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Pechu Kucha


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Pechu Kucha

  1. 1. Pechu Kucha
  2. 2. I wanted to share some information with you and make a suggestion for the Distance Learning Conference in the Spring.
  3. 3. What is Pecha Kucha? Pecha Kucha is Japanese for "chit chat” or “chatter.” It is a new, fast- paced style of delivery for PowerPoint presentations. It has been popular in Japan and Europe for some time now.
  4. 4. What makes it different? Pecha Kucha is different from other presentation styles for these two reasons: •20 (slides) X 20 (seconds) •6 minutes and 40 seconds Watch the video on the next slide for more information.
  5. 5. How could we use it? In lieu of keynote speaker, several conference presenters could briefly introduce the conference topics. I am picturing several screens scattered around the room with a presenter ready at each screen. Or, the breakout sessions themselves could be organized in the Pecha Kucha style, with the topics/issues/demonstrations broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Each presenter could cover a portion of a larger topic. Again, we could use several screens or just have short breaks between each presenter.
  6. 6. Why would we use it? Pecha Kucha forces the presenters to focus on just the important information, eliminating the fluff. It would be challenging to prepare the perfect presentation. For the audience, it is lively and engaging. Also, it is very innovative and will make the campus appear “in the know”.
  7. 7. What are the challenges The main challenges would be recruiting presenters and securing the venue. However, these may be issues no matter what style of presentation is employed. Also, a question would be do DL topics lend themselves to this format.
  8. 8. Thanks for listening.