Glacier Digital Online Marketing Plan


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A brief overview of the many aspects of an effective online marketing campaign. SEO and Social Media mixed with Traditional and Online Advertising will help any business excel.

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Glacier Digital Online Marketing Plan

  1. 1. 2012
  2. 2. 1. “What exactly is SEO?”2. Why being #1 on Google isn’t everything3. How the idea of “Social Media” isn’t new at all4. Bringing traditional marketing online5. Analyze data & adapt to change6. A few SEO clichés… that are true!7. Summary and Q&A
  3. 3. Hint : It’s not JUST Search Engine Optimization
  4. 4.  Process of optimizing website content and usability for indexing, crawling and yes… users! Online advertising and promotion management (Pay Per Click, Sponsorships, Newsletters, etc.) Social media engagement and management* Extension of traditional marketing* Growing website’s online footprint*
  5. 5.  Rewrite content for users AND search engines Optimize anchor text, image ALT text, META data and a whole lot more Inner linking Page load speed Usability issues
  6. 6.  Variety of tools available ◦ PPC ◦ Link referrals ◦ Sponsorships Most popular, and effective tools : ◦ Google AdWords ◦ Facebook Ads ◦ Microsoft AdCenter
  7. 7. Don’t worry!
  8. 8.  Relevant, quality visitors are the priority What you do with visitors once you have them is important (i.e. Goals, Call To Action, Conversions) Everything must be as user friendly and as straight-forward as possible Find Make Enter site Information Purchase
  9. 9. The original marketing technique
  10. 10.  Most effective way of communicating with customers and sharing information Huge variety of tools available
  11. 11.  Users have the ability to share amongst friends, family and coworkers with the click of a button. “Word Of Mouth” always works very well, and it’s easier online. The social media audience craves a constant flow of information Opportunity to connect with customers on a more relaxed, personal level
  12. 12. Bringing traditional marketing into the online space
  13. 13.  Inject measurement tools : Call Tracking, unique Email address, QR Codes Integrate with Analytics packages to complement online actions.
  14. 14.  Bringing print brochures and promotions online will generate “free” website content Keeping marketing consistent will help visitors keep focus and will guide them
  15. 15. Keeping up with the ever changing world of online marketing
  16. 16.  Data tells a very rich story, but it needs to be properly captured and stored Analytics can provide a limitless amount of information ◦ Number of visitors (per hour, day, week, etc.) ◦ Visitor trends (where they are going, how long they are spending on the site, or on which pages) ◦ Geographic regions (Which country, which state) Analyze data, use it to adjust to change ◦ Are users leaving in droves on a certain page? ◦ Are users not engaging with your Call To Action? ◦ Are users using one point of entry more than another?
  17. 17. Track & Analyze &Monitor Research Adapt & Adjust
  18. 18.  “Slow and steady wins the race” Effective, long term organic SEO performance can take time “Don’t mess with success” Example : If an ad campaign is performing well, keep it up! “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” Not every technique or tool works right away
  19. 19. 1. Optimize website2. Advertise3. Promote4. Integrate, and align with traditional marketing5. Track, Monitor, Analyze and Adapt if necessary6. Realize a return on investment!