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6. about usa


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Prezentarea Romaniei la conferinta bibliotecarilor texani- Austin 15 aprilie 2011.
Ce am observat noi in SUA , in imagini si cuvinte putine.

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6. about usa

  1. 1. What we have observed in the USA
  2. 2. The most beautiful libraries...
  3. 3. To protect the first batch of maize developed through research, the Americans have built a library that “grows beneath the ground”.
  4. 4. ALA – a strong Association Our team at ALA Headquarters
  5. 5. Desire to inform and to be informed....
  6. 6. For the American librarians it is mandatory to work with proud and professionalism
  7. 7. Do not forget the rules...because Americans never forget them!
  8. 8. Americans are reading! ...even Romanian books. And statues are reading in their libraries...
  9. 9. Books so sweet that you can not resist to eat them.
  10. 10. We have not in Europe.
  11. 11. America, a travel country ... Lines for nearly two hours at Chicago Aquarium Boston – Common Park Austin – Texas State Capitol Chicago – Millenium Park
  12. 12. America, land of contrasts and tolerance too...
  13. 13. In Romania we have... ...and... But we like to have... ...and...
  14. 14. We keep for the end a quote which we saw in an American library.