Open Access in Spain


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Lecture. "Open Commons: Spanish Libraries Enhancing Open Access to Knowledge" presented by Dr. José A. Merlo. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Jackson Library, Hodges Reading Room, May 30th 2013. Greensboro NC. Dr. Merlo is Professor and Library Services Director at the University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain. Spanish facts and open access resources, including key issues and the case study of University of Salamanca, Spain.

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Open Access in Spain

  1. 1. University LibrariesLibrary Diversity CommitteeOpen CommonsSpanish Libraries EnhancingOpen Access to KnowledgeThe University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). May 30, 2013.José Antonio Merlo Vega, Ph.D. USAL. LIS Professor. Library Services DirectorChair REBIUN Working Group on Repositories
  2. 2. InternationaloverviewUSmilestonesSpanishkey issuesSpanishfactsCasestudySpanishresources
  3. 3. InternationaloverviewState of the artOpenDOAR http://www.opendoar.org2,212 repositories
  4. 4. InternationaloverviewState of the artDOAJ http://www.doaj.org9,347 Academic OA Journals
  5. 5. InternationaloverviewState of the artOpenDOAR http://www.opendoar.org83% institutional repositories
  6. 6. January 2013 editionhttp://repositories.webometrics.infoUS facts
  7. 7. US MilestonesOpen Data PolicyExecutive Order May 9, 2013Making Open and Machine Readablethe New Default for GovernmentInformationFederally Open Access ResearchMemorandum February 22, 2013Expanding Public Access to theResults of Federally Funded ResearchSince February 2013Digital Public Library of America launched April 18th, 2013Open access to public data and publicfunding research are on the rise
  8. 8. Spain EnhancingOpen Access toKnowledge Spanishkey issues
  9. 9. Spanishkey issuesOpen standards● Using metadata standards● Using interoperability protocols● Adopting international schemes● Addressing specific purposes● Integrating with external resourcesUse of open standards means thedata are available to share
  10. 10. Spanishkey issuesOpen rights● Copyleft as a legal policy● Creative commons licences● Reuse of data and documents● Attribution is requiredCopyleft is within Spanishintellectual property legislation
  11. 11. Spanishkey issuesOpen policies● Law of Science● Legislative decree on doctoral degrees● Regional goverment policies● Mandates of universities● Research funding requirements● National funding on preservationSeveral initiatives support andpromote open access
  12. 12. Spanishkey issuesOpen attitude● Open academic publishing● Sharing resources (harvesters)● Working together (networks)● Sharing projects (local & international)● Sharing knowledge commitmentOpen access to public research as a socialresponsibilty of public institutions
  13. 13. Spain, a country proopen accessSpanishfacts
  14. 14. SpanishfactsJanuary 2013 editionhttp://repositories.webometrics.infoOpenDOAR
  15. 15. SpanishfactsMedoanet
  16. 16. SpanishfactsDOAJ http://www.doaj.orgSpain is well situated on the globalopen access stage with a significantnumber of repositories and academicopen access journals.
  17. 17. SpanishfactsEuropeanahttp://www.europeana.euSpain supports international projects,like Europeana, following standardsand sharing records.
  18. 18. Spain shares itsknowledge in open accessSpanishresources
  19. 19. Spanishresourcesdirectorieshttp://hispana.mcu.es597 repositories and digital collections195 OAI-Compliant repositoriesDirectoryof digitalcollections
  20. 20. Spanishresourcesdirectories99 institutionalrepositories,including consortia ofinstitutionalrepositories
  21. 21. Spanishresources4,542,080 digital objectsfrom 195 OAI repositorieshttp://hispana.mcu.esNationalharvester ofdigitalcollectionsharvesters
  22. 22. Spanishresourcesharvesters1,485,177 records from academicjournals and institutional repositorieshttp://www.recolecta.netRecords ofacademicresources inopen access
  23. 23. SpanishresourcesheritageBiblioteca Virtual de Patrimonio Bibliográficohttp://bvpb.mcu.esDigitallibrary ofbibliographicheritage40,000 titles
  24. 24. SpanishresourcesheritageDigitallibrary ofhistoricalnewspapers2,037 serialsBiblioteca Virtual de Prensa Histórica
  25. 25. SpanishresourcesHispanicDigitalLibrary.NationalLibrary50,000 books,6,000manuscripts,4,000 maps...Biblioteca Digital Hispánicahttp://www.bne.esheritage
  26. 26. SpanishresourcescultureCervantesVirtualLibrary.LiteratureBiblioteca Virtual Cervantes
  27. 27. SpanishresourcesdissertationsTesis doctorales en redhttp://www.tesisenred.netRepositoryand harvesterAccess to40,200dissertations
  28. 28. SpanishresourcesDialnethttp://dialnet.unirioja.esJournalalerts andrepository3,840,820open accessdocumentspapersproceedingsdissertations
  29. 29. SpanishresourcespapersDigital CSIChttps://digital.csic.esRepositoryof mainresearchinstitution72,000 papers
  30. 30. SpanishresourcespapersBusca Repositorios institutionalrepositories ofuniversitiesand researchcenters
  31. 31. Spanish + international resourcesE-LIShttp://eprints.rclis.orgLIS repositorywith significantSpanishinitiative andcontributionsDigibis Spanish-madeapp for simultaneoussearch in DPLA andEuropeanaDPLA/Europeana Query
  32. 32. From local to global,thinking in open at theUniversity of SalamancaCasestudy
  33. 33. The institutional repository as a library service•The University of Salamanca was founded in 1218•Their academic community is formed by 35,000students, 2,300 faculty members and 1,300 support staff(170 librarians and staff working in libraries)•Library system has 25 branches: historic library,general library, campus or content area libraries, schoolor department libraries, and remote storageUniversidad de Salamanca http://www.usal.esBibliotecas/Libraries
  34. 34. OPACsWorldcatApp iOS &AndroidUnioncatalogseResourceseBookslendingplatformDigitallibrary andRepositoryExternalresourcesThe institutional repository as a library serviceUniversity of SalamancaLibraries Portal - Resources
  35. 35. University of SalamancaInstitutional Repositoryhttp://gredos.usal.esThe institutional repository as a library service
  36. 36. Open attitude, policies, and rightsSince 20094 Sections•Digital library (62,500 records)•Scientific repository (16,500records)•Educational repository (1,100records)•Institutional archive (22,300records)309 Communities(Departments, Research groups, …)2668 Collections(LIS Theses, USAL Ejournals,Manuscripts,…)102,407 Records(one record may contain severaldigital objects)
  37. 37. Open standardsMETSPREMISESEEDMRDFDC-QOAI-DCcrosswalks
  38. 38. Open standars + Harvesting + Visibility
  39. 39. ● Democratic way to share knowledge● Return on investment for publicly-funded research● Eliminates economic barriers● Access to quality academic papers without restrictions● Enhances reach and visibility of research● Increases the impact of researchOpen Access is Open Commons
  40. 40. University LibrariesLibrary Diversity CommitteeThanksGraciasJosé A. Merlo Vega· Universidad de Salamanca· · @merlovega
  41. 41. Library and Information Studies•Undergraduate Program•Master´s Program•Doctoral ProgramLibrary Services•Portal: http://•Repository: http://•E-book lending platform:•Apps iOS&Android, Worldcat,Social media, Union catalogs, E-resources, etc.