Bee vs Locust Mother Nature explains us why are we in crisis


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Too many reasons, studies and opinions have surged about the origin of the present global crisis. A different approach to the background reasons behind the facts

  • Honey bee, honey bee, you're so sweet,
    Always making something good to eat.

    You make your busy buzzing sound hour after hour.
    You stay so busy buzzing' round flower after flower.

    You always seem as busy a as a busy bee can be.

    There's nothing on your mind except making your sweet honey.

    'Yum, yum, I want some.'

    Honey bee, honey bee, you're so sweet,
    Always making something good to eat.

    Bees believe in making honey, that's a simple fact!
    Bears believe in taking honey for a little snack.

    It isn't though they're greedy though, in fact it's kind of funny.
    Bears will do almost anything for a taste of honey.

    'Yum, yum, here I come.'

    Honey bee, honey bee, you're so sweet,
    Always making something good to eat.

    Bees, be careful, here's a bear with honey on his mind.
    Bear beware, proceed with care, these bees won't be too kind.

    They'll sting you on your ears and nose if you take their honey
    And you'll end up all hurt and sad with an empty tummy.

    'Boo hoo, I got stung.'

    Honey bee, honey bee, you're so sweet,

    Always making something good to eat.

    Nursery Rhymes Honey bees and bears
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  • @juaomaya Indeed, Juao. But who puts the bell to the cat?
    It is us we should do it, we can not expect the locusts to do it, the ones who have driven us were we are now will not help. For them, it is ok like this.
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  • @IsabellaWesolyBAHons Thank you Isabella. You make me think about a former discussion we had about Middle Ages, when the 'factual powers' had it because of inflicting fear to the mass through religion, and adoration to God. Now they have it due the fear of loosing you job, your house, and we have new gods, like movie or sports stars. Once they changed their fears and their god, they started to be free. They changed their values too. Maybe this is the way. But it took centuries...
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  • @hudali15 Thank you Ali for your comment. Good point about the honey. As a former beekeeper, we humans have optimized the hive, so it is easier for us 'stealing it'. The lesson I see here,is..what if we as humans would do things like bees do? Maybe we would have so much abundance, our hive would have so much to offer....
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  • Excellent presentation! It is interesting that whilst there is a clear hierarchy amongst bees, the Queen's intuitive ability ensures a sustainable infrastructure. She is indeed noble in her ability to shift into the subsequent phases of her fecundity (making drones, then more queens). ALSO: recalling how Europe moved from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance, perhaps enlightenment is a progressive state.
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Bee vs Locust Mother Nature explains us why are we in crisis

  1. 1. Bee Vs. Locust Mother Nature explains us why are we in crisis. By David Navarro
  2. 2. Many studies have investigated the phenomenon of the current crisis, from the perspective of accountants, statesmen, power groups and the common people, all experienced and wise. But there is nothing wiser than Mother Nature, that speaks without words. Sorry for the previous notes of Biology but they all give us indicators that we must consider.....on baby steps if necessary...
  3. 3. ...unless you have a better strategy,of course...
  4. 4. From biblical times, is known to us the voracity of locusts. Curiously enough, a synonymous of voracity is Greed. Millennia and randomly locusts ravage entire territories, leaving poverty and desolation in its wake.
  5. 5. In his solitary state, they are harmless. But when they become gregarious, can threaten the livelihood of a tenth of the world. A locust can eat every day the equivalent weight in plants, so a swarm could eat 192 million kilograms of plants a day.
  6. 6. They not only change their behaviour, their appearance too. It is interesting that although they have wings, do not fly much alone.
  7. 7. However, when they are in groups, they release pheromones as much making them develop more wings and prepare for migration. With them, they can cover a distance of 90 kms a day
  8. 8. It seems that when food runs short, they slowly become clustered together, levels of serotonin are multiplied by three due to intense friction, thus they suffer all these morphological and behaviour changes. But let us see a little about the bees.
  9. 9. When a young queen bee starts a new hive, on its nuptial flight, it makes sure to be with enough drones to ensure having all necessary for the rest of its life.
  10. 10. Its only tasks from now on are laying eggs, and to enter in contact with every worker bee of its hive daily.
  11. 11. This way, touching the antennas, it trespasses pheromones that compel the workers to do their job, feeding the larves, the queen itself, taking care of security, or going out to look for nectar.
  12. 12. When the workers go around, it happens a phenomena called symbiosis.This is the relationship between species that have nothing to do between them, but the mutual contact give mutual benefits.
  13. 13. The bee is only interested on the nectar, but is using its mobility to spread the seed of the flower.
  14. 14. The queen bee lays workers eggs only, until there are too many, and the queen is not able to touch every bee daily. Mother Nature makes a change, and the queen starts to lay queen and drone eggs.
  15. 15. When they are born, they go out of the hive, and the cycle starts again. Some return to the original hive, to help the existing queen. The rest, some start a new one, or get killed.
  16. 16. At this point in the presentation, is sure you have already found some similar behaviors in the business world. Let us see some conclusions
  17. 17. The Greed and results-based-only behaviour of some companies squeezing their suppliers and workers is now worse than ever Small companies and workers are ravaged until their ultimate possibility, to be left behind thereafter.
  18. 18. All companies are interested on growing, but none even think about making this growth sustainable for their environment. To eat, or to be eaten. The result, you know by now.
  19. 19. Kindness, respect, gentleness are synonymous of weakness these days. Our society is full of low profile professionals and human beings with no other values than to be successful. Is the only thing it matters. Humankind does not look like it use to be.
  20. 20. Death of a swarm of locusts can occur from a wind change that precipitates them to the sea, or resource depletion. Is not this what happened to the global economy?
  21. 21. Is this really all we can do? Can someone be proud to be successful, without taking in consideration the evil done left behind? Is it a bad quarter result a valid excuse to cannibalize your surroundings? What can we learn from the bees instead? What if....?
  22. 22. when facing a new situation/challenge/market, we should be austere, not willing to get rapid profits. Japanese companies like Toyota are good examples. They do not expect to get rich until the company is adult.
  23. 23. The managing staff of a company should be interested only in providing solutions to get more workers, and let them earn a good living. “We must start from the basis of abundance, not from scarcity” Stephen Covey.
  24. 24. The day you start not knowing personally all your colleagues, their needs and capabilities, is the day you start loosing. You can learn from each and everyone. Carlos Slim. 9th all-time Fortune
  25. 25. When dealing with your workers and suppliers, make sure of their sustainability. Today, to have a good worker or a good supplier is better than the best customer. Take real care of them. Customers will appreciate it.
  26. 26. Share your knowledge or capabilities with your surroundings. It is not so much effort, and will benefit your environment. Give at least the much you receive.
  27. 27. Do not be scared to train people to make your job. How do you pretend to be promoted, or to make grow your company, or to grow old in peace, if you are not providing it with time enough?