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Competency framework


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Competency Framework - Drive Result and Excellence

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Competency framework

  1. 1. Dept. NameDept. Name COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK Bichitra K Behera Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. Oracle Clinical Database Designer 1
  2. 2. Privileged and Confidential What is competency? 208/05/13 A competency is defined as a behavior or set of behaviors that describes excellent performance In a particular work context Competencies KNOWLEDGEKNOWLEDGE PERSONAL MOTIVES PERSONAL MOTIVESSKILLSKILL Competence indicates sufficiency of knowledge, skills and personal motives that enable someone to act effectively in a job or situation. Competence indicates sufficiency of knowledge, skills and personal motives that enable someone to act effectively in a job or situation.
  3. 3. Privileged and Confidential [Objectives] 308/05/13
  4. 4. Privileged and Confidential [Ownership] 408/05/13 Taking ownership at your workplace The 5R that allows you to take OWNERSHIP of your life and carrier .
  5. 5. Privileged and Confidential 5 [Time management] 08/05/13 Seven Suggestions for Effectively Managing Your Time 1. Be Organized 2. Plan Ahead (Schedule it and it will happen!) 3. Prioritize Your Tasks 4. Avoid Overload 5. Practice Effective Techniques 6. Be Able to be Flexible 7. Have a Vision (why are you doing all of this?)
  6. 6. Privileged and Confidential [What is your Plan?] 608/05/13 Proper planning gives you Direction Proper planning to set and manage expectations Proper planning helps you in coordinating all efforts in the project that you undertake Proper planning prepares you for uncertainty
  7. 7. Privileged and Confidential A useful acronym that you should remember is “P-L-A-N” 708/05/13
  8. 8. Privileged and Confidential [Purpose ]: Define SMART goal for yourself 808/05/13
  9. 9. Privileged and Confidential 908/05/13 Achieve the GOAL
  10. 10. Privileged and Confidential 1008/05/13
  11. 11. Privileged and Confidential [List of Tasks]: List all the tasks that need to be carried out to achieve you goal 1108/05/13 “End-to-Start” Technique: P E E LL Select and “End” Date of the Project List all the Tasks Estimate the Time Required for Each Task Establish a “start” Date of the Project Post Them on the Timeline SS This Technique will help you plan so that you can ultimately SLEEP well in the night
  12. 12. Privileged and Confidential [Assignment of Resources] 1208/05/13 -Limited Resources in today’s business environment -Careful planning in terms of resource allocation -Maximum utilization of available resources -Following things need to be considered -What sort of help is needed from others to complete your tasks? -What type of equipment is required? -How much time is required for engaging each of these resources?
  13. 13. Privileged and Confidential This 4.10 min. is most important for us. Must watch this Video 1308/05/13
  14. 14. Privileged and Confidential [Next-task Indicators] 1408/05/13 • For example: – If you are planning for a tour : • First step : save enough money for the tour • Second Step : Save Rs 5000 by 1 SEP 2013 • Third Step : you saved money as per your plan • Next –Step Proceed for booking a tour package with your travel agent
  15. 15. Privileged and Confidential [Planning Tools and Daily Schedules] 1508/05/13
  16. 16. Privileged and Confidential [Process of Scheduling] 1608/05/13 The following is a simple scheduling process: Identify the time that is available to you. Go through the list of tasks that need to be carried out to identify the high priority tasks. Block the schedule to complete the high priority tasks Keep in “buffer time” as well. By the time you reach step 4 and you find that you do not have “buffer time”, re-assess the priority of each tasks.
  17. 17. Privileged and Confidential [Setting Priority] 1708/05/13 Priority Matrix Priority # 1 (Urgent and Important) Priority # 2 (Not Urgent but Important) Priority # 3 (Urgent but Not Important) Priority # 4 (Not Urgent and Not Important)
  18. 18. Privileged and Confidential 1808/05/13 Than k You