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8,000 Sites and Counting: Running a *Huge* WordPress Service initially launched in 2009 with the goal of providing an easy-to-use self service blogging platform for UNC's students, faculty and staff. Today, that simple idea has expanded to thousands of websites and is now a collaborative initiative between ITS Web Services and the College of Art and Sciences Information Services (OASIS).

This presentation discusses the rewards and challenges of managing and supporting a large WordPress multisite installation, including overseeing security, support, multi-site updates and the task of staying current in a rapidly changing and evolving web landscape.

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8,000 Sites and Counting: Running a *Huge* WordPress Service

  1. 1. 8,000 Sites and Counting Running a HUGE WordPress Service Billy Hylton, Miles Fink, William Earnhardt | #UNCCTC
  2. 2. Who We Are Billy Hylton Manager Also pretends to be a surfer and skateboarder. Will Earnhardt Web Developer Can code almost as well as he can fish. Miles Fink Web Developer Likes his rock classic. #UNCCTC
  3. 3. WordPress at Carolina Self service web publishing for Carolina faculty, staff, and students. Enterprise web platform for divisions, departments, schools, and more. #UNCCTC
  4. 4. WordPress at Carolina Collaborations Student Organizations Greek Community DH Press Instructional Resources Services Faculty CVs Portfolios Much More! Homepage Departments Divisions Schools Campus Units Centers & Institutes Research Labs Programs Student Government #UNCCTC
  5. 5. WordPress at Carolina
  6. 6. WordPress at Carolina
  7. 7. WordPress at Carolina
  8. 8. WordPress at Carolina
  9. 9. A Few Numbers
  10. 10. Pageviews: 2013-2014 50 Million #UNCCTC
  11. 11. Sep 20, 2013 – Oct 20, 2014 #UNCCTC
  12. 12. Sep 20, 2013 – Oct 20, 2014 #UNCCTC
  13. 13. Pageviews: Sept. – Oct. 6 Million #UNCCTC
  14. 14. Pageviews by Day 150,000-200,000 #UNCCTC
  15. 15. Multisite Makes it Happen
  16. 16. Single Site vs Multisite #UNCCTC Single Site Multisite One WordPress Install ✓ ✓ One Database ✓ ✓ Supports Themes ✓ ✓ Supports Plugins ✓ ✓
  17. 17. Single Site vs Multisite #UNCCTC Single Site Multisite Number of Websites 1 Unlimited* *Only limited by system resources
  18. 18. Pros & Cons of Multisite Pros: Updates Reusability of code Shared Database Security Shared System Resources Messaging Single Sign-On #UNCCTC Cons: Updates Reusability of code Shared Database Security Shared System Resources Single Point of Failure
  19. 19. Security #UNCCTC
  20. 20. Network Administration #UNCCTC
  21. 21. Network Administration #UNCCTC
  22. 22. Going Forward. Together.
  23. 23. Introducing Heelium
  24. 24. Heelium Theme Built on Roots Theme Bootstrap-enabled Flexible sidebars Fully responsive UNC-branded Default New UI components New Shortcode options #UNCCTC
  25. 25. Unique Similarity
  26. 26. Next Steps “Refresh” More solutions w/ WordPress App development Mobile Development workflow Security Collaboration Your Ideas… #UNCCTC
  27. 27. Thank You! E-mail You can contact us at On the web 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12