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Contraindications To Breastfeeding


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Contraindications To Breastfeeding

  1. 1. Breastfeeding Information for GPs and Pharmacists Contraindications FACTSHEET to breastfeeding 06 Breastfeeding may not be in the best interest of The benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the the baby in the following conditions: risks in the following conditions: • The baby has galactosaemia, • Mother is Hepatitis B surface antigen positive, • Mother has active untreated tuberculosis, T-cell • Mother is infected with Hepatitis C virus, lymphotrophic virus type 1 or 11, • Mother is carrier of cytomegalovirus (except for • Mother is receiving diagnostic or therapeutic radio- possibly very low birth weight babies), active isotopes or has had exposure to radioactive • Mother smokes – advise her to give up smoking materials, and not smoke in the home, • Mother is receiving antimetabolites or other che- • Mother consumes alcoholic beverages – advise her motherapeutic agents, that an occasional small amount of alcohol will not • Mother is abusing drugs, harm baby but to avoid breastfeeding for approxi- • Mother has herpes simplex lesions on a breast (the mately two hours after drinking, baby may feed from the other breast if free from le- • Baby born with jaundice and hyperbilirubinaemia sions), – should for the most part be breastfed without inter- • Mother is HIV positive. ruption. Occasionally, in rare cases of hyperbilirubi- naemia breastfeeding may need to be interrupted temporarily. Reference Breastfeeding and use of human milk. Paediatrics. VOl 115 No. 2 Feb 2005. Contraindications to breastfeeding © Health Service Executive 2008