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Designing a living room


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Functional layouts with 3D models to download and useful planning tips: here's the guide for architects to designing a modern living room

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Designing a living room

  1. 1. Designing a living room
  2. 2. This solution makes the most of the space available and avoids designing any corridor or hallway, which are exclusively used as walk-through areas. LIVING ROOM WITH NO ENTRYWAY Designing a living room Read the article here: Render created with Edificius Entrance Living room
  3. 3. This solution envisages a large living aread and a transit area between the entrance, the dining room and the sleeping area. Generally, this space has no strong physical partition (there are no partition walls) and it is rather defined by the use of specific materials and low furniture. LIVING ROOM WITH ENTRYWAY Designing a living room Read the article here : Entrance Living room
  4. 4. An open plan living room and kitchen is a flexible design solutions that can also guarantee some privacy when needed. The kitchen and living area can, for example, be separated by retractable sliding doors or movable walls. The space thus obtained will be multifunctional and adaptable to any type of situation. Designing a living room Read the article here : Kitchen Living room OPEN PLAN LIVING ROOM
  5. 5. This solution distributes the whole space around a fireplace. The fireplace wall is designed at the center of the rectangular floor plan and divides the living room into two areas. Alternatively, it can be placed on the side of the room so to have a single shared environment with different functions. Designing a living room Read the article here : Render created with Edificius Fireplace Living room LIVING ROOM WITH FIREPLACE
  6. 6. Example of a living room plan Created using Edificius, the architectural BIM design software (the full trial version can be downloaded for free at Download Edificius Designing a living room Read the article here :