitate ontheir own. Covering many skill areas essential for every youthworker, this train-the-trainer certification gives facilitators theability to facilitate essential learning for all youth engagementpractitioners.Comprised of 24 different complete workshops, this train-the-trainer workshop covers youth-specific engagement workshopsfocused on stereotypes, media bias, self-awareness, language,listening, feedback, and more. Participants also study AdamFletcher’s tips on excellent facilitation, workshop planning, andevaluations.Certifies adults or young people on how to facilitate. Alsoprepares classroom teachers, afterschool workers, and otherson how to most effectively work with children and youth. Editedby Adam Fletcher. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 28
  29. 29. Past Clients and CollaboratorsAcademy for Catalyst Miami/Human Cypress CreekEducational Services Coalition of Elementary SchoolDevelopment Miami-Dade County Dare Mighty ThingsAction For Healthy Kids Childrens Defense Dayton High SchoolAlberta Ministry of Fund EarthForceEducation City of Ephrata, Engineering SchoolAlternatives, Inc. Washington ESD 123 21st CenturyAmerican Cancer City of Everett, Learning CentersSociety Northwest Washington Evergreen High SchoolRegion City of Cheney, Washington Evergreen PublicAmerican Institutes for SchoolsResearch - Technical Cloud Institute forAssistance Program Sustainability Franklin High SchoolAmericas Promise Education Fremont Public Colfax High School AssociationArizona Department of AmeriCorpsEducation Coordinated College Success Program/FertileSchool Health Program Foundation GroundsBaltimore Mental Communities for Friday Harbor HighHealth Systems Learning/Learner- SchoolBoston Public Schools Centred Initiatives, Inc. Generation YESStudent Engagement Community Academy FoundationAdvisory Council of Science and Health Genesee Valley BOCESBoys and Girls Club of Community YouthThurston County Services Grantmakers Forum on Community andCampaign Consultation Connect Magazine National ServiceCapstone Press Corporation for Grantmakers ForumCarnegie Corporation Community and on Education National ServiceCaroline High School Harbor High School Cross City CampaignCasey Family Programs Harvard University for Urban School Reform Graduate School on Education CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 29
  30. 30. Harwood Union High Nebraska Commission Ridgeview ElementarySchool on Community and SchoolHealthy Schools National Service Right of PassageSummit New Horizons for Journeys and ChemicalHumanLinks Learning DependencyFoundation New York State Professionals of Student Support Washington StateIdaho GovernorsCommission on Service Services Center Roosevelt High Schooland Volunteerism North Carolina Rural Santa Barbara CountyInstitute for Economic Service LearningDemocratic Education Development Center, Initiativein America Inc. Schenectady PublicInstitute for Olympia Free School SchoolsDemocratic Education One World Now! Seattle Metrocenterin America Oneida-Herkimer- YMCA Foster YouthKing County Partners Madison BOCES Programin Prevention Program Onondaga-Cortland- Seattle Penny HarvestKing County Youth Madison Counties Seattle Public SchoolsDevelopment Network BOCES (SPS) Office of EquityLangley Middle School Oswego County BOCES and Race RelationsLewis and Clark High Patchwork School SPS Small LearningSchool Environments PeaceJam Northwest ConferenceLewis and Clark Middle Pierce CountySchool SPS Youth Engagement Prevention Program ZoneManchester Youth Pinnacle CharterCommission Seattle School Seahawks/SeattleMonument High Prairie Ridge SoundersSchool Community Secondary AcademyNational Network for Association for SuccessYouth Project Service Service LearningNational School Board Leadership SeattleAssociation Puget Sound Small Schools ProjectNational Youth Rights Educational ServiceAssociation District SOAR CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 30
  31. 31. Social Justice Academy Vermont State Washington State OSPISpanaway Elementary Department of Title V and InnovativeSchool Education HIV/AIDs Programs Program Washington StateStudents TakingCharge Village of Caroline, University Center for Alberta Bridging the DigitalSumner School District Volunteer Center of DivideSuncoast EarthForce Thurston, Mason and Washington StateSurdna Foundation Lewis Counties Youth LeadershipTeamChild Washington SummitThurston County Youth Recreation and Parks White River HighWorker Summit Association SchoolTogether, Inc. Washington Service Wishkah Valley HighUnited Nations Corps SchoolDevelopment Washington State Yakima Public SchoolsProgram/Projecto Employment Security YMCA YouthJuventude, São Paulo, Department Leadership SummitBrazil Washington State Youth and AdultsUniversity of Higher Education Transforming SchoolsIndianapolis Center for Coordinating Board TogetherExcellence in GearUP Program Youth and FamilyLeadership of Learning Washington State Leadership InstituteUniversity of Office of Youth On BoardPittsburgh Office of Superintendent ofChild Development Public Instruction YouthBuild USAUniversity of (OSPI) 21st Century Youth Service AmericaWashington College of Community LearningEducation CentersUniversity of Washington State OSPIWashington GEAR UP Learn and ServeProgram America ProgramVashon Island Student Washington State OSPILink Alternative School School Improvement ProgramVermont PrincipalsAssociation CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 31
  32. 32. Costs and SchedulingFor a complete price sheet, scheduling details, and moreinformation please contact our office.Address CommonAction PO Box 6185 Olympia, WA 98507-6185 USAEmail info@commonaction.orgPhone Adam Fletcher (360) 489-9680