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Android & omc


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This is a tutorial for patrons of the NH Downloadable Books Service.

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Android & omc

  1. 1. Android & Library eBooksInstalling and Using the OverDrive Media Console App
  2. 2. What You’ll NeedA phone running an Android operating system (Version 1.5or newer)A library card from a participating NHDB Library.Check with your librarian, you might need to log into the sitewith more than just your library card.An Adobe account -- If you don’t already have one, and register for a new account. (Adobe managesthe DRM, or Digital Rights Management, that the libraryeBooks have.)
  3. 3. Check Out an eBookIt’s not necessary, but it’s easier to use yourcomputer browser to check out an eBooks toyour library account.The mobile version of the NDHB site doesnot include an option to only view availabletitles.
  4. 4. Searching for available EPUB eBooks
  5. 5. The App: OMCThe OverDrive Media Console (OMC) isan application (app) that you can installon your Android phone.This app works to display and authorizeAdobe EPUB eBooks on loan from theNH Downloadable Books library.
  6. 6. Getting the AppSearch for the app “OverDrive MediaConsole through the Android Marketicon on your phone.Or visit:
  7. 7. Or use your phone’s barcode scanner to scan this QR code to bring you to the Market.
  8. 8. Tap the OMC app to install. Sorry, I took this after the installation...
  9. 9. Install.Sorry, once again, I took this after installing...
  10. 10. Authorize Your AppThis app needs to be authorized with your Adobe ID. Open the app. Tap the settings button on your phone. Tap “App Settings.” Authorize with your ID (email address) and password.
  11. 11. Get Your eBookUsing your phone’s browser, visitour NHDB site: QR code made with Google redirect service.
  12. 12. Logging Into Your AccountClick Login.Select your library from the long list ofmember libraries.The page reloads; enter your cardnumber.(There are a lot of NH public libraries,right!)
  13. 13. Finding Your eBookOnce logged in, clickon “Currently checkedout items” to find youreBook.
  14. 14. Downloading the eBookClick “Download”next to the checked outbook. I’m allowed to read what I want...
  15. 15. Tap to Start ReadingThe eBook starts downloadingautomatically and shouldcompletely finish in much lessthan one minute.Download times will varydepending on your connection.Tap the title to start reading.
  16. 16. Early ReturnsLibrary eBooks can be returned earlierthan 14 days.From a PC or Mac computer with AdobeDigital Editions installed andauthorized, download the eBook to yourcomputer. Be sure that the file openswithin ADE.
  17. 17. The item will return to the collection and allow you to check out more eBooks!
  18. 18. Enjoy the Library eBooks on Your Android Phone!