Adam Fletcher Speaker's Packet


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This is Adam Fletcher's speaker packet. An internationally-recognized, award-winning expert in engaging people, Adam is available to speak at events for communities, youth, schools, government agencies, and more.

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Adam Fletcher Speaker's Packet

  1. 1. Adam FletcherSpeaker’s — — (360)489-9680An exciting, engaging presence on the stage, Adam Fletcher is renowned for speechescombining professional expertise with his personal, easy, warm style. He speaks tothousands of adults and youth annually, focusing on a range of topics from powerfulleadership to meaningful involvement. A variety of sectors around the world have hiredhim to share inspiration, motivation, and excitement for changing the world. Adam’sapproach, passion, and experience make for powerful delivery that touches every audience.
  2. 2. Adam Fletcher Speaker’s PacketPage2Adam Fletcher’s ProfileAdam Fletcher is an internationally-recognized, award-winning expert on Youth engagement,Community Empowerment, Student Voice, and Personal Engagement. His work givesorganizations, governments, and individuals skills and knowledge to focus on how to mostsuccessfully relate to the people they serve. This leads to highly-effective outcomes, acceleratedgrowth, and sustained connections. Adam has… Created more than 50 projects in more than 100 communities Pioneered a powerful school improvement model used in 300 schools around the world Created a research-driven process for community engagement leading to a 95% success rate Mentored international agencies on efforts to engage people in more than 50 countries Written more than 20 how-to manuals focused on engaging people in diverse settingsAdam has held numerous consultancies at leading organizations, including the Alberta Ministry ofEducation, the American Institutes of Research, and the Human Services Coalition of Miami/DadeCounty.The Forces Behind Adam’s SuccessThrough his life experiences and his career, Adam has a rich background from which to develop andshare powerful examples that make his speeches powerful. Diversity—Growing up as a white Canadian immigrant in an African American neighborhoodin the Midwestern United States, Adam later worked with Kurdish and Iraqi refugees; lowincome rural youth in Nebraska; Native American Pueblos in Northern New Mexico; andchildren of military families in the Pacific Northwest. Experience—Beginning with his first youth engagement job at the age of 14, Adam did field-level youth work for 11 years; worked for national nonprofits after than for 4 years; workedfor state agencies for 4 years; and has contracted with more than 500 organizations in 4countries since 1999. Quality—The first in his family to graduate from college, Adam studied critical pedagogy andyouth studies at The Evergreen State College and did graduate work at the University ofWashington College of Education. He regularly confers with academics and experts from thefields of youth development, education, cultural studies, and government. Knowledge—Studying more than 3,000 examples of human engagement, Adam has beenpublished written extensively. Academic journal articles, magazine features, industrypublications, and a number of manuals all bear his name, and are all driven by professionaland personal knowledge accumulated throughout his career.Whether speaking about the latest engagement trends, empowerment theories, leadershipapproaches, or his Frameworks for Engagement, Adam delivers dynamic knowledge and personalexperience to each audience.
  3. 3. Adam Fletcher Speaker’s PacketPage3Adam speaking at an education conference in Edmonton, Alberta in 2011.Adam’s Special Expertise Motivational speeches for diverse audiences of all ages, races, sizes, and sectors. Highly-specialized knowledge in community, youth, and education engagement. Systems change expertise across several sectors. Master of facilitation and designing processes to engage participants as learning partners.Adam’s Sample Speech TopicsThis Thing Called Engagement—Adam explores what engagement is, how it happens, and how it can beused to make the world a better place. Especially for people who want to change the world.Leadership for Tomorrow, Today—Focused on providing cutting edge leadership guidance, Adamexamines new ways to reach young people, families, and communities with real outcomes.Check Your Vision—Teaching different perceptions of people, Adam explores different ways totransform how we see other people.How To Engage Anybody, Anywhere—Adam shares his findings in his Cycle of Engagement, Adamshares his tool designed to be used throughout our lives, programs, organizations, and communities.Real Partnerships for Change—Showing how participant partnerships transform institutions, Adamfocuses on practical opportunities, concrete action and real outcomes to show how partnershipsreally happen.
  4. 4. Adam Fletcher Speaker’s PacketPage4Adam facilitating a learning community in Seattle, Washington, in 2012.Adam’s Speaker FeesContact Adam for a customized quote. Fee—Varies depending on the audience and activities. Expenses—Usual, reasonable, and actual travel and living expenses will be billed at thecompletion of the engagement unless made by the contracting organization beforehand. Terms—Up to 50% of the fee is to be paid up front as a booking fee. Remainder to be paid uponcompletion. Agreement—Both parties will define a formal engagement and complete a written document. Other—Contact Adam for other concurrent engagement opportunities at reduced rates. Thesecan include: Roundtables. After a large keynote address, Adam can stay and speak to a more intimategroup in more detail or for a "roundtable" conversation. Workshops and professional development. After a presentation to a conference, educators, or tostudents, Adam can stay and facilitate a workshop, class, or a select group of students. Executive 1:1. Adam can stay and talk to the hosting executive to learn about corporateneeds and to make recommendations.
  5. 5. Adam Fletcher Speaker’s PacketPage5Testimonials for Adam"Adam is a fast driver into the next millennium."—Harris Wofford, former US Senator andCEO of the Corporation for National Service."Adam Fletchers work is especially relevant in gettingyoung people to participate in the realms of politicsand critical education."—Henry Giroux, Global Television NetworkChair in English and Cultural Studies atMcMaster University; Author of 40+ books."Adam is one of the most knowledgeable people in theworld regarding student voice and youth rights. I haveattended his thorough and excellent presentations andconfer regularly on current work in the field. I highlyrecommend him as a presenter and a writer in ourfield."—Dana Mitra, Associate Professor, Penn StateUniversity; Author, "Student Voice in SchoolReform: Building youth/adult partnerships thatstrengthen schools and empower youth"."Adam is one of the most gifted, principled visionarieswho empowers people of all ages and backgrounds topursue authentic youth engagement in all sectors ofsociety."—Wendy Lesko, Author "Youth: The 26%Solution"; Executive Director, Youth ActivismProject"Adam creates opportunities for youth to becomemeaningfully involved in the decisions that affect them. His work in student engagement,meaningful student involvement, youth—adult partnerships, and client—focused services havemade him the "go to" person on these issues nationally. Adam "gets it" on a fundamental level abouthow to work "with" not "for" young people, how to create effective youth—adult partnerships, andabout how adults, by changing their perception of youth, can redefine the change process itself."—Greg Williamson, Director of Teaching and Learning Support, Washington State Officeof Superintendent of Public Instruction."Adam truly cares about people; nowhere is this more evident than in his passion for creatinginclusive communities with a space for everyone. His passion for youth engagement is contagiousand I appreciate his ability to challenge us be our better selves so that we can live in bettercommunities that support and honor us all."—Reyhan Reid, program director, Technical Assistance Partnership of the AmericanInstitutes of Research.Adam speaking in Chicago in 2011.
  6. 6. Adam Fletcher Speaker’s PacketPage6Adam’s Past Conference AppearancesWashington State 21stCentury Community Learning Centers Summer Institute; Alberta Ministry ofEducation Student Engagement Conference; North Carolina Rural Economic Development Forum;Building Better Communities Conference; Washington State Recreation and Parks AssociationPolicy Conference; Pierce County Youth Prevention Summit; Seattle Penny Harvest Youth Rally;Pennsylvania Youth and Family Leadership Institute; Sumner Community Summit; AmericanInstitutes of Research Youth Involvement in Systems of Care Meeting; Washington PreventionSummit; National Service Learning Conference; Imagine Miami: Meaningful Youth EngagementSummit; New York State Student Support Services Center Conference; Service Learning SeattleSummit; Partnerships for Healthy Youth Conference; Pinnacle Charter School Rally InspiringStudent Expression; Washington State Youth Leadership Summit; Power of Youth Rally; Universityof Washington College of Education Quarterly Learning Congress ; Small Schools LearningConference ; Washington State Commission for Community and National Service AmeriCorpsKickoff ; Northeast Action for Healthy Kids Regional Conference; Manchester Youth CommissionRetreat; National PTA Legislative Conference Youth Leadership and Policy Institute; VermontPrincipals Association Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together Retreat; Burien TeenLeadership Council Town Hall Forum; Auburn Valley YMCA Teen Leadership Summit; BonneyLake-Sumner Community Summit; Santa Barbara Service-Learning Summer Institute; Puget SoundESD Student Diversity Summit; University of Washington GEAR UP Program Conference ;Nebraska AmeriCorps Conference; Healthy Schools Summit; CDC/DASH Funded-PartnersAnnual Meeting; Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction January Conference; NationalSchool Board Association Conference; Environmental Citizenship Institute; Cross City Campaignfor Urban School Reform Conference; Harvard University Graduate School of EducationConference; SpeakOUT Summer Summit; National Network for Youth Annual Conference; City ofBellevue YouthLink Summit; Seattle Public Schools Small Learning Environments Conference;Grantmakers Forum on Education Conference; Projeto Juventude Seminario Internacional;Childrens Defense Fund Conference; Grantmakers Forum on Community and National ServiceConference; Arizona Coordinated School Health ConferenceConnecting with Adam Online Website— LinkedIn— Twitter— Facebook— AdamEmail or call (360)489-9680. Find his resume, biography, andmore online at