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Open tripplanner

  1. 1. Open Trip Planner ProjectC-TranMarch 4, 2011Presented by Bibiana McHugh, IT Manager of Spatial Technologies
  2. 2. Google Trends – Most Popular Searches by City
  3. 3. Google Trends – Most Popular Searches by City
  4. 4. Google Trends – Most Popular Searches by City
  5. 5. Open Source Interactive System Map
  6. 6. Single-Mode Trip Planners
  7. 7. Single-Mode Trip Planners
  8. 8. Single-Mode Trip Planners
  9. 9. Multi-Mode Trip Planners
  10. 10. Multi-Mode Trip Planners
  11. 11. Multi-Mode Trip Planners
  12. 12. Multi-Mode Trip Planners
  13. 13. Metro Regional Travel Options GrantJuly 1, 2009 – July 1, 2011Project TasksTask 1 Project Management Plan September 2009 Software development and implementation ofTask 2 January 2011 working prototype for a multi-modal trip plannerTask 3 Evaluation Study May 2011Task 4 Final Reports June 2011 Open Source Multi-Modal Trip Planner
  14. 14. Open Plans
  15. 15. Project Initiation Workshop July 2009
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Open Source Development Method
  18. 18. OSM RegionalPostGIS Shapefiles Oracle OpenStreetMap DataAdapter Adapter Adapter Adapter Adapter Data API Address Geocoding Routing Normalizer Etc. Service Service Service Web Services Client API Application Open Architecture
  19. 19. GTFS Data USGS National Street Data Elevation DatasetTransit Trip Planning Routing attributes required Open Data
  20. 20. what can OPEN deliver in 9 months?
  21. 21. what can OPEN deliver in 9 months?
  22. 22. Demos running in 6 countries
  23. 23. Open PlansNYC PlanningAtlantaSound TransitRide ConnectionThe IntertwineSupport Options
  24. 24. The Intertwine ProjectImplementation ofOTP for IntertwinePlanning of multi-modal trips includingbiking and walkingto explore IntertwineSharing ofinformation betweenusers andcommunityTrails.shp developedfor Intertwine
  25. 25. Transit Trip Testing January 2011
  26. 26. Commercial RLIS Centerline Open Street Products File MapTeleAtlas or Navtech maintained by local originally imported from jurisdictions and TIGER 2007 (without integrated for regional addresses) and crowd- distribution sourcedseamless coverage 3-county coverage area seamless coverage worldwide worldwidemeets all requirements but designed for geocoding & designed for, and costly other regional supports, multi- modal requirements, not routing routing no customization needed for OTP, not proprietary OTP Street Data Options
  27. 27. Priority Phase I – Feb 18, 2011 thru Aug 18, 2011 1 Improve Geometry- make OSM linework coincident with RLIS Add Additional Linework: 2 Trails.shp, bicycle.shp, pedestrian paths, major waterways 3 Verify Directionality for bicycle routing 4 Verify Turn Restrictions for bicycle routing OSM Improvements
  28. 28. Metro Regional Travel Options GrantJuly 1, 2011 – July 1, 2013OTP Project Tasks Project Management Plan work with stakeholders to identify and prioritizeTask 1 September 2011 requirements and that can be delivered within the two- year timeframe and budget Application Development of Features prioritizedTask 2 January 2011 at July 2011 WorkshopTask 3 Evaluation Study May 2011Task 4 Final Reports June 2011 Open Trip Planner Phase II
  29. 29. Features Needed to Replace ATIS1. Ability to print, email, and SMS output2. Fare calculations3. Return and prioritization of multiple trip itineraries4. Language translation5. Graph/chart to easily change variables for trip plans6. Enhancements based on feedback from public beta release7. Geocoder to locate addresses and landmarks8. Administrative tools for staff to continue maintenance of the application and data, including transfers.9. Tools for Customer Service staff10. Improve stability of the API for third-party developers11. Extend the availability of the service to mobile devices12. Trip disability options Open Trip Planner
  30. 30. OTP Phase II Kick-off Workshop July 2011On the Horizon OSM Data Improvements August 2011 OTP TriMet Public Beta release September 2011 Code for America Program January 2012