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Perspective On Culture Change


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Perspective On Culture Change

  1. 1. A Perspective onA Perspective on Healthcare Culture ChangeHealthcare Culture Change H S A 6939H S A 6939 Leadership StudiesLeadership Studies University of FloridaUniversity of Florida
  2. 2. What Do We Mean When We SayWhat Do We Mean When We Say “Corporate Culture? ““Corporate Culture? “ Corporate CultureCorporate Culture – Shared Attitudes, Habits, Values, SocialShared Attitudes, Habits, Values, Social ConventionsConventions – Stew of Rules, Mores, and TraditionsStew of Rules, Mores, and Traditions Which Shape the Work ExperienceWhich Shape the Work Experience – ““The Way We Do Things Around Here”The Way We Do Things Around Here”
  3. 3. What Do We Mean When We SayWhat Do We Mean When We Say “Culture Change?”“Culture Change?” Organizational TransformationOrganizational Transformation – CoreCore Competence ChangeCompetence Change Drivers of Culture ChangeDrivers of Culture Change – Creating Successful New VenturesCreating Successful New Ventures – Managing Mergers & AcquisitionsManaging Mergers & Acquisitions – Coping With Innovation & ChangeCoping With Innovation & Change – Overcoming New Competitive PressuresOvercoming New Competitive Pressures LeadershipLeadership  OrganizationalOrganizational TransformationTransformation
  4. 4. Culture Change ModelCulture Change Model Preparation Principles HR and OD Interventions Managing Barriers Managing the Middle
  5. 5. PreparationPreparation Culture Change=White Water Raft RideCulture Change=White Water Raft Ride Study Organization’s HistoryStudy Organization’s History Describe Baseline CultureDescribe Baseline Culture – Values and BeliefsValues and Beliefs – Heroines and HeroesHeroines and Heroes – RitualsRituals – CeremoniesCeremonies – Stories and Story TellersStories and Story Tellers
  6. 6. PreparationPreparation Build a Case for ChangeBuild a Case for Change – Current and Anticipated PainCurrent and Anticipated Pain – Intellectual and Emotional ArgumentsIntellectual and Emotional Arguments Craft a Vision for the FutureCraft a Vision for the Future – Kotter’s Six Way Test: Imaginable; Desirable;Kotter’s Six Way Test: Imaginable; Desirable; Feasible; Focused; Flexible; andFeasible; Focused; Flexible; and CommunicableCommunicable
  7. 7. Principles of OrganizationalPrinciples of Organizational ChangeChange NONO Vision Realized Without CultureVision Realized Without Culture ChangeChange Commitment of LeadershipCommitment of Leadership CommunityCommunity Continuity of LeadershipContinuity of Leadership Flexible Execution PlansFlexible Execution Plans
  8. 8. Management InterventionsManagement Interventions (Human Resources)(Human Resources) Human Resource PhilosophyHuman Resource Philosophy RecruitmentRecruitment OrientationOrientation LearningLearning RewardsRewards
  9. 9. Management InterventionsManagement Interventions (Organizational Development)(Organizational Development) Organizational RedesignOrganizational Redesign CommunicationCommunication Innovation EnhancementInnovation Enhancement Managing NormsManaging Norms Managing ValuesManaging Values
  10. 10. Human Resource PhilosophyHuman Resource Philosophy Largely Untapped Reservoir of TalentLargely Untapped Reservoir of Talent Treat Employees Like Your BestTreat Employees Like Your Best CustomerCustomer PerPermission Statementsmission Statements
  11. 11. RecruitmentRecruitment Warren Buffet Story: Integrity, Intellect,Warren Buffet Story: Integrity, Intellect, and Energyand Energy Rule of ThumbRule of Thumb – % GO% GO – % GO, BUT% GO, BUT – % NO% NO
  12. 12. OrientationOrientation Leader’s Role During OrientationLeader’s Role During Orientation Utility of Peer PressureUtility of Peer Pressure Forge Company TypesForge Company Types
  13. 13. LearningLearning Foundation of Values, Trust andFoundation of Values, Trust and EmpowermentEmpowerment No Learning Without Difficulty andNo Learning Without Difficulty and FumblingFumbling An Investment, Not An ExpenseAn Investment, Not An Expense
  14. 14. RewardsRewards Performance Appraisal ShortcomingsPerformance Appraisal Shortcomings Importance of Psychic IncomeImportance of Psychic Income Growing compensation GAP betweenGrowing compensation GAP between CEO and direct caregiversCEO and direct caregivers
  15. 15. Organizational RedesignOrganizational Redesign Management LayersManagement Layers Block, Distort, andBlock, Distort, and FilterFilter Low Corporate Overhead is aLow Corporate Overhead is a Competitive AdvantageCompetitive Advantage Governance Culture ChangeGovernance Culture Change
  16. 16. CommunicationCommunication NO Beats UncertaintyNO Beats Uncertainty Walk Your TalkWalk Your Talk Keep Your Message Simple: AvoidKeep Your Message Simple: Avoid Techno Babble and MHA-SpeakTechno Babble and MHA-Speak
  17. 17. Innovation EnhancementInnovation Enhancement Focus on CustomerFocus on Customer Constant, Incremental ImprovementsConstant, Incremental Improvements Exposure to People and Ideas that areExposure to People and Ideas that are Foreign, Uncomfortable and ThreateningForeign, Uncomfortable and Threatening
  18. 18. Managing NormsManaging Norms Unwritten Rules:Unwritten Rules: Positive and NegativePositive and Negative New Vision RequiresNew Vision Requires New NormsNew Norms BaselineBaseline CultureCulture DesiredDesired CultureCulture ConformConform PerformPerform HoardHoard InformationInformation ShareShare InformationInformation AvoidAvoid ConflictConflict ConfrontConfront ConflictConflict
  19. 19. Managing ValuesManaging Values Leaders Promote & Protect ValuesLeaders Promote & Protect Values GAP Between Values on Paper andGAP Between Values on Paper and Values in PracticeValues in Practice Litmus Test? Hold to Values When TimesLitmus Test? Hold to Values When Times are Toughare Tough
  20. 20. Barriers to ChangeBarriers to Change Leadership BurnoutLeadership Burnout Reluctant CEOReluctant CEO Insular CultureInsular Culture Cycle of CynicismCycle of Cynicism Physician RebellionPhysician Rebellion
  21. 21. Barriers to ChangeBarriers to Change Loss of Trustee Sponsorship and SupportLoss of Trustee Sponsorship and Support Middle Management ResistanceMiddle Management Resistance Suffering Associated with Major ChangeSuffering Associated with Major Change Loss of Key Player(s)Loss of Key Player(s) Events Outside Management ControlEvents Outside Management Control
  22. 22. Managing the MiddleManaging the Middle Basic Truth of Management is ThatBasic Truth of Management is That Nearly Everything Looks Like aNearly Everything Looks Like a Failure in the MiddleFailure in the Middle ToolkitToolkit – Celebrate Short Term WinsCelebrate Short Term Wins – Get Close to the CustomerGet Close to the Customer – MentorMentor – Run ScaredRun Scared – Culture AuditCulture Audit
  23. 23. Regional Medical Center CultureRegional Medical Center Culture Audit FindingsAudit Findings OLD CULTUREOLD CULTURE People: CommoditiesPeople: Commodities Social EnterpriseSocial Enterprise Weight of HistoryWeight of History CynicismCynicism Control BehaviorControl Behavior EntitlementEntitlement Totem: ElephantTotem: Elephant NEW CULTURENEW CULTURE People: Valued AssetsPeople: Valued Assets Business EnterpriseBusiness Enterprise Promise of the FuturePromise of the Future TrustTrust Enable BehaviorEnable Behavior AccountabilityAccountability Totem: EagleTotem: Eagle
  24. 24. Final ThoughtsFinal Thoughts No Vision Realized Without CultureNo Vision Realized Without Culture ChangeChange Leadership Community, NOT HeroicLeadership Community, NOT Heroic LeaderLeader Treat Employees Like Your BestTreat Employees Like Your Best CustomerCustomer Need for Energy, Passion, Sacrifice,Need for Energy, Passion, Sacrifice, Creativity and CommitmentCreativity and Commitment Beware of “Merger of Equals”Beware of “Merger of Equals”
  25. 25. Final ThoughtsFinal Thoughts Assess Readiness for ChangeAssess Readiness for Change Be Clear Where You Are Taking PeopleBe Clear Where You Are Taking People and Whyand Why Walk Your TalkWalk Your Talk Barriers to Change Are POWERFULBarriers to Change Are POWERFUL Leadership Requires Disturbing People,Leadership Requires Disturbing People, But at a Rate They Can Absorb.But at a Rate They Can Absorb. Change is Ongoing, Endless, and ForeverChange is Ongoing, Endless, and Forever
  26. 26. Final ThoughtsFinal Thoughts Management Transformation of HealthManagement Transformation of Health Care Hasn’t Sufficiently Reduced Costs,Care Hasn’t Sufficiently Reduced Costs, Enhanced Quality or Improved AccessEnhanced Quality or Improved Access Current System of Health Care DeliveryCurrent System of Health Care Delivery and Financing isand Financing is NOTNOT SustainableSustainable Profound and Wrenching CulturalProfound and Wrenching Cultural Changes Yet To ComeChanges Yet To Come Transformational Leaders Needed!Transformational Leaders Needed!