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Browse and Visualize Manuscripts Illuminations with IIIF


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Présentation par Régis Robineau lors des "Working Groups" de la communauté IIIF (Edimbourg - 4 décembre 2018)

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Browse and Visualize Manuscripts Illuminations with IIIF

  1. 1. Browse and Visualize Manuscripts Illuminations with IIIF Régis ROBINEAU @regisrob 2018 IIIF Working Meeting - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK @biblissima
  2. 2. The Biblissima Portal (in a nutshell) ➔ Focused on the history of collections / transmission of texts in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance ➔ Aggregates data on medieval manuscripts and early printed books ➔ Search, browse, visualize work in progress: query + export data
  3. 3. Biblissima data cluster 30+ catalogues and databases 3+ digital libraries 10+ digital editions
  4. 4.
  5. 5. 2 iconographic databases (descriptions of illuminations and decoration in medieval manuscripts)
  6. 6. Mandragore (illuminated manuscripts at the BnF)
  7. 7. Initiale (illuminated manuscripts from the public libraries in France)
  8. 8. Current status ➔ Mandragore : 205,000+ illuminations (IIIF images from Gallica) 20,000 concepts (Dewey based classification) ➔ Initiale : work in progress (early 2019) 93,000 illuminations (IIIF images from the BVMM) 5600 concepts (Garnier vocabulary)
  9. 9. Illumination Page
  10. 10. Concept Page
  11. 11. Concept Page
  12. 12. Concept Page
  13. 13. Biblissima Manifest for the “collection” of images Concept Page
  14. 14. Biblissima Manifest for a “collection” of illuminations
  15. 15. metadata at Canvas level
  16. 16. link to the Illumination page link to the Manuscript page links to other Concepts pages
  17. 17. 2-level Ranges: - Shelfmark - Caption(s)
  18. 18. Ranges for index of illuminations’ captions here? IIIF Manifest loaded from Gallica
  19. 19. Further (potential) improvements How to integrate this supplemental Range? ➔ Create a derivative Manifest? ➔ Hardcode Mirador to load the “Biblissima” Range? ➔ Use a notification mechanism? Use case:
  20. 20. Further (potential) improvements Represent metadata at Canvas level (i.e. information about an illumination) as Web annotations? (but without being able to target a specific region of the Canvas…)
  21. 21. Further (potential) improvements Provide a more appropriate UI/UX than a regular viewer to explore the collections of illuminations…
  22. 22. More info about Biblissima and IIIF: IIIF360, a new support service for IIIF in France:
  23. 23. Thank you! Régis ROBINEAU (Biblissima - Campus Condorcet / EPHE-PSL) Biblissima Team: Kévin BOIS Eduard FRUNZEANU