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Technical guidance for reopening and adapting your restaurant


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Restaurants, pizzerias, pubs reopening: the technical guide for adapting your retail food business during COVID-19

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Technical guidance for reopening and adapting your restaurant

  1. 1. COVID-19: Technical guidance for reopening and adapting your restaurant business
  2. 2. Employer’s obligations The main employer’s obligations are: • inform, train and educate employees with regard to the proper behaviour to have on a workplace, • assess the possible risks in a restaurant, • adopt anti-contagion measures to minimize risk. Objective Mitigating the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission Analysis Identification of risk assessment criteria Prevenzton and protection measures The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy USA Covid-19 relief laws enacted in Martch 2020: CARES Act Read the complete article:
  3. 3. Employer’s obligations Analysis The analysis is an essential step when adopting the right risk mitigation measures and must include: • analysis of work organization, • subdivision of workers into groups, • identification of the path ways of the identified groups of workers, • classification of places, • analysis of the layout of classified places, • identification of personnel working outside the company, • analysis of transportation used by workers, • identification of contracted activities, • secondary risk analysis, • review of emergency plans and procedures. Read the complete article:
  4. 4. Employer’s obligations Prevention and protection measures Below are the indications for prevention and protection. • Masks wearing for customers when not sitting at the table (e.g. during cash payment, movements within premises, use of toilets), • contactless electronic payments, • sanitizing the tables at the end of each service • masks and gloves wearing for staff (table, kitchen and checkout staff) • health surveillance and protection of vulnerable workers, • measures to prevent the activation of epidemic outbreaks, • management of a symptomatic person, • ventilation, • updating the regulatory protocol, • reorganization of working hours, • prioritize access by reservation to avoid queues and waiting crowds. Read the complete article:
  5. 5. Guidelines for the the designer Prevention and protection measures Other prevention and protection measures may be as follows. • managing entry and exit routes, • set up an area for measuring body temperature, • install points for hand sanitization, • review tables and seating arrangements, • use protective barriers, • secure the cashier's area, • manage the internal movements, • arrange the restaurant pertinent spaces, • ensure proper air exchange systems, • Identify some space for the isolation of potentially infected people, • encourage the use of outdoor spaces. Read the complete article:
  6. 6. A case study Adapting your restaurant during COVID-19: comparison between the surveyed stage and design stage Current situation Project’s floor plan Read the complete article:
  7. 7. A case study Adapting your restaurant during COVID-19: information signage Floor plan Read the complete article:
  8. 8. A case study Rearranging your restaurant’s spaces Till area Dining area Render realizzati con Edificius Entrance area RestroomsEntrance and till area Dining area Read the complete article:
  9. 9. Reaopening a restaurant project example created with Edificius, the architectural BIM design software (the full trial version can be downaloded for free at Download Edificius