The Window Script


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The Window Script

  1. 1. The Window
  2. 2. INT.HOSPITAL.MONTAGE A montage sequence of a standard state hospital. the wheels of a trolley bed. As the montage unfolds and conversations can be heard. COLIN(V/O) my wife is so....(Colin discusses his wife and family-improv) ADAM(V/O) Ohh and she...(discusses his wife and family montage of nurses and recepiionists. Doctors with stethoscopes. ADAM(V/O) (discusses his job and time in the army) COLIN(V/O) (discusses his experiences) long hallways. gleaming floors TITLE: WINDOW The sequence ends facing a door into a ward. INT. WARD. DAY describing the view outside the window ADAM well. anything good? COLIN nice. (giggles) there’s a chick. ADAM and? what she look like? COLIN err, blond, big tits, the usual. shit she looked They both laugh COLIN theres a lambagini outside, you know that was my dream car... (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. ADAM what’s the weather? COLIN its nice. bit cloudy though. Nurse goes through door NURSE ok Colin, your hour’s over, its time to lie back down She helps Colin lie down on the bed. NURSE Is there anything, I can get you Adam? ADAM err, no, thank you. INT. WARD.DAY ADAM It’s time The nurse comes in and once again props Colin upright in his bed. COLIN It’s raining. there’s been a crash. ADAM ye, what else? come on tell me COLIN err, there’s another chick ADAM come on details... COLIN she’s hot ADAM you know it’s really not fair that you can see out that window and I can’t. God if I could see you that window I would describe every little thing from the color of an old man’s coat to the shape of a door and you won’t even give me the measurements of this chick. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. Colin lies back down in his bed. ADAM hey, what the hell are you doing? COLIN I’ve had enough for today ADAM dude, come on don’t be like that COLIN I’m sorry Adam but I’m tired and my chest hurts. Adam looks angry. INT. WARD. NIGHT Both men are asleep and it seems peaceful, until Colin begins to cough violently. He tries to reach for the big red button on the wall but he can not reach. Adam is starring looking angry, he reaches over to press his own red button but suddenly he catches a glimpse of moonlight coming from the window and the look on his face suggests that the death of his friend could be the key to moving next to the window. He falls back to sleep. INT. WARD. DAY The nurse wheels a body in a bag on a stretcher out of the room. Colin’s bed is empty. The nurse comes back in. NURSE I’m sorry Adam. Colin didn’t make it, he passed away in his sleep last night. I know how close you two were. Would you like some time alone? ADAM yes please. (pause) actually, could I be moved next to the window? I think its what Colin would have wanted... (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. NURSE are you sure? Adam nods. Nurse switches the two bed’s around. NURSE I’ll give you some time. She leaves and shuts the door behind her. Adam with an excited expression on his face, finally hoists himself up on his elbows (even though this is dangerous in his condition) to catch his first glance out of the window. His face is stunned with shock, he gasps. There is nothing but a brick wall outside of the window. Adam looks up to the ceiling realizing what he has done. Fade out.