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  1. 1. Make Our Wish List Come True If You Can InFOcus T H E N E W L E T T E R O F S E C ON D G E N E S I S • S P R I N G 2 0 0 9 We need now (all adult sizes J. Michael McGuinness, Executive Director in M,L,XL, and 2XL): New underwear and socks- Bryan Dierkes, Chief Financial Officer Mary Bracken, M.D., Director of Medical Afghan and Kenyan Medical Delegation Tours Wanted: Alumni mens, womens and children up to age 11 Services Lucy Lowenthal, Director of Development Second Genesis in State Department Initiative To Help Celebrate Grey and black sweat clothes Katie Garriott, Director of Nutrition Services Michelle Larkins, Director of Human Second Genesis was honored to host a study tour of easier to manage. After losing their husbands in 40th Anniversary New t-shirts and underwear Resources Raymond Brown, Senior Program Director, substance abuse professionals from Afghanistan and combat, many mothers become the sole caretakers If you are a graduate of Toiletry items including Anne Arundel Facility Kenya for five of children, preventing them from entering addiction Second Genesis and would towels Lynn Burke, Program Director, Co-Occurring days from March treatment. Still, many others resist because of the like to be included in our New flip flops or plastic Disorders Program Annex, Anne Arundel 23-27.The group societal shame. 40th anniversary, please sandals Facility included two Titus Tucker, Program Director, Women and medical doctors, In response to this devastating problem, INL has contact us.At our gathering, Healthy snacks for children Children’s Mellwood Residential Facility we will review options for including cereal bars, raisins, Kestryl Leffyear, Program Director, two nurses, funded several residential drug treatment programs the Fall Event including applesauce, 100% juice and Harvard Street Residential Facility counselors, for women and their children, the first of their kind workshops, social fresh produce Wilhelm Bonnette, Program Director, clinical social in Afghanistan.The Sanga Amaj Center in Kabul is the gatherings, as well as To pre-arrange food drop-offs Minnesota Ave. Outpatient Facility workers and first women’s drug treatment center there and has Volunteer Organizing in to the houses, call our educators.The been successful since it opened in 2007. In early Board of Directors delegation was November, INL opened its second facility in Mazar-e- bringing meetings and Nutrition Director, Katie Jane Abraham graduate recovery Garriott, at 301-563-1545 Zion Avissar sponsored by the International Narcotics and Law Sharif, Balkh Province. A third facility is planned for experiences to our current ext. 312. Robert E. Carlstrom, Jr., Chairperson Enforcement Bureau (INL) of the State Department, the Herat province. clients. If you would like to John Carnevale, Ph.D. headed up by Mr.Thomas Browne, a seasoned be a part of this event, Nancy Dudley diplomat and expert in the field of addiction for more In Kenya the problem is a bit different.The major please email development Patricia A. Farrell, Secretary than 30 years and a long time friend of Second drugs are alcohol and marijuana, with an increasing Jack Klimp, or call Genesis. During the week the visitors studied the use of heroin in the coastal region.While there are Michael Jacobs 301-563-1545 ext. 320 to Roscoe Little, Treasurer Second Genesis curriculum, taking part in workshops, continued on p.2 reach Lucy Lowenthal, Alan Meltzer sessions and group therapy. The Development Director. Robert Naddelman experience was part of the United Richard Robbins States Global Initiative to provide Annual Report Wins Silver Addy Award Peregrine Roberts, Vice-Chairperson Edward A. Romanoff treatment for addicted women and children in Afghanistan and Kenya. The report, featuring blocks painted by Dan Rosenthal graduates on the cover, received an Addy Sidney Shankman, M.D., Founder Award from the Advertising Club of John Troha According to the United Nations Washington at its March 19 annual event. Nicole Watson Office on Drugs and Crime, more than 93% of the opium produced for the world’s illicit narcotics markets comes from Afghanistan. Many women there take opium Second Genesis, Inc. for pain management, often 8611 Second Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910 See our new video at Afghan and Kenyan delegation, pictured with (far left, standing): Founder Sidney Shankman, Tel: 301 563 1545 Fax: 301 563-1546 during pregnancy, and some give M.D. (From left, seated): Director of INL at the State Department Thomas Browne, Executive it to their children to make them Director of Second Genesis J. Michael McGuinness Therapeutic Community Locations: Upper Marlboro, Maryland (Women and Children) 301 568 4822 Crownsville, Maryland (Traditional, Co-Occurring) 410 923 0401 Washington, D.C. (Traditional) 202 222 0120 Outpatient 202 388 3525 Admissions 301 563 1545 ext 153 What’s Inside Second Genesis is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Contributions are tax-deductible. * Leading judge encourages addiction treatment for success Federal Tax Identification #54-0890868 Second Genesis, Inc. does not discriminate based on gender, * Maryland awards Second Genesis new women’s prison contract age, race, or sexual orientation. * Director in the spotlight: Titus Tucker
  2. 2. Judge Silkworth’s Leadership Second Genesis Expands “Behind the Walls” Program Increases Awareness That At Maryland Correctional Institute for Women by Executive Director J. Michael McGuinness Addiction Treatment Works Partly in recognition of our superior work in Inmate For years, court systems have perceived a slight stigma Assessment in 13 of its facilities, the Maryland Department in sending offenders to drug treatment programs, of Public Safety and Corrections awarded Second Genesis seemingly not recognizing their effectiveness in a contract to operate a 75-bed modified Therapeutic reducing repeat criminal behavior. Community in the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women Meet the Directors (MCI-W) in Jessup, MD. All inmates served by the MCI-W But Judge Ronald A. Silkworth of the Circuit Court of Titus Simuel Tucker program are within 24 months of mandatory release and have Anne Arundel Couny, knows that “Treatment Works” Director of Mellwood been identified as having severe substance abuse histories as and has taken the reins in promoting it within the transitioning care, providing a much more fluid and Women and Children’s Program indicated by the Addictions Severity Index (ASI). court system. He also knows that as a judge he needs consistent process for the client to recover. As a teenager in LaGrange, GA, my to stay involved. It has been proven that success rates younger cousin would disappear We are grateful that Judge Silkworth has taken his The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) grant showed that recurring increase dramatically if the judges monitor their clients for days at a time. My aunt told time to understand and encourage the importance criminal behavior and substance abuse within the MCI-W population that me she was “doing drugs”; which throughout treatment and after-care. of treatment for Second Genesis’Anne Arundel/ involve psychological dysfunctions are very common. Under Secretary made me wonder what drug is While taking a stronger stance in the offender’s Crownsville clients.With a group of treatment Maynard, the Department has adopted a treatment philosophy focused on so profound that a person will successfully preparing offenders to return to their communities.As substance treatment program requires extra paperwork, time, providers, including our Compliance and Operations relinquish all willpower to a and commitment, the client benefits from a variety Manager, Kristy Blalock, Judge Silkworth has been abuse treatment is a primary tool in combating criminal behavior, such substance? of deterrences against returning to criminal activity. instrumental in educating other judges about using programs are at the heart of a re-entry effort. Now, with my PhD in Counseling Psychology, I teach my clients The case manager from the courts is then able to stay addiction treatment as a sentencing option and with the client throughout their treatment and into bringing much-needed awareness to its effectiveness. Second Genesis counselors will deliver group and individual therapy sessions over about the disease of addiction, helping them assess the triggers a six-month program in a stand-alone modified therapeutic community. Staff- that drove them to abuse drugs. facilitated clinical groups will be scheduled Under the guidance of my mentor, former Program Director Beatrice “As a primary tool in combating criminal behavior, substance abuse at least twice daily, Monday through Friday, and include such topics and strategies as: chemical dependency education, Crump, I developed my therapeutic treatment is at the heart of a [community]re-entry effort.” relapse prevention and planning, pro-social skills development, philosophy of incorporating the victim awareness, anger management, trauma recovery, problem entire family in treating a women’s solving, communication skills and conflict resolution. We expect the inmates will addiction. Hotbeds of Drug Abuse, Afghan and Kenyan Representatives Visit SG Experts for Guidance benefit greatly from the“Second Genesis Approach and Philosophy”. Established The safe and nurturing to address the need for a more intensive treatment alternative, this is a successor (continued from page 1) environment here incorporates several treatment centers, none are funded by the program to the Friends/MCI-W Drug Treatment Project (funded by NIDA), part of vocational skills such as money government, leaving the entire burden to individuals. NIDA’s Patuxent Women’s Project from 1995-1999. management, cooking classes, and Jennifer Kimani, Chief Executive Officer of Kenya’s sewing class so that the women are Overall, Second Genesis is successfully navigating these troubling economic times. newly established National Campaign against Drug better able to balance their jobs at Abuse, said she wanted to learn exactly how Mellwood All programs are doing well and expanding in a number of areas. We recently home when they leave us. house runs.“The scenario in Kenya is that women do received word that three contracts with the State of Maryland’s Mental Health As a role model, I have my own not get treatment.” and Hygiene/Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration have been renewed: The personal wellness program, Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Services of Criminal Justice Patients including training for long distance Despite religious and cultural differences, the desire (Level 111.3), Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Services for Criminal races. I feel honored to be part of to treat mothers with their children is universal. an organization with a forty year Healthy familial bonding is intrinsic to a successful Justice Patients (Level 111.5) and Statewide Residential Substance Abuse track record of success in helping recovery for both the addicted mother and the Treatment Services for Pregnant Women and Women with Children (Level people break the cycle of addiction traumatized child whether it is in war-torn Afghanistan 111.3).We also will continue the Baltimore Substance Abuse Service contract and find a new life. or the inner city of Baltimore or Washington, DC. for Women and Children at Mellwood in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Please e-mail me ( if you would like to comment or share your ideas.