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We are hiring: Business Development Specialist


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BIC Angels

Published in: Business
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We are hiring: Business Development Specialist

  1. 1. QUALIFICATIONS • Angel investment is a fast growing branch of investment. As BIC Angel Investments, we are very active in the industry and have developed a very successful business model which will ensure selecting best startup companies and contributing to their development at maximum extent. The business analyst that we are looking will become a crucial part of our business development team. She/he will have the chance to contribute to our investment process from the very beginning to the end. The qualifications required and corresponding job description is as follows: • · Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering or related fields • · Experienced in preparing a business plan and market analysis • · Fluency in English, both written and spoken • · Being good at planning and organizing • · Skilled in analytical thinking & problem solving • · No military obligation for male candidates • · Follow the latest trends in technology and internet • JOB DESCRIPTION • · To participate in start-up evaluation meetings and prepare analysis documents • · To conduct our document management system including information about startups and investors • · To prepare a market research about selected projects • · To make necessary preparations and announcements of our entrepreneurial activities and organizations. • · To manage our social media accounts including twitter and facebook. • · To take an active role by selection and filtering of startups for investment • · To contribute to the business and strategy development of invested startups • · To contribute the development of “BIC Angel Investments” brand among startups, investors and other players in the industry. 9/27/2016 1BIC Angels We are hiring: Business Development Specialist