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WP Cairo Meetup-1


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This is the presentation slides used in our first WP Cairo meetup at Almaqarr co-working space, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

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WP Cairo Meetup-1

  1. 1. Who am I? - I’m mohamad Elbialy and I’ve been working with WordPress for 3 years Mostly doing themes for clients. - I also did a couple of plugins for learning purposes. - I’m the organizer for this meet up.
  2. 2. Let’s get started • This is the user session (4-5.30pm) • What’s WordPress? - Not just a blogging application - it’s developed to be a fully functional CMS - you can make anything from a blog to an advanced website.
  3. 3. Why WordPress? • It’s free and open source (use, copy, study, modify and share) – GNU GPLV2 (freedom not price). • It’s 10 years old. • WordPress is a community not just a S/W. • Who is using WordPress? Businesses, schools, Education institutes… Aliens.
  4. 4. WordPress show cases •
  5. 5. • Self hosted VS cloud hosted • Cost • Freedom and limitation • Maintenance and development • s-org-vs-wordpress-com/
  6. 6. Installing WordPress locally • Wamp • mamp • xamp • Bitnami
  7. 7. Installing wordpress on a live server • What’s a server, client and database? •,, • Cpanel and vDeck
  8. 8. Over view of the WP Dashboard • The WordPress toolbar • The difference between posts and pages • Creating posts • Creating categories and what's the difference between cats and tags. • Text formatting • Adding links • Adding images (directly to the post/featured images)