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Las Vegas


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Las Vegas

  1. 1. Do you trust in today’s technology?
  2. 2. What you are seeing is the Stratosphere.This is a hotel of the city of Las Vegas. Las Vegas is full of hotels and casinos with the most exotic architectural forms. But give it another look! Do you see anything extraordinary?
  3. 3. Closer.......The Tower is 350 meters high, equivalent to 110 floors.
  4. 4. It’s a panoramic tower! We see below, Brasil TelecomTower in the city of Curitiba. It is 110 meters tall.
  5. 5. But the tower that we see here is special...What strange thing is that at the top of the building?
  6. 6. YES – you are right!An amusement park with fourof those "toys" normally found in parks on the ground?
  7. 7. ... It is a rollercoaster -- at the top of the tower!
  8. 8. A second “fun ride" is an elevator, which rises to the top and thendescends, making people feel the effect of up to four times the gravitational force!
  9. 9. The other "fun ride"is sort of a corridor. It “simulates” as ifit’s going to go into space…..but it stops at the last minute.
  10. 10. And now the last one….. People sit on the chairs and see what happens.... The whole unit begins to rotate at high speed.The effect of the centrifugal force causes the mechanism to start to open up and...
  11. 11. Catch the speed!It circles at 40 MPH at a 3G force!!!
  12. 12. Need I say More