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Zentralblattmath brochure


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Zentralblattmath brochure

  1. 1. springer.comZentralblatt MATHThe world’s most complete reviewingservice in mathematicsEuropean Mathematical FIZ Karlsruhe Heidelberg AcademySociety of Science7 Over 3 million indexed entries drawn from more than 3,500 journals and 1,100 serials7 Over 120,000 new items added each year7 Includes more than 4 million references VISIT TODAY
  2. 2. Zentralblatt MATH Zentralblatt MATH The world’s largest database for mathematics offers easy access to article abstracts and reviews in mathematics from 1826 to the present Zentralblatt MATH (ZBMATH) contains present over 120,000 new items are added more than 3 million entries drawn from each year. more than 3,500 journals and 1,100 serials, Zentralblatt MATH meets the needs ofZentralblatt MATH – with coverage across mathematics, statis- today’s mathematicians to find theThe Gateway tics, computer sciences and the applica- information they are searching for quickly tions of these disciplines in engineering, and easily. The results are displayed in ato the world of physics, and the life sciences. Reviews are highly structured manner and are designedmathematics currently written by more than 6,000 for an “at-a-glance” overview. experts from all over the world, and at 7 Pure Mathematics 7 Control 7 Probability 7 Operations Research 7 Mathematical Physics 7 Economics 7 Classical, Solid, and Fluid Mechanics 7 Information and Communication 7 Numerical Mathematics 7 Circuits 7 Mathematical Programming 7 Coding 7 Theoretical Computer Science and 7 Cryptography Automata Theory 7 Applications in Biology, Chemistry, Sociology 7 Systems Theory and Psychology Key Facts on Zentralblatt MATH 7 Contains more than 3 million indexed entries drawn from more than 3,500 journals and 1,100 serials. 7 All entries specified by MSC code and keywords 7 Covers abstracts and reviews in mathematics from 1868 – in some cases even from 1826 - to the present 7 Over 120,000 new items added each year - daily updated database 7 Reviews written by more than 6,000 experts from all over the world 7 Includes more than 4 million references 7 Integrated MathML (Mathematics Markup Language) enables the immediate display of complex mathematical equations and formulas 7 User-friendly, multilingual interface
  3. 3. Zentralblatt MATH 1 Search options 2 1 2 Multilingual interfacePowerful Search Functions7 Queries for author, title, source, year of publication, classification, words appearing in the abstract/review, title or assigned keywords, and the document type (journal article, books, book articles)7 Free logical combination of facets possible for refining / enlarging search results including additional search options (language, publisher, keywords, ISBN, DOI)7 Visualization of the Search History facilitates modifications or refinements of searches.7 All entries link back to their original source allowing seamless checking without leaving Zentralblatt MATH. The source might be the Full Text, a Web Link or a link to or other open repositories7 Offers downloading of search results in different formats and export of BibTeX For more information about Zentralblatt MATH, please visit 7
  4. 4. Zentralblatt MATH springer.comAuthor Search Check out theseThe Author Database with its Author Profiles offers a unique form of author identifica- acknowledgedtion and an at-a-glance overview of the most important author data. Specialized author mathematicians yourself:identification software supports the location of e.g. transliterated variations of Russian, 7 Dieudonné, Jean A.Chinese or Japanese names. 7 Grothendieck, AlexandreSearches work with any combination of the first or surname and abbreviations; further- 7 Hardy, Godfrey H.more, multiple author searches (or/and combination) are possible. 7 Hua, Loo KengThe list of results shows all authors that match the name searched for, including thedifferent spellings of the name and the number of publications for each spelling. From 7 Kolmogorov, Andrey N.this list you can directly jump to the publications in Zentralblatt MATH or open the 7 Levi-Civita, TullioAuthor Profile. 7 Li, Tien-YienAuthor Profile – the most important at a glance: 7 van Lint, Jacobus H.7 the different spellings of an author’s name and the total number of publications 7 Mumford, David7 a list of the main subjects the author is researching 7 Neugebauer, Otto7 a list of the journals publishing most of the author’s work7 a smart overview of the co-authors 7 Ngô, Báo Châu7 a bar chart which makes the years of publication very clear 7 Varadhan, S.R.SrinivasaA quick, one-page overview of who publishes what with whom and when. 7 van der Waerden, Bartel.L. 7 Weiss, Barak 7 Wiles, Andrew 7 Yosida, Kosaku Author Profile
  5. 5. Zentralblatt MATH New Editor-in-Chief Gert-Martin Greuel, the director of the world-famous Mathematical Research Centre, Oberwolfach, Professor at the University of Kaiserslautern, and Chair of ERCOM (European Research Centres on Mathematics). Kaiserslautern Department of Mathematics University of Kaiserslautern“I am very much looking P.O. Box 3049forward to becoming the editor- 67653 Kaiserslauternin-chief of Zentralblatt MATH, Germanythe world’s most complete Email 7 greuel@zentralblatt-math.orgdatabase, with over 150 yearsof history to look back on.Continuing the work of BerndWegner I shall further develop Benefits of Zentralblatt MATHthe electronic services for thebenefit of the mathematical For Librarians For Mathematicianscommunity.” 7 Be sure to offer the world’s most complete 7 Take advantage of getting a complete, 7Gert-Martin Greuel, database in mathematics containing refined and relevant list of resultsEditor-in-Chief abstracts and reviews from 1826 to 7 Always rely on the latest research results the present 7 Easily jump to the source to confirm the 7 Be confident to always offer the most context and retrieve further information up-to-date data, as items are uploaded daily 7 Enjoy entering Zentralblatt MATH in the 7 Increase exposure to other content and language of your choice maximize investment in these sources e.g. SpringerLink 7 Support their researchers in their preferred language This database is edited by European Mathematical Society For more information about Zentralblatt MATH, please visit 7
  6. 6. Zentralblatt MATHAn annual License Models and Availabilityback-up CD-ROM License Modelsguarantees easy Use of the Zentralblatt MATH database is available for an annual fee. There are twoarchiving options for purchasing unlimited concurrent usage. You may subscribe to the database including an optional annual backup CD-ROM or additionally choose to receive the printed Excerpts from Zentralblatt MATH (EUR 525/ US$ 708). Pricing is based on the size of the institution. Usages Statistics Free detailed statistics are available for subscribers upon request. Trials New customers are eligible for a 60-day trial. Some restrictions may apply. Ordering and Fulfillment Information Please contact your local Springer representative or send an email to ABCD Would you like to know more? Contact Springer today. Visit to find your local Springer representative! CONTACT US! 014711x H2888 / ZBA-001 A