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Small Pieces, Loosely Joined (and other good elearning ideas for Douglas County)

  1. “Small Pieces, Loosely Joined” and other good ideas for elearning in Douglas County 02.09.09
  2. What is the web for?
  3. It is for storing stuff.
  4. It is for finding stuff.
  5. It is for communicating stuff too.
  6. So, we just need ONE site to hold all of our stuff.
  7. “The future of the web is not about visiting sites. It is about connecting resources.” -Stephen Downes
  8. We don’t need a place that holds everything. We need a place that helps us to connect everything.
  9. The school and the learning does not equal the LMS.
  10. So, What are the Small Pieces of Online Learning and where do they connect?
  11. Content (current state):
  12. Content (future state):
  13. Information (Current state):
  14. Information (Future state):
  15. Web Conferencing (Current state):
  16. Web Conferencing (Future state):
  17. Social Networking (Current and Future states):
  18. Calendaring (Current and Future states):
  19. Chat (Current and Future states):
  20. Blogs (Current and Future states):
  21. Collaboration and portfolios (Current and Future states):
  22. Wikis: (Current and Future states):
  23. What are IT’s small pieces?
  24. How do we loosely tie all of these small pieces together?
  25. A Portal based upon the role of the learner.
  26. Giving access to the learning network that they need.