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30 Minute Expert4


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Published in: Education
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30 Minute Expert4

  1. 1. Film was so much more different in the 1940's verses any other time before. More women showed up in films, and storylines with more interst. This also lead into more women turning their interests toward fashion or looks or trends.
  2. 2. 1940's were when book clubs began to appear and books were a common place. Many books were based on the horror of war and prejudice. Some examples of the literary arts during the 1940s would include The Lottery, The Human Comedy, Young Lions, The Naked and the Dead, and Native Son.
  3. 3. The battle of the Bulge, was when the German counter offensive against the Allies troops that invaded during Normandy planned to cut British and American battle lines in half thus allowing the access powers to negotiate a peace treaty.
  4. 4. Emperor Hirohito: He was the Japanese Emperor during WWII on the side of Axis. According to Akira Fujiwara, the emperor personally ordered his army to remove the 'constarints of international law' on the treatment of Chinese prisoners on August 5.
  5. 5. Douglas MacArthur: He was the commander general of the US offensive in the Pacific theater. He was famous for saying the words quot;I shall returnquot; when ordered to evacuate to Australia and thus abandoning his men.
  6. 6. Fascism: This led countries that veiwed the army as a model of their country. These countries in this time period were highly militaristic and the people who lived in this country believed war was a positive force for improvement and where all happy for a big war.