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Rma Services Presentation Sean


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Rma Services Presentation Sean

  1. 1. OVERVIEW• Reverse Mortgage Adviser (RMA) is the Industry Leader in Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads• provides independent information to consumers seeking a Reverse Mortgage• RMA currently sources thousands of leads every month for hundreds of lenders across the United States• All of RMA leads are guaranteed to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage
  2. 2. WHY REVERSE MORTGAGE ADVISER?• Our Experience: – RMA has a unique and unmatched blend of experience in the reverse mortgage industry as well as Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization – Based on our industry surveys, consumers trust an independent information source when shopping for a reverse mortgage• National Advertising Reach: – Our National Advertising campaigns allow us to source leads of higher quality at a lower cost than those of regionally focused marketers• Our Guarantee: – All RMA Leads are guaranteed to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage which eliminates the uncertainty from your marketing channels
  3. 3. COMPLIMENTARY LENDER DIRECTORY• RMA offers complimentary listings to lenders in the RMA lender directory. Our lender directory is organized by city and state so lenders can target specific areas.• All complimentary lender listings include: – Your company overview – A customizable comments section to deliver your unique marketing message
  4. 4. REVERSE MORTGAGE ADVISER WEBSITE• provides consumers 6 opportunities to seek additional information on Reverse Mortgages: – Quote/Consultation Requests – Mortgage Informational Guides – Mortgage Kits – Informational Videos – Reverse Mortgage Calculators – Lender Searches
  5. 5. CUSTOM LEAD PACKAGES• RMA offers custom lead packages to Lenders targeted at the State or even county specific levels• All leads are guaranteed to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage• Leads are generated directly from homeowners submitting inquires / requests for more info on the website after specifically searching for Reverse Mortgage info through the major search engines
  6. 6. THE RMA GUARANTEE• All RMA Leads are guaranteed to qualify for a Reverse Mortgage: – 62 years of age – A qualified Loan to Value amount – A Valid phone number – A Valid property type• All leads that do not qualify for a Reverse Mortgage can be returned to RMA for credit and replacement leads
  7. 7. CONTACT INFORMATION Sean Bickford Executive Account Manager Reverse Mortgage Directory, LLC 350 S. Beverly Dr Suite 220 Beverly Hills, California 90212 Office: (800) 407-6365 x476 Fax: (310) 919-0363