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How to Enjoy eBooks on Your Mac


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Here's how to enjoy eBooks from the NH Downloadable Books Consortium on your Mac and transfer the eBook to your Sony Reader.

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How to Enjoy eBooks on Your Mac

  1. 1. Enjoying eBooks on Your Mac! From the New Hampshire Downloadable Books Consortium A udio b oo k s & eB oo k s from you r NH p ublic li bra ry !
  2. 2. What’s involved? Download & install Adobe Digital Editions. Get an Adobe ID. Download & install the appropriate software for your reader, if necessary. Use your library card to log into the site. Checkout an eBook. Download the eBook to your computer & reader.
  3. 3. Why all the steps? Our eBooks have DRM or Digital Rights Management. Special software from Adobe strictly manages the two-week checkout period. (Including early returns!) After two weeks the book is automatically returned to the digital collection so someone else can start to read the book.
  4. 4. Adobe Digital Editions Find a link to the ADE software from the left sidebar of our site. Click through to the Adobe site.
  5. 5. Install ADE Click to launch the ADE Installer... Install... Confirm installation... The installer will download...
  6. 6. ADE Installation Select the destination to install the software. Hint: It’s probably your Macintosh HD. Provide login password to install software on your Mac. Agree to the licensing. Installation complete!
  7. 7. ADE Setup Assistant If you don’t have an Adobe ID, click on the link to “Get an Adobe ID Online.” Enter your new ID and password into the ADE Setup Assistant. Click the “Authorize” button to authorize your Mac.
  8. 8. Reader Software Have a new reader? If so, you’ll need more software.. H ere’s th e in fo rm ati on fo r th e S ony Reade r. ..
  9. 9. Sony Reader Library Here are the instructions to install the Sony Reader Library, the necessary software for the Sony Reader. Coming at a later date: Nook instructions!
  10. 10. Sony Reader Library Download the Sony Reader Library from: When using Safari to download an installer, the DMG (installation file) will download and automatically open. Follow the instructions from the Installer.
  11. 11. Authorize your reader After your Reader Library software is installed, connect your reader to your Mac. Adobe Digital Editions will recognize it and will authorize the reader.
  12. 12. Visit the site: Vis it th e si te : h tt p:/ h .li b.overdr /n
  13. 13. Sign into the site Sign into the site with your library card. If your card number is shorter than 14 digits, check with your local librarian for additional information. Some libraries that use short patron numbers have issued a prefix to help us keep our books better protected.
  14. 14. See more new eBooks Click on “complete list.”
  15. 15. Check out an eBook When you find an eBook you’d like to read, click on “add to cart.” Titles will remain in your cart for 60 minutes. If you do not check out the book within 60 minutes it will be returned to the collection for someone else to checkout. Proceed to checkout to complete the checkout process. Click on the “Download book” button to download the
  16. 16. Open with... Don’t try to save it. It’s easier to tell the computer which software to use to properly manage the EPUB file. If the “Reader Library” isn’t an option, click on “Choose...”
  17. 17. Find the Sony Reader Library Select the Reader Library software in your applications folder. The next time you download an eBook, Reader Library should be the default application to open the EPUB file.
  18. 18. Open the file Now open the file with the Reader Library software.
  19. 19. Always Allow Adobe Digital Editions needs to share your information...
  20. 20. Hey! There’s your eBook! Like magic it shows up in your Reader Library software. After a minute the software will transfer the book to your Sony Reader.
  21. 21. Enjoy! After the title shows up in your reader, safely disconnect your device and start enjoying your new book!