Historia de st. patrick (autoguardado)


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Historia de st. patrick (autoguardado)

  1. 1. The story of St. PatrickMany, years ago in the day of old,
  2. 2. even older than Teresa, in a landfar, far away from Spain thestory begins which tells of the boy whobecomes St Patrick.He was not born in Ireland,which many people believe, includingmany Irish people. No, he was born in acountry across the sea from Irelandcalled Wales. Wales is not farfrom Ireland which turned out to be
  3. 3. rather unfortunate for young MaewynSuccat. Who is that? I hear you ask. Yousee that was his name before he becamePatrick, I am glad he changed it as StMaewyn Succat’s day is much harder topronounce. I am sure that youngMaewyn had a normal childhood;perhaps he played football with his friends who alsohad silly names. Perhaps he used theInternet. Could he have hada Facebook page? Or, how about a
  4. 4. mobile phone to text hisfriends? I wonder which TV programmes he preferred? Well you see,electricity had not been invented inMaewyn’s time so he would not havehad any of the things that young peopletoday could not imagine livingwithout. What kind of games do youthink young Maewyn and his friendsplayed so long ago? Anyway, back to thestory. When Maewyn was sixteen yearsold a group of mad Irishmen raided hislittle Welsh village and capturedhim. Without even asking for
  5. 5. permission, they bundled him on a boatback to Ireland tosell as a slave. He always wanted to goon a boat journey but not like this. Nomore normal childhood for youngMaewyn. He was sold to a Druid chiefwho had a large herd of pigs. Guesswhat his new job was to be? Yes, youguessed correctly; a pigfarmer . Now life as a pig
  6. 6. farmer was no picnic for the young manfrom wales. It was a very difficult andsmelly job to do, perhaps at that timehis name was changed toSmelly , we just don’t know.He ate, slept with and generally livedamong the pigs and each night hewould tell them the story of “The threelittle pigs”, how they loved that story. It was during his time in Ireland thatSmelly, sorry, Maewyn became a
  7. 7. Christian . One night heheard a voice in his dreams telling himto get an airplane back to his owncountry, but as airplanes were not yetinvented he had to go byship . He fled thecoast of Ireland and found his way backhome. After having the world’s longestshower he joined a
  8. 8. monastery where he stayed for the nexttwelve years . Itbecame his goal in life to convert thepagans of Ireland to Christianity.Perhaps he thought that this would puta stop to their pastime of kidnappingand selling young boys into slavery. Itwas at this time that he took the namePatrick . He became a bishopand went back to Ireland to pursue his
  9. 9. destiny . He was very good athis job as he helped many people tofind God and leave their old paganways behind. He even went to visit hisold slave master to show that he had nobad feelings towards him. Perhaps healso wanted to visit his old roommatesthe pigs, but alas, they had all beeneaten. This upset Patrick because he waslooking forward to a nice piece of ham.The story goes that his old master tookall his valuables to his house andburned it down with himself stillinside. Apparently, he did not want toface his former slave who had becomefamous.
  10. 10. Many stories have been writtenabout Patrick. He was not yet called St.Patrick, which would come much later.It is said that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland, not in acar mind you because cars had not beeninvented yet either. This is not exactlytrue, at that time there were no snakesin Ireland. As the devil is often referredto as a snake, it is said that it was thedevil he banished from Ireland. It is
  11. 11. said also that he used theshamrock as a symbol of the HolyTrinity. That is why the shamrock isvery famous in Ireland and peoplearound the world associate it withIreland. But we do know that he builtmany churches and schools allover Ireland. He spent almost thirtyyears in Ireland teaching the pagans ofthat green land about the wonders ofthe Catholic religion. The Irish peoplenever forgot about the boy who, in the
  12. 12. twelfth century became a saint,taking the name St Patrick.St Patrick day was originally areligious holiday but these days it is asecular holiday. It is celebrated eachyear on March 17th, which isthe date on which he died. Ireland isnot the only country to celebrate. Overthe centuries many Irish people went todistant lands to find fame and fortune.With them they brought their cultureand traditions. Today St. Patrick’s dayis also enjoyed by both Catholics and
  13. 13. non-Catholics. In my own little town,on the south coast of Ireland, we have abeautiful parade through our citystreets. Lots of children dress up asleprechauns andmini St Patricks. It is a day to rememberall the good things about being Irish, atime to be proud of our history.